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Shengyi SF305

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Shengyi SF305 Flexible PCB

In the realm of printed circuit board (PCB) materials, Shengyi SF305 stands tall as a true game-changer. With its exceptional properties and versatile applications, SF305 has revolutionized the world of electronic devices. From computers and mobile phones to digital cameras, VCRs, and office automation equipment, SF305 has proven its worth as a reliable and high-performance PCB material.

Definition of Shengyi SF305

Shengyi SF305 is a halogen-free PCB laminate renowned for its outstanding thermal and electrical properties, making it highly desirable for various applications. It adheres to the stringent UL94 V-0 flammability standards and is compatible with lead-free processes, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly choice for PCB fabrication. Moreover, it boasts a composition free from harmful elements such as PBB and Cr6.

Primarily utilized as a conductive material in flexible circuits, Shengyi SF305 serves as a flexible copper clad laminate. It fully complies with the RoHS directive, guaranteeing compliance with environmental regulations. This material is conveniently available in sheet form, ready for treatment and etching processes. It can be treated similarly to 1oz copper clad laminate and can be effectively etched using ferric chloride. Its exceptional flexibility and strength make it particularly suitable for applications with space constraints.

Shengyi SF305 finds widespread use in consumer-grade electronics and plays a crucial role in the fabrication of miniature devices. Its versatility and reliability make it a preferred choice for PCB engineers working on demanding projects, where high-performance materials are essential.

Features of Shengyi SF305 PCB Materials

Shengyi SF305 PCB materials offer a range of notable features that make them highly desirable for various applications:

1.Halogen-Free and Flammability UL94 V-0:

Shengyi SF305 is a halogen-free material that meets the UL94 V-0 flammability standards. This ensures a high level of safety and reduces the risk of fire hazards.

2.Excellent Flexibility:

SF305 exhibits exceptional flexibility, allowing it to be used in applications that require bending or flexing of the PCB. This feature is particularly beneficial for flexible circuits and space-constrained designs.

3.Thermal Resistance:

The material demonstrates excellent thermal resistance, enabling it to withstand high temperatures without compromising its performance. This is crucial for applications where heat dissipation is a concern.

4.Dimensional Stability:

SF305 offers excellent dimensional stability, meaning it maintains its shape and size even under varying temperature and humidity conditions. This stability ensures consistent performance and reliable operation of the PCB.

5.Electrical Properties:

Shengyi SF305 possesses outstanding electrical properties, including low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, and excellent signal integrity. These properties contribute to the overall performance and reliability of the PCB.

6.RoHS Compliance:

The material is fully compatible with the EU RoHS directive, ensuring it is free from hazardous substances such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), hexavalent chromium (Cr*+), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). This compliance promotes environmental friendliness and supports sustainable manufacturing practices.

Properties of Shengyi SF305

The Shengyi SF305 PCB material sets itself apart from regular PCB materials with a range of unique and valuable properties, including:

1. Great Chemical Resistance: SF305 exhibits excellent resistance to chemical elements, making it suitable for applications that are exposed to potentially corrosive or reactive substances. This property ensures the longevity and reliability of the PCB in harsh environments.

2. Stable Dielectric Constant (Dk): With a stable dielectric constant of 3.6 at 10 GHz, SF305 provides consistent electrical performance across a wide frequency range. This stability is crucial for maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal loss in high-frequency applications.

3. Dimensional Stability: SF305 demonstrates exceptional dimensional stability, with a minimal change in size after etching. The rate of -0.0684/0.0691% indicates that the material maintains its shape and size even under varying temperature conditions. This stability is critical for precise assembly and reliable performance of electronic components.

4. Electric Strength: SF305 boasts a high electric strength of 110 KV/mm at D-48/50+D-0.5/23, indicating its ability to withstand electrical breakdown and high voltage conditions. This property ensures the safety and reliability of the PCB in applications that require high voltage insulation.

5. Stable Dissipation Factor: The material exhibits a low and stable dissipation factor of 0.028 at C-24/23/50. This low dissipation factor signifies efficient insulation and minimal energy loss in various environmental conditions. It contributes to the overall performance and reliability of the PCB.

6. UL94 Flammability: SF305 is compliant with the UL94 V-0 standard for flame-retardant properties. This certification ensures that the material has excellent flame resistance, reducing the risk of fire hazards and enhancing the safety and reliability of the PCB.

Overall, Shengyi SF305 PCB material offers exceptional chemical resistance, stable dielectric constant, dimensional stability, high electric strength, low dissipation factor, and UL94 flammability compliance. These unique properties make SF305 a reliable and safe choice for a wide range of applications that require high-performance and flame-retardant PCBs.

