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MEGTRON-M R-5735 Laminate

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MEGTRON M R-5735 PCB Laminate

The choice of material for PCB fabrication plays a crucial role in determining the overall performance of the PCB. In the past, FR4 material has been widely used due to its common availability. However, for high-performance designs, it is of utmost importance to select the right laminate material to ensure optimal PCB performance. It is advisable to opt for a material that possesses exceptional properties, as this significantly enhances performance and functionality in various applications.

When selecting a PCB laminate material, considering its environmental stability is a critical factor. In this article, we will focus on the Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate and its commendable features and benefits it offers for PCB applications.

What is the Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 Laminate?

The Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate is an advanced multilayer circuit board material designed specifically for high-end applications requiring low loss and high heat resistance, such as routers and servers used in data transmission. This laminate plays a crucial role in enhancing the capacity and efficiency of data transmission, particularly in 5G mobile communication systems.

One of the key advantages of the MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate is its halogen-free composition. By eliminating halogen constituents, this material demonstrates its commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The exceptional performance of this laminate stems from its low dissipation factor and dielectric constant. These characteristics significantly minimize signal loss, thus ensuring superior signal integrity—an essential consideration for communication systems. Notably, the dissipation factor of the MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate surpasses that of its predecessor, the MEGTRON R-5375.

Moreover, this laminate offers impressive mechanical and thermal properties, further enhancing its overall performance in extreme temperature conditions. Its exceptional heat resistance allows for reliable data transmission while ensuring the material’s structural integrity.

Properties of Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 Laminate Materials

The Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate is known for its outstanding properties that make it a preferred choice for high-performance PCB designs. Here are some key properties of this laminate:

High Signal Integrity:

The MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate features excellent electrical properties, such as low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss. This enables effective signal transmission with minimal signal degradation, resulting in improved signal integrity.

Low Insertion Loss:

With its low dissipation factor, the MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate helps to minimize insertion loss in high-frequency applications. This is crucial for maintaining signal quality and reducing signal attenuation.

Thermal Stability:

This laminate exhibits excellent thermal stability, enabling it to withstand high operating temperatures without significant deterioration in performance. It offers low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), ensuring stable electrical characteristics even under varying temperature conditions.

High Tg (Glass Transition Temperature):

The MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate possesses a high Tg, indicating its ability to handle elevated temperatures during manufacturing processes such as soldering without compromising its structural integrity.

Enhanced Reliability:

The MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate has excellent moisture resistance and dimensional stability, making it highly reliable for demanding applications. It resists delamination and provides reliable electrical performance over a long operational lifespan.

Environmental Friendliness:

This laminate complies with environmental regulations such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). It is free from harmful substances like lead, making it eco-friendly and safe for use in various applications.

Overall, the Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate offers exceptional properties that ensure superior performance, reliability, and functionality in high-performance PCB designs.

Advantages of Panasonic Halogen-free MEGTRON M R-5735 Laminate

The halogen-free version of the Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate offers several advantