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Manufacturing Computer PCB

What Is a Computer PCB ?

PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are fiberglass boards with copper traces that connect transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits into a complete system.

A great example of a printed circuit board is the computer motherboard. Motherboards are the largest printed circuit boards in desktop computers, connecting all the other components.

As well as connecting the CPU and memory to other devices, it stores and facilitates communications between all of the system’s most important electrical components.

Computer PCB Motherboard Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of motherboards can be broken down into four parts.

● SMT(Surface Mount Technology)
● DIP (Dual-Inline Package)
● Testing
● Packaging

SMT (Surface Mount Technology )

Soldering smaller components to the motherboard is first one step. Before soldering components, the PCBs are stacked and pushed into a printer, base on where pre-labeled layouts are followed start to solder components on the PCB boards.

Due to the manual inspection and testing required, motherboards cannot be sent directly to DIP because they must be inspected and tested on a chip tester to ensure the print is accurate. If the motherboard passes the test, then it continues its journey to DIP.

DIP (Dual-inline Package)

Before the motherboards are installed, they are placed in a machine that installs small capacitors. Then Solder the larger components such as input/output ports and 24-pin connectors, are mounted by hand.

A motherboard must pass a manual inspection before it can be tested, to ensure that the components are correctly installed.

After manual inspection, these are sent through a heat chamber that goes as high as 509 degrees Fahrenheit (265 degrees Celsius) to strengthen the newly inserted components. After this, they can then be tested.


It is easy to understand the importance of testing for quality control. Before they can be tagged for packaging, all I/O ports and PCI Express Lanes will have to pass a series test.

Packaging and Distribution

As part of the packaging and distribution process, you’ll find SATA cables, manuals, I/O shields, driver installers, and almost everything else you might find inside a newly purchased motherboard.

Here, the motherboard will be packed in an antistatic bag. Now that the motherboard has been completed, it can be Distribution.

Computer Mainboard PCB

Why Choose JarnisTech To Build Your Motherboard PCB ?

We are a distributor and manufacturer of PC motherboard PCBs in China. Our company guarantees to provide you with satisfying offers and manufacturing services for your motherboard PCB apparel.

JarnisTech provides professional staff to provide a custom motherboard PCB for you. We have international market branches so you can choose any component of our motherboard PCBs and make your purchase at will. If you have a motherboard blueprint, please send it to us, we can better understand your needs and to offer the best suggest to you for your PC motherboards PCB project.

What Is the Difference Between Motherboard and PCB ?

Before components are soldered to a PCB it is simply a bare board, we call PCB. Typically, it have conductive layers alternate with substrate layers and traces, helping to transmit electronic signals.

The motherboard is an electronic device’s main Printed circuit board that contains components already attached. A motherboard is a board that contains components in a device, such as a computer. Daughter boards are often plugged on to the motherboard, therefore the motherboard is the main printed circuit board with components on it. It is an assembled and functional PCB that has been assembled.

What Is a Motherboard ?

The Full Definition of the Motherboard

When you open your computer casing and look inside, you will find a lot of components, many wires and leads all converge in one place. This is the motherboard, your computer’s largest circuit board.

Your computer’s motherboard, also known as the mainboard or logic board, is a printed circuit board (PCB) that houses all of the components of your computer.

The motherboard gets its name from the fact that it is a printed circuit board (PCB) and is able to have many other devices added to it. These additional devices, also known as expansion boards or daughter boards, can be added to the motherboard to increase its performance and capabilities.

Through expansion slots and sockets, all the devices that make up your computer at home are connected to the motherboard.

Your computer’s motherboard is where the majority of the work happens. It houses the Chip Set and the CPU, as well as all microchips.

The motherboard is where all your home system’s hardware components are attached, and it is here where data is processed and other devices are controlled.

A motherboard’s core is its Central Processing Unit (CPU), which is the brain that processes all the data and makes millions of calculations on a regular basis.

Thus, the motherboard is the foundation on which your computer is built.

Computer Circuit Boards

Computer PCB Mother Board or Mainboard Components

Each motherboard is made to support specific components such as memory and CPUs. They can accept most types of hard drives, as well as peripherals.

Motherboards Have the Following Primary Components:

CPU : Logic circuitry in the CPU, which processes instructions from programs, operating systems, and other computer components;

Memory: The memory that temporarily stores and executes instructions and data.

