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Panasonic PCB

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Panasonic PCB Circuit Boards

Different PCB materials meet different needs, and that’s why the material you select will impact the overall outcome of the project.

Panasonic is recognized for its high-quality products, as well their PCB materials no exception. In this article, we will focus on Panasonic’s all PCB series materials.

In this article, we’ll help you learn what are Panasonic PCB Materials, their characteristics, and the things you need to consider prior to making a choice of material. If you are looking to know more about this subject, continue following our article to find out more.

What Is the Panasonic PCB ?

The Panasonic PCB is a high-quality PCB material having many great features. This includes excellent insulation resistance, excellent tracking reliability, great precision of the thickness of the board as well as excellent frequency properties.

In addition, it is the case that The Panasonic PCB can be used for home appliances that are digital. This includes power conditioners, refrigerators washing machines and circuit boards for antennas, and so on.

Its principal properties are its low dielectric constant, or property, and its ability to provide insulation. To better understand the subject, it is important to have a knowledge of what the characteristics of this material are.

Materials & Applications

With the advancement of PCB and semiconductor technologies, Panasonic has responded to the demands of customers by developing optimal materials for next-generation technology. This includes thermosetting resin development technology, compound material design technology, and materials evaluation technologies that are required by the latest electronic devices.

Panasonic’s quality-assurance system, which encompasses manufacturing management techniques such as SPC, allows it to provide multilayer PCB materials and laminates that meet customer requirements.

Many PCB applications use Panasonic’s materials, including:

● Appliances.
● LED lighting.
● Automotive.
● Network antenna.
● Mobile products.

Megtron 6 PCB

Panasonic Circuit Board Materials

With factories around the world, Panasonic is one of the most famous brands of Circuit Board Materials, offering one of the largest product ranges that exist. Its offerings range from flexible materials for circuits and Halogen-Free products to ultra-high-speed/low-loss materials.

Circuit Board Materials Products:

Megtron Series

In terms of delivering high performance, MEGTRON is the industry’s leading brand.

The MEGTRON brand offers the ideal combination of performance, reliability, and quality in Circuit Board Materials.

A wide range of leading-free, high-layer-count PCBs for various high-performance applications are available with MEGTRON 7, MEGTRON 6, MEGTRON 4, MEGTRON 2 and MEGTRON M. These products are widely used in networking and other high-performance applications.

Panasonic has created a low transmission loss Multi-layer circuit board called MEGTRON 8, designed for the future generation of high-speed communications network equipment.

High-speed/low-loss performance and superior thermal properties are provided by MEGTRON products thanks to their unique dielectric system combined with smooth coppe.

Low-Loss MEGTRON 8 Joins The MEGTRON Family Of High-Perfornance Circuit Board Materials.


Ultra-low Loss, Highly Heat Resistant Circuit Board Materials.
Laminate R-5795(U)/ Prepreg R-5690(U) Laminate R-5795(N)/ Prepreg R-5690(N).

With its lowest transmission loss in the industry, MEGTRON 8 multi-layer circuit board material is suitable for high-speed communication equipment like routers and switches. This translates into greater capacity and more efficient data communication and could reduce power consumption due to less loss in transmission.

The MEGTRON 8 family supports 800GbE, which is used to support next-generation high-speed communications technology. It offers 30% more efficiency in transmission loss as compared with MEGTRON 7.

Panasonic utilizes its own resin design expertise as well as its material compounding technology to offer excellent dielectric properties and low transmission loss that is required for high-quality, high-layer count circuit boards.
Panasonic includes ultra-low dissipation factors glass cloth as well as the low-profile copper foil in the latest edition of the highly regarded MEGTRON series line of products.

Megtron 8 is a highly heat resistant and insulating material with high glass transition temperatures and thermal decomposition temperatures. MEGTRON 8 is designed for use on circuit boards with a high layer count that has over 20 layers, for instance, those used in routers and servers with high-end specs.

MEGTRON 8 has the same capabilities as Panasonic’s traditional product and is fabricated using standard manufacturing techniques.

Megtron 8 Panasonic AC PCB

Hiper Series

Materials for multilayer circuit boards in automotive applications.

In the Hiper Series of Panasonic, which includes Hiper V, Hiper D, Hiper M, and Hiper E, Panasonic has developed materials with a high level of heat resistance and high reliability.

In environments with harsh usage use, They provide superior CAF resistance as well as through-hole reliability and laminate processability. Perfect for lead-free assembly processes.

Felios Series

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications: Felios Series Flexible Circuit Board Materials

In addition to Felios Polyimide (R-F775 for double sided and R-F770 for single sided), Felios Liquid Crystal Polymer (R-F705S), Felios Bonding Sheet with Low Dk (R-BM17), and Felios Flexible Resin-Coated Copper foil (R-FR10), the product includes Felios Liquid Crystal Polymer (R-F705S).

