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Shengyi SAR10S

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Shengyi SAR10S PCB Board

As a leading PCB manufacturer, we take pride in offering high-quality materials to meet the diverse needs of our customers. One such material is the Shengyi SAR10S, a laminated substrate known for its exceptional performance and reliability. In this article, we will delve into the key features and advantages of Shengyi SAR10S, highlighting why it is the material of choice for many PCB applications.

Definition of Shengyi SAR10S

Shengyi SAR10S is a type of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) material manufactured by Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. SAR10S is a high-frequency laminate material designed for applications that require excellent electrical performance at high frequencies. It is commonly used in the telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Properties Features of Shengyi SAR10S

Low glass transition temperature (Tg):

The glass transition temperature (Tg) is a critical property that influences the thermal performance of a PCB material. It represents the temperature at which the material transitions from a solid state to a rubber-like state. In the case of Shengyi SAR10S PCB material, the Tg is measured at 140 degrees Celsius. This low Tg indicates that the material can effectively withstand high temperatures without compromising its structural integrity.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion:

The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is a measure of how much a material expands or contracts in response to changes in temperature. Shengyi SAR10S PCB material exhibits a low CTE of 27 ppm/℃ before reaching its Tg, which increases slightly to 30 ppm/℃ after reaching Tg. This low CTE implies that the material experiences minimal dimensional changes when exposed to elevated temperatures. Consequently, Shengyi SAR10S is an ideal choice for high-end PCB applications where dimensional stability is crucial.

Excellent thermal conductivity:

Thermal conductivity is a vital property that determines the efficiency of heat transfer in a PCB material. Shengyi SAR10S possesses an impressive thermal conductivity of 1.1 W/mK, indicating its ability to effectively dissipate heat. This high thermal conductivity enables the material to efficiently absorb and transfer heat from its surroundings. As a result, Shengyi SAR10S is highly suitable for applications that require optimal thermal management.

High decomposition temperature (Td):

The decomposition temperature (Td) of Shengyi SAR10S is measured at 410 degrees Celsius with 5% weight loss. Td signifies the temperature at which the material chemically decomposes. It is desirable for PCB materials to have a Td exceeding 320 degrees Celsius. Shengyi SAR10S surpasses this requirement, demonstrating its capability to withstand high temperatures and maintain its structural integrity. PCB materials with high Td values also tend to possess elevated glass flow temperatures.

High comparative tracking index (CTI):

The comparative tracking index (CTI) is a crucial parameter that evaluates the insulating material’s ability to withstand unwanted current flow between circuit board traces. Shengyi SAR10S PCB material exhibits an exceptionally high CTI, emphasizing its superior tracking resistance capabilities. The CTI value directly influences the overall performance and reliability of a PCB. By possessing a high CTI, Shengyi SAR10S ensures enhanced electrical insulation and reduced risk of electrical breakdown.

Why Choosing Shengyi SAR10S Materials for Your PCB Project?

Shengyi SAR10S is a high-quality PCB material that offers numerous benefits, making it a popular choice for circuit board fabrication. Some of the key advantages of Shengyi SAR10S are as follows:

Halogen-Free Composition: Shengyi SAR10S is a halogen-free PCB material, meaning it does not contain any halogen elements such as fluorine, chlorine, or bromine. This makes it a safe and environmentally friendly option for PCB manufacturing.

Excellent Thermal Performance: Shengyi SAR10S exhibits outstanding thermal properties, contributing to its overall thermal performance. It possesses a high decomposition temperature, ensuring its stability and integrity even under elevated temperatures. Additionally, it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, minimizing dimensional changes in response to temperature variations. Furthermore, its excellent thermal conductivity facilitates efficient heat dissipation, making it highly reliable in thermal management applications.

Suitability for LED Devices: Shengyi SAR10S PCB material is particularly well-suited for use in LED TVs and LED lighting due to its exceptional dielectric properties. These properties enable efficient electrical insulation, ensuring reliable performance and longevity in LED applications.

Overall, Shengyi SAR10S PCB material offers a range of benefits, including its halogen-free composition, excellent thermal performance, and suitability for LED devices. These advantages make it a preferred choice for high-quality PCB fabrication, particularly in applications that require reliable thermal management and electrical insulation.

Guide of Using Shengyi SAR10S PCB Laminates

When working with laminates such as Shengyi SAR10S, it is crucial to take certain precautions to ensure the integrity and quality of the material. Here are some important guidelines to follow:

1. Wear protective gloves when handling the laminate to prevent copper foil collisions and avoid contamination of the copper foil surface by bare hands.

2. During operation, carefully inspect the laminate for any scratches or pollution that could affect its performance. Any damage or contamination should be addressed before proceeding.

3. Pay special attention to the drilling and cutting processes to avoid any breaks or damage to the laminate. These steps require precision and care to maintain the integrity of the material.

4. When working with aluminum boards, consider the unique properties of this material. Ensure proper insulation barriers between conductors and the board’s edge. Maintain a minimum distance of 2mm between the line and the edge, and at least 3mm between the hole and the line.