Storage Interfac: Providing persistent data storage and application storage through a solid-state drive or hard disk drive;

ROM BIOS: A ROM BIOS is non-volatile memory that contains firmware, such as the basic input/output system (“BIOS”);

Northbridge chipset: The northbridge chipset is the component that connects the CPU, memory, storage and other components together;

Southbridge Chipset: Connecting peripheral elements to the motherboard and connecting the Northbridge is the job of the Southbridge chipset;

Cooling Fans: Keeping the internal temperature at a suitable level with cooling fans;

Connector Slots: Peripheral connector slots for plug-in peripherals such as graphics cards and communications adapters;

Connectors To Peripheral Devices: Such as USB ports or other connectors for externe devices

The Backup Battery:  Ensures that key system configuration data are maintained even when the main power is not available.

The Power Connector: The power connector, which connects the external power source.

How To Choose a Reliable Processing Factory for Your PCB ?

When selecting a PCB motherboard processing factory to work with, it is very important to conduct proper research. Get reviews of some manufacturers and choose those with good reviews PCB Manufacturer.

As soon as you find a manufacturer that meets your requirements, you can make your choice.

Production Rate

You need to work with a company that has all the equipment and the right production rate if you want to process a PCB motherboard. You will be able to tell if the manufacturing company is strong enough once you have evaluated its production rate and equipment quality.

Quality Control and Assurance

Reliable PCB manufacturers will not allow PCB motherboards that are defective to reach the market. High-quality control is a key part of top manufacturing companies.

Customer Service

Not only are top manufacturing companies known for producing high-quality products, but their reputation also depends on customer service.

It is important for the company to have excellent employees and business professionals who can quickly handle a variety of problems.

Computer Circuit Board Assembly

Electronics for Computers and Businesses

Providing Computer and Consumer Electronics Manufacturers With Practical, Versatile, and Durable PCBs.

Every computer and electronic device relies heavily on printed circuit boards. PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, and processing innovations have enabled the electronics industry to advance. JarnisTech offers the most recent innovations in PCB manufacturing to help computer and consumer electronics manufacturers transform complex concepts into reality.

Our Competencies in the Computer and Consumer Electronics Industry

JarnisTech has built a strong consumer base that includes clients from many industries. The following PCB assembly capabilities are offered by us:

● Assembly of lead-free PCBs.
● Quick turn PCB assembly.
● Large-scale PCB assembly.
● Large selection of materials.
● Separate area for PCB prototyping.
● The most advanced equipment and processes.
● Multi-layer, rigid, flexible, and multi-layer PCB assemblies.
● Semi-automatic and manual PCB assembly.
● Static-free and air-conditioned work environments.
Low-volume PCB assembly (as little as one piece).
● There are two surface-mount assembly lines as well as a through-hole assembly.
● State-of-the-art facility measuring 25,000 sq. ft. located in ShenZhen of China.

These unique characteristics make us one of the most renowned PCB assembly companies in China.

Service Offers for the Computer and Consumer Electronics Industry

JarnisTech offers the following services to each client:

● PCB designing.
PCB assembly.
● Rework of the BGA.
Programming for the IC.
X-ray inspection.
● Conformal coating.
● Box assembly.
● Automated optical inspection.
● BGA & micro BGA placement.
● Assembling cable and wire harnesses.
PCB Design & reverse engineering.
Functional testing and in-circuit testing.

Applications of Our PCBs Within the Computer and Consumer Electronics Industry

In today’s world, electronics PCBs aren’t only used for computers – despite the fact that laptops, smartphones, desktops, and tablets all depend on quality printed circuit boards, and PCBs for computers make up a significant part of the industry. Printed circuit boards can be found almost everywhere in machines nowadays.

You will also find PCBs in many other devices within your office. Printers, scanners and fax machines, smoke alarm systems, fire alarm systems, attendance machines thumb impression machines, facial recognition machines, facial recognition machines, footprint machines, personal computers, walkthrough scanning doors, metal detectors and metal detectors etc.

Another major and broad area of electronics is the computer industry. In fact, computers were the basis for electronic PCBs, so applications for PCBs in the computer industry are countless. Such as, in addition to the motherboard, you will find Graphics Processing Units (GPU), Central Processing Units (CPU), RAM, ROM, SD-Cards, SDRAM, DDR1,2,3,4, EEPROM, microcontroller boards, keyboards, computer mice, gaming mice, LED screens, portable electronics, and laptops, tablets, and notebooks.

High thermal conductivity PCBs are required for modern electronics and computer applications. They can be used to dissipate high temperatures caused by high-intensity LEDs or fast processors. Because of the differences in the functions, size and shape of consumer electronics, the type of printed circuit board that you need will differ from one application to the next. For instance, a smartwatch will require a different type of PCB than the one used to power a TV.

If you have any questions about our PCB manufacturing and assembly services for the computer and consumer electronic industry, please feel free to contact us by phone at 0086-0755-23034656 or by email at [email protected].

Computer Motherboard PCB


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