In order to suit the needs of a wide range of applications, Folios Adhesiveless Flexible Circuit Board Materials are available in a wide range of copper foil and film thicknesses.

Flexible Circuit Board laminates are a great choice for many applications. Flexible Circuit Boards provide outstanding thermal resistance, dimension stability, and high-end quality. They are all suitable for a range of products that are used for end-use, such as mobile devices, in industrial, medical and avionics-related applications.

Halogen Free Series

Halogen Free Circuit Board Materials

Multi-Layer Circuit Board materials of Halogen Free Series are eco-friendly and deliver high heat resistance and reliability. Antimony and halogen-free. UL the flammability test 94V-0.

Featuring Laminate R-5575, Laminate R-5515, Laminate R-A555W / PrepregR-A550W, and Laminate R-1566 / PrepregR-1551.

Are you interested to learn more about Electronic Materials that are made by Panasonic? Contact us and Please send email [email protected] to us Today! We can provide highest quality of Panasonic PCB for your PCB project.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Panasonic PCB Laminates ?

You should think about using PCB laminates made by Panasonic due to the numerous advantages of the laminates:

Panasonic PCB Laminates

● Low Dielectric Constant: As a result of Panasonic PCB laminates’ low dielectric constants, they are low-insulating materials, therefore they that store charges between various metal plates. This improves the conductivity electrically of PCBs laminates, increasing the overall performance of your PCBs.

● Dielectric Dissipation Factors: You can also benefit from the dielectric dissipation capabilities of those Panasonic PCB laminates that it usually improve performance. Panasonic PCBs with 1GHz frequencies have a dielectric constant (DK) of 3.8 and a dissipation coefficient (Df) of 0.05.

● Lead-Free Soldering: It’s also one of the most secure types of Panasonic laminates, with lead-free soldering. This makes it eco-friendly. That is, you are able to use it at your leisure without worrying that it could be harmful to you or harm the environment.

● Quality Compliant: As a result of Panasonic PCB laminates’ high quality, you can use them for a longer period of time. In accordance with quality standards, the product is suitable for utilisation since it doesn’t create toxic substances.

● Great Heat Resistance: Due to the laminates’ ability to resist heat, you can comfortably use your machines in heat-laden applications. It is in conjunction with the thermal clads that help to transfer heat away from appliances and makes them cool.

● Through-hole Reliability: The Panasonic PCB laminates provide excellent through-hole reliability, which is much better than the FR-4 glass transmission temperature materials. It is easy to drill a through-hole in a more secure manner on PCB laminates compared to other materials.

● Low Transmission Loss: In the course of transferring electric currents from one place to the next, you’ll have very little loss of transmission. In other words, Panasonic PCB laminates leak very little electric current.

What Are the Factors To Take Into Account When Selecting the Panasonic PCB Material ?

PCB Panasonic Circuit Board

● Operating Environment: The operational environment must be the primary factor before selecting your Panasonic PCB Material. Additionally, the working environment includes moisture and temperature. If the printed circuit board operates in extreme industrial settings, We don’t suggest that use Panasonic R-1786.

● Control of Temperatures: When selecting the material for your PCB, be sure to consider the temperature performance. You should consider how much Dk of this material changes as temperature increases. As well, when designing PCBs for environments with high temperatures, this factor is very important.

● Space: If space savings is your primary concern for you, then this Panasonic PCB Materials Series is the best choice. In addition, this PCB material is great for making small-sized devices. It can be used to reduce space even when it is used in larger PCB-related projects.

● Cost: This is a further important aspect to think about when selecting this type of material.

Why Should You Select JarnisTech To Be the Panasonic PCB Supplier ?

Panasonic PCBs were manufactured by our expert design engineers with the following advantages:

● Low dielectric constant.
● Dielectric dissipation rate (Dk equals 3.8 (Df =.005 @ 1GHz) and Df = .005 at 1GHz).
Lead-Free Soldering.
● RoHS certified.
● High resistance to heat.
● This FR-4 (T/C) offers 10 times more through-hole reliability than conventional high Tg FR-4.
● Low losses in transmission of less than 50% of the conventional FR-4.

JarnisTech has more than 20 years of experience in providing Panasonic PCB to various industries for a variety of applications:

● Network equipment.
● Server.
● Routers.
● Measuring instruments.

Over the past 20 years in the field, JarnisTech has ensured smooth quality throughout the entire process during Panasonic PCB manufacture. And if you want to look for a high-quality Panasonic PCB manufacturer, please get in touch with JarnisTech. We can help your project become popular on budget and on time in the market.


Panasonic PCB has excellent resistance to tracking, excellent insulation stability, great precision of the thickness of the board as well as excellent high-frequency properties. Its most notable properties include its low dielectric constant and its high insulation property.

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