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Isola FR408HR

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Isola FR408HR PCB

As a PCB engineer, selecting the right materials for your printed circuit boards is crucial to ensure optimal performance and reliability. One material that stands out in terms of high performance and versatility is Isola FR408HR. With its exceptional thermal and electrical properties, FR408HR has become a popular choice for demanding applications. In this article, we will delve into the key features and advantages of Isola FR408HR PCB material, highlighting why it is a top choice for PCB engineers.

What is the Isola FR408hr PCB Material?

Isola FR408HR is a high-performance PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material manufactured by Isola Group. It is a high-reliability, high-speed, and low-loss material designed for advanced electronic applications. FR408HR is a type of epoxy-based laminate with a woven glass reinforcement and a high-performance resin system.

Here are some key characteristics of Isola FR408HR PCB material:

1. High Thermal Performance: FR408HR has excellent thermal conductivity, which allows it to dissipate heat efficiently. This makes it suitable for applications that require high-power components or operate in elevated temperature environments.

2. Low Loss: FR408HR has low dielectric loss, which means it minimizes signal loss and maintains signal integrity even at high frequencies. This makes it ideal for high-speed digital and RF (Radio Frequency) applications.

3. High Tg (Glass Transition Temperature): FR408HR has a high glass transition temperature, typically around 190°C or higher. This property enables the material to withstand elevated temperatures during manufacturing processes such as soldering and assembly.

4. Lead-Free Compatible: FR408HR is compatible with lead-free assembly processes, which comply with environmental regulations and industry standards.

5. Good Dimensional Stability: FR408HR exhibits good dimensional stability, meaning it maintains its shape and size even under varying temperature and humidity conditions. This property helps ensure the reliability and accuracy of the assembled PCB.

6. RoHS Compliant: FR408HR is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in electrical and electronic equipment.

Isola FR408HR is commonly used in high-speed digital applications, telecommunications equipment, network infrastructure, aerospace and defense systems, and other advanced electronic devices that require high reliability and exceptional electrical performance. It offers a balance of electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties that make it suitable for demanding applications.

Mechanical Properties of Isola FR408HR

When considering the mechanical properties of Isola FR408HR, there are several key factors to consider. These properties are important for determining the material’s suitability for specific applications and ensuring its overall performance and reliability. Some of the key mechanical properties to consider include:

Tensile strength: This is the maximum stress that the material can withstand before breaking or rupturing. Isola FR408HR has a high tensile strength, allowing it to withstand significant mechanical stress or pulling forces without breaking.

Flexural strength: This property measures the material’s ability to resist deformation under bending or flexing forces. Isola FR408HR has a high flexural strength, making it suitable for applications where the board may be subject to bending or flexing.

Impact strength: This property measures the material’s ability to withstand sudden impacts or shocks without breaking or cracking. Isola FR408HR has good impact strength, allowing it to withstand accidental drops or impacts without significant damage.

Shear strength: Shear strength refers to the material’s ability to resist forces that cause one layer to slide or shear against another. Isola FR408HR has high shear strength, making it suitable for applications where there may be forces that cause layers of the board to slide against each other.

Thermal expansion: This property refers to the material’s tendency to expand or contract with changes in temperature. Isola FR408HR has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it is less likely to experience significant dimensional changes with temperature fluctuations.

Moisture absorption: Isola FR408HR has a low moisture absorption rate, which means it is less likely to absorb moisture from the environment. This property is important for preventing damage or degradation of the board due to moisture exposure.

Isola FR408HR Vs FR408

Isola FR408HR and FR408 are both high-performance PCB materials produced by Isola Group. While they share similarities, there are some key differences between the two:

Thermal Reliability: FR408HR is specifically designed to offer enhanced thermal reliability compared to FR408. It has a higher glass transition temperature (Tg) of 190°C, making it more suitable for applications that require resistance to high temperatures and thermal cycling.

Loss Tangent: FR408HR has a lower loss tangent compared to FR408. Loss tangent is a measure of the signal loss in a dielectric material, and a lower value indicates better signal integrity. FR408HR’s lower loss tangent makes it more suitable for high-frequency applications where signal integrity is crucial.

Moisture Absorption: FR408HR has lower moisture absorption compared to FR408. Moisture absorption can affect the electrical performance and reliability of the PCB material. FR408HR’s lower moisture absorption makes it more suitable for applications in humid environments or where exposure to moisture is a concern.

Material Cost: FR408HR is generally more expensive than FR408 due to its enhanced thermal reliability and improved electrical properties. The higher cost of FR408HR may be a consideration for some projects with budget constraints.

When choosing between Isola FR408HR and FR408, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your application. If your project demands higher thermal reliability, better signal integrity, and lower moisture absorption, FR408HR may be the preferred choice. However, if these factors are not critical, FR408 can still be a suitable option that offers good performance at a lower cost. Ultimately, the decision should be based on the specific needs and constraints of your project.

What Main Use for Isola fr408hr PCB Materials?

Isola FR408HR PCB material is primarily used in applications that require high-performance and reliability. Some of the main uses for FR408HR include:

High-Speed Communication Systems:

FR408HR is well-suited for high-speed communication systems that require excellent signal integrity and low loss tangent. It can handle high-frequency signals without significant signal degradation, making it ideal for applications such as telecommunications, networking equipment, and high-speed data transmission.