Challenges and Limitations of Choosing SF305 PCB Substrates

While the SF305 PCB substrate offers many advantages, there are also some challenges and limitations to consider when choosing this material:

Cost Considerations:

One of the primary challenges when opting for SF305 PCB substrates is the cost. SF305 is a specialized and high-performance material, which often translates to a higher price point compared to standard PCB substrates. Manufacturers and designers need to carefully evaluate their budget and project requirements to determine if the benefits of SF305 outweigh the associated costs.

Availability and Supply:

Another potential limitation is the availability and supply of SF305 PCB substrates. As a specialized material, SF305 may not be as widely accessible as more common PCB substrates. Manufacturers must ensure a reliable and consistent supply chain to avoid delays or disruptions in production.

Processing and Manufacturing Constraints:

SF305 PCB substrates may present certain processing and manufacturing constraints. The material’s unique properties, such as dimensional stability and high electric strength, may require specific handling techniques and equipment. Manufacturers need to ensure that their production processes are optimized to accommodate SF305 substrates effectively.

Compatibility with Assembly Processes:

SF305’s properties may also pose challenges during the assembly process. For instance, its high electric strength may require adjustments in soldering techniques to prevent damage to components. Designers and manufacturers must carefully evaluate the compatibility of SF305 substrates with their chosen assembly methods to ensure successful and reliable PCB assembly.

Design Considerations:

Designing with SF305 PCB substrates may require additional considerations. The material’s properties, such as stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor, may impact signal integrity and impedance control. Designers must account for these factors and make appropriate adjustments to ensure optimal performance.

While Shengyi SF305 PCB substrates offer exceptional properties and advantages, it’s important to be aware of the challenges and limitations they present. Cost considerations, availability, processing constraints, compatibility with assembly processes, and design considerations all need to be carefully evaluated when choosing SF305 as a PCB substrate. By understanding and addressing these challenges, manufacturers and designers can harness the full potential of SF305 and create reliable and high-performance electronic devices.

Applications of Shengyi SF305C

Shengyi SF305C, with its exceptional properties, finds applications in various electronic devices. Here are some specific applications where SF305C is commonly used:

1. Computers: Shengyi SF305C is utilized in computer systems for manufacturing high-quality printed circuit boards (PCBs). Its excellent thermal resistance and electrical properties make it suitable for various computer components, such as motherboards, graphics cards, and memory modules.

2. Mobile Phones: SF305C is widely employed in the production of PCBs for mobile phones. Its flexibility and dimensional stability are advantageous for the compact and slim designs of mobile devices. The material’s excellent electrical properties ensure reliable signal transmission and performance in mobile phone circuits.

3. Digital Cameras: Shengyi SF305C is an ideal choice for PCBs in digital cameras. Its flexibility allows for the integration of PCBs into the small form factors of digital camera modules. The material’s thermal resistance ensures stable operation even in high-temperature environments, and its excellent electrical properties support the precise functioning of camera circuits.

4. VCR (Video Cassette Recorder): SF305C is used in the manufacturing of PCBs for VCRs. Its dimensional stability and electrical properties contribute to the reliable operation of the various circuits involved in recording, playback, and signal processing in VCR systems.

5. Office Automation (OA) Equipment: Shengyi SF305C is commonly employed in PCBs for OA equipment such as printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines. The material’s flexibility, thermal resistance, and excellent electrical properties enable the production of reliable and high-performance PCBs for these devices.

All in all, Shengyi SF305C is extensively utilized in the production of PCBs for computer systems, mobile phones, digital cameras, VCRs, and office automation equipment. Its exceptional properties make it a preferred choice for these applications, ensuring reliable performance and durability in electronic devices.


As electronic devices continue to evolve and demand greater performance, SF305 rises to the occasion, ensuring optimal functionality and durability. Its ability to withstand harsh environments, maintain signal integrity, and provide efficient insulation makes it an invaluable asset in the design and production of cutting-edge electronics.

With Shengyi SF305 PCB materials, the possibilities are endless. From powering the latest advancements in computing technology to enhancing the capabilities of mobile devices and capturing moments with precision in digital cameras, SF305 enables the creation of reliable and high-performing electronic devices that shape our world.

So, embrace the power of Shengyi SF305 PCB materials and unlock a new realm of possibilities in electronic design and manufacturing. Experience the reliability, performance, and safety that SF305 brings to the table, and witness the seamless integration of technology and innovation.

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