5. Due to the metal structure of aluminum laminates, traditional baking methods can be replaced with mechanical leveling techniques if warpage is detected.

6. It is important to use harder cutting tools when working with aluminum laminates. Special milling tools and V-CUT blades should be employed. Additionally, reducing the cutting speed can help ensure clean and precise cuts.

By adhering to these guidelines in a professional manner, the handling and processing of laminates like Shengyi SAR10S can be done effectively, reducing the risk of damage or contamination and ensuring high-quality PCB fabrication.

Drilling and Punching Process of Shengyi SAR10S

The drilling and punching processes for Shengyi SAR10S involve creating holes and openings in the laminate material for various purposes such as component mounting and interconnection. Here is an overview of these processes:

1. Drilling Process:

a. Drill Bit Selection: Choose the appropriate drill bits based on the hole size requirements specified in the PCB design. The drill bits should be made of high-speed steel or carbide to ensure durability.

b. Drill Tool Setup: Set up the drilling machine by securing the laminate material firmly on the machine’s work table. Ensure proper alignment and fixation to prevent any movement during drilling.

c. Tool Speed and Feed Rate: Adjust the drilling machine’s spindle speed and feed rate according to the material thickness and type. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations or conduct test drills to determine the optimal settings.

d. Tool Alignment and Drilling: Align the drill bit with the desired hole location on the PCB layout. Start the drilling process by lowering the drill bit gradually into the material, ensuring a smooth and controlled operation. Maintain consistent pressure and feed rate to avoid excessive heat generation and material damage.

e. Hole Quality Inspection: After drilling, inspect the holes for any irregularities, such as burrs or breakout. Remove any debris or excess material using appropriate tools, ensuring clean and smooth hole surfaces.

2. Punching Process:

a. Tool Selection: Select the appropriate punching tool based on the required opening size and shape. Punching tools can be customized according to the specific design requirements.

b. Material Preparation: Prepare the Shengyi SAR10S laminate by marking the punching locations accurately. Use alignment techniques, such as registration pins or templates, to ensure precise punching.

c. Tool Alignment and Positioning: Align the punching tool with the marked locations on the laminate. Secure the material and the tool in place to prevent any movement during the punching process.

d. Punching Operation: Activate the punching machine or tool to create the desired openings in the laminate material. The punching process should be controlled and consistent to maintain accuracy and prevent any damage to the material.

e. Opening Quality Inspection: Inspect the punched openings for any deformities, rough edges, or misalignment. Remove any imperfections using suitable tools to achieve the desired opening quality.

Throughout both the drilling and punching processes, it is important to maintain proper tool maintenance, ensure operator safety, and follow any additional guidelines provided by the laminate manufacturer. By following these steps diligently, the drilling and punching processes for Shengyi SAR10S can be executed effectively, resulting in high-quality PCB boards.

Storage Condition of Shengyi SAR10S

To ensure the quality and performance of Shengyi SAR10S PCB material, it is important to store it properly under appropriate conditions. The recommended storage conditions for Shengyi SAR10S are as follows:

Temperature: The material should be stored in a controlled environment at room temperature, ideally between 15°C and 25°C (59°F to 77°F). Extreme temperatures should be avoided as they can affect the properties of the material.

Humidity: The storage area should have low humidity levels to prevent moisture absorption by the material. It is recommended to maintain a relative humidity of 40% to 60% to avoid any moisture-related issues.

Protection from Light: Shengyi SAR10S should be stored in a dark area or in opaque packaging to protect it from exposure to direct sunlight or other sources of UV light. Prolonged exposure to light can degrade the material and affect its performance.

Packaging: The material should be stored in its original packaging or in sealed moisture-resistant bags to prevent moisture absorption. If the original packaging is damaged, it is advisable to transfer the material to a suitable moisture-resistant container or bag.

Handling: When handling Shengyi SAR10S, it is important to wear appropriate protective gloves to prevent contamination or damage to the material. Avoid dropping or mishandling the material to maintain its structural integrity.

By following these storage recommendations, the quality and performance of Shengyi SAR10S can be preserved, ensuring its suitability for use in PCB fabrication when needed.


In conclusion, the Shengyi SAR10S stands as a top-tier PCB material that embodies excellence in performance, reliability, and versatility. Its outstanding thermal properties, dimensional stability, and electrical insulation capabilities make it ideal for a wide range of applications, including telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics.

As a reputable PCB manufacturer, we understand the importance of using superior materials to ensure the success of our customers’ projects. By incorporating Shengyi SAR10S into our manufacturing processes, we can guarantee the production of high-quality PCBs that meet stringent industry standards.

With Shengyi SAR10S, our customers can expect enhanced signal integrity, reduced loss, and greater design flexibility. Whether it’s for high-speed applications, RF circuits, or power electronics, this exceptional material offers the performance and reliability needed to meet the demands of today’s technology-driven world.

Partner with us, and experience the advantages of Shengyi SAR10S. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with the remarkable properties of this material, will ensure the successful realization of your PCB projects. Trust in our expertise and let us take your designs to new heights with the exceptional capabilities of Shengyi SAR10S.

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