Aerospace and Defense:

The aerospace and defense industries demand materials that can withstand extreme conditions and provide reliable performance. FR408HR’s thermal stability, low moisture absorption, and excellent electrical properties make it a suitable choice for aerospace and defense applications, including radar systems, satellites, avionics, and military communication equipment.

Automotive Electronics:

With the increasing complexity of automotive electronics and the need for reliable performance in harsh environments, FR408HR is often chosen for automotive applications. It can handle the high temperatures and vibrations commonly found in automotive systems while maintaining signal integrity and reliability.

Industrial Equipment:

Industrial equipment often requires robust and reliable PCB materials. FR408HR’s high thermal reliability and superior electrical performance make it well-suited for industrial applications such as power electronics, motor drives, control systems, and robotics.

Medical Devices:

In the medical field, where precision and reliability are critical, FR408HR can be used in various medical devices and equipment. Its high-performance characteristics make it suitable for applications such as diagnostic equipment, imaging systems, patient monitoring devices, and medical implants.

What Rules for Isola fr408hr PCB Materials Lamination?

When laminating Isola FR408HR PCB material, it is important to follow certain rules and recommendations to ensure proper lamination and achieve desired results. Here are some essential rules to consider:

Prepreg Selection:

Use compatible FR408HR prepregs designed specifically for lamination with FR408HR core material. Ensure that the prepregs have the same glass transition temperature (Tg) and are compatible with the desired lamination process.

Temperature and Pressure:

Follow the recommended lamination temperature and pressure specified by the material manufacturer. Ensure that the lamination temperature is within the specified range to avoid material degradation or insufficient bonding. Proper pressure application is crucial to achieve good bond strength and eliminate air voids.

Proper Storage:

Store the FR408HR core material and prepregs in a controlled environment, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid exposure to high humidity or extreme temperature variations, as it can affect the material properties and adhesion during lamination.

Surface Preparation:

Ensure that the surfaces to be laminated are clean, free from contaminants, and properly prepared. Remove any oxidation, residues, or debris from the surfaces to facilitate proper bonding during lamination.

Layer Alignment:

Properly align and register the layers during lamination to ensure accurate placement of the conductive traces and components. Use alignment tools or registration features to achieve precise layer registration.


To eliminate air voids or bubbles, use a vacuum bag or other debubbling techniques during lamination. This helps to remove trapped air and enhance the overall quality of the laminated PCB.

Cure Cycle:

Follow the recommended cure cycle provided by the material manufacturer. The cure cycle involves subjecting the laminated PCB to specific temperature and time conditions to achieve proper resin curing and bond strength.

Post-lamination Inspection:

After lamination, inspect the PCB for any delamination, voids, or other defects. Use non-destructive testing methods, such as x-ray or ultrasound, to identify any internal defects that may affect the reliability of the PCB.

Can Isola FR408HR Support Lead-free Assembly?

Yes, Isola FR408HR PCB material is compatible with lead-free assembly processes. It can withstand the higher temperatures associated with lead-free soldering without significant degradation. Lead-free assembly refers to the use of solder materials that do not contain lead, complying with environmental regulations such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directives.

FR408HR has been specifically designed to meet the demands of high-performance applications and is compatible with both leaded and lead-free soldering processes. It has good thermal reliability, which allows it to handle the elevated temperatures required for lead-free soldering without compromising its electrical or mechanical properties.

When using FR408HR for lead-free assembly, it is essential to follow the recommended soldering profiles, temperatures, and dwell times provided by the solder manufacturer. These guidelines will help ensure that the PCB material and solder joints maintain their integrity during the lead-free assembly process.

Which Types quality certification for Isola FR408HR Have?

Yes, Isola FR408HR has undergone various quality certifications to ensure its reliability and performance. Isola Group, the manufacturer of FR408HR, is committed to meeting industry standards and providing high-quality materials for electronic applications.

Some of the commonly recognized certifications for Isola FR408HR include:

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certification: UL is a global safety certification organization. Isola FR408HR has been tested and certified by UL to meet specific safety and performance standards.

IPC-4101: IPC-4101 is a standard published by the Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC). It defines the requirements and test methods for laminate and prepreg materials used in the fabrication of printed circuit boards. Isola FR408HR is likely to comply with the IPC-4101 standard.

RoHS Compliance: Isola FR408HR is typically RoHS compliant, meaning it meets the requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive. This directive restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

ISO 9001: Isola Group may have obtained ISO 9001 certification, which is an international standard for quality management systems. This certification demonstrates that the company has implemented effective quality management processes to ensure consistent product quality and customer satisfaction.

It’s important to note that specific certifications may vary depending on the product version, manufacturing location, and other factors. It’s always recommended to verify the latest certifications and compliance information directly from Isola Group or their authorized distributors to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information.

In Conclusion

Isola FR408HR PCB material is a preferred choice for PCB engineers who seek high-performance solutions. Its excellent thermal reliability, low loss tangent, and superior electrical properties make it suitable for a wide range of applications, especially those requiring high-speed signal integrity and reliability. Whether it is for lead-free assembly, high-frequency designs, or complex multilayer boards, FR408HR delivers the performance and reliability that PCB engineers demand.

With its track record of success and industry recognition, Isola FR408HR is an ideal choice for engineers looking to optimize their PCB designs and achieve outstanding results. Embrace the power of Isola FR408HR and elevate your PCB designs to new heights of performance and reliability.

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