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Shengyi SAR20

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Shengyi SAR20 PCB Boards

Shengyi SAR20 PCB materials have revolutionized the field of electronic circuit board manufacturing. With their high thermal conductivity, excellent electrical insulation, and reliable mechanical strength, SAR20 laminates have become a preferred choice for a wide range of applications. This article aims to explore the numerous benefits and potential applications of Shengyi SAR20 PCB materials, shedding light on their impact on the electronics industry.

 Overview of Shengyi SAR20 PCB Materials

Shengyi SAR20 is a type of PCB material that is designed for high frequency and high-speed application requirements. It is a high-performance material with excellent electrical and mechanical properties, making it suitable for use in advanced electronic devices and systems.

The SAR20 material is known for its low dielectric constant and low loss tangent, which allows for high signal integrity and reduced signal distortion at high frequencies. This makes it ideal for applications such as wireless communication, radar systems, and high-speed data transmission.

In addition to its excellent electrical properties, Shengyi SAR20 also offers good thermal stability and mechanical strength, making it a reliable choice for demanding environments and applications. It has a high glass transition temperature and low coefficient of thermal expansion, which helps to maintain the structural integrity of the PCB even under extreme temperature conditions.

Overall, Shengyi SAR20 is a high-performance PCB material that is well-suited for high frequency and high-speed applications, offering excellent electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties for reliable and efficient operation in advanced electronic systems.

Features of Shengyi SAR20

Shengyi SAR20 PCB material offers several features that make it suitable for high-performance applications:

1.Halogen-free and High CTI:

The material is free from halogen compounds, making it environmentally friendly and compliant with industry regulations. It also has a high Comparative Tracking Index (CTI), indicating good electrical insulation properties.

2.Superior Heat Dissipation:

SAR20 provides excellent heat dissipation properties, helping to manage thermal issues in high-power and high-frequency applications.

3.High Peel Strength:

The material offers strong adhesion between layers, ensuring the reliability and stability of the PCB construction.

4.Excellent Thermal Reliability and Insulation Reliability:

SAR20 exhibits high thermal reliability, maintaining its properties under elevated temperatures, and provides robust insulation for electronic components.

5.Excellent Processability:

The material is designed for ease of manufacturing, offering good processability during PCB fabrication, which can contribute to cost-effective production.

Properties of Shengyi SAR20 PCB Materials

1. Thermal Performance:

●High thermal conductivity for efficient heat dissipation.

●Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for improved reliability and reduced stress on components.

●Excellent thermal stability to withstand high operating temperatures.

2. Electrical Performance:

●Low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df) for high signal integrity and minimal signal loss.

●Consistent and controlled electrical properties for reliable impedance control.

●Excellent electrical insulation properties to prevent signal interference and leakage.

3. Mechanical Performance:

●High mechanical strength and rigidity for enhanced board durability and resistance to mechanical stress.

●Good dimensional stability to maintain shape and alignment during fabrication and use.

●High peel strength for reliable bonding between layers and components.

4. Chemical Resistance:

●Resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including solvents, acids, and bases, to ensure long-term stability and protection against environmental factors.

●Excellent resistance to moisture absorption, preventing delamination and degradation of electrical properties.

5. Environmental Sustainability:

●Compliance with environmental regulations such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals).

●Low halogen content and minimal environmental impact during production and disposal.

These properties make Shengyi SAR20 PCB Materials highly suitable for various applications, including high-speed and high-frequency PCBs, power electronics, automotive electronics, telecommunications, wireless devices, consumer electronics, and IoT devices. The materials offer improved signal integrity, thermal management, reliability, and durability, contributing to the overall performance and longevity of electronic products.

Limitation and Challenges of Using Shengyi SAR20

While Shengyi SAR20 PCB laminates offer several advantages for high-frequency circuit applications, they also come with certain limitations and challenges. Here are some of the limitations and challenges that can arise when using Shengyi SAR20 PCB laminates:


SAR20 laminates can be relatively expensive compared to standard FR-4 materials. The higher cost can impact the overall budget of the project, especially for large-scale production.


SAR20 laminates may not be as widely available as standard laminates. This can pose challenges in terms of sourcing and lead times, particularly if you have specific requirements or tight project schedules.


SAR20 laminates can have different processing requirements compared to standard FR-4 materials. The specialized processing techniques and parameters needed for SAR20 laminates may require additional equipment, expertise, or adjustments to the manufacturing process.

4.Design Considerations:

The electrical properties of SAR20 laminates, such as low dielectric loss and high thermal conductivity, can influence the circuit design. Designers need to consider these properties while designing high-frequency circuits to optimize signal integrity and thermal management.

5.Material Properties:

While SAR20 laminates have excellent electrical properties, they may have different mechanical properties compared to standard FR-4 materials. These differences can impact the board’s reliability, especially in terms of dimensional stability, impact resistance, and mechanical strength.


SAR20 laminates may not be compatible with certain manufacturing processes or assembly techniques. For example, some laminates may not be suitable for lead-free soldering processes or may require specific surface finishes.

7.Testing and Validation:

Validating the performance of SAR20 laminates may require specialized testing equipment and techniques. It is essential to ensure that the chosen laminates meet the required performance specifications and standards.

Manufacturing Process of SAR20 PCB Materials

The manufacturing process of Shengyi SAR20 PCB Materials involves several key steps to ensure the production of high-quality and reliable PCB materials. Here is an overview of the typical manufacturing process:

1. Raw Material Selection and Preparation:

The process begins with the careful selection and sourcing of raw materials, including resins, fillers, reinforcements, and additives.

The raw materials are then processed and prepared according to specific formulations and requirements.

2. Mixing and Lamination:

The prepared materials are mixed together to form a homogeneous mixture.

The mixture is then spread onto a release liner or copper foil, and multiple layers may be stacked together to create a multilayer structure.

The layers are pressed and bonded together under controlled temperature and pressure to form a laminate.

3. Curing and Post-Treatment:

The laminate is subjected to a curing process, which involves heating the material to a specific temperature and maintaining it for a defined period.

Curing helps the resin in the laminate to crosslink and harden, resulting in improved mechanical and thermal properties.

After curing, the laminate may undergo additional processes such as surface treatment, copper foil bonding, and drilling of holes for component mounting.

4. Quality Control and Testing:

Throughout the manufacturing process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the materials meet the required specifications and standards.

Various tests and inspections are conducted, including dimensional checks, electrical testing, thermal performance evaluation, and visual inspections.

Samples from each batch are typically tested to verify the material’s performance and consistency.

Applications of Shengyi SAR20 PCB Laminates

Shengyi SAR20 PCB laminates are well-suited for a range of applications, including:

1. High-power LED lighting: The material’s superior heat dissipation and thermal reliability make it ideal for high-power LED lighting applications where heat management is critical.

2. Power supply circuit: SAR20 is suitable for power supply circuits where high electrical insulation reliability and thermal stability are required for efficient power transmission and distribution.

3. LED TV: The material can be used in the production of LED TV circuit boards, providing the necessary electrical and thermal properties for high-performance and reliability in the television’s electronic components.

These applications benefit from the material’s ability to provide reliable electrical insulation, thermal management, and mechanical strength, making it a suitable choice for demanding electronic systems such as high-power LED lighting, power supply circuits, and LED TVs.

Which Type Circuit Board Need Shengyi SAR20 PCB Laminates?

Shengyi SAR20 PCB laminates are typically used in high-frequency circuit applications. These laminates have excellent electrical properties, including low dielectric loss and high thermal conductivity, making them suitable for applications that require high-speed signal transmission and heat dissipation. SAR20 laminates are commonly used in the following types of circuit boards:

1. RF and Microwave PCBs: Shengyi SAR20 laminates are well-suited for RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave circuit boards. These circuit boards are used in wireless communication systems, radar systems, satellite communication, and other high-frequency applications.

2. Power Amplifiers PCB: SAR20 laminates are also used in power amplifier circuit boards. Power amplifiers are used in various electronic devices to boost the power of signals, such as audio amplifiers, RF amplifiers, and microwave amplifiers.

3. High-Speed Digital PCBs: The low dielectric loss and high thermal conductivity of SAR20 laminates make them suitable for high-speed digital circuit boards. These circuit boards are used in applications that require fast signal propagation, such as high-speed data communication, computer motherboards, and networking equipment.

4. Automotive PCBs: SAR20 laminates are commonly used in automotive electronics, especially in circuits that require high-frequency performance and reliability. These circuit boards can be found in automotive communication systems, radar systems, and other electronic components used in vehicles.

It’s important to note that the specific type of circuit board required may depend on the design requirements, performance specifications, and application of the circuit.


Shengyi SAR20 PCB materials have proven to be a game-changer in high-frequency circuit design. Their outstanding electrical properties, combined with superior thermal conductivity, make them an ideal choice for applications requiring fast signal transmission and efficient heat dissipation.

Despite potential challenges such as cost and availability, the benefits offered by SAR20 laminates outweigh these limitations, enabling engineers to push the boundaries of high-frequency electronics. As technology continues to advance, Shengyi SAR20 PCB materials pave the way for innovative solutions and further advancements in the field. Embracing SAR20 laminates empowers engineers to achieve higher performance, reliability, and efficiency in their high-frequency circuit designs, propelling industries into the future of connectivity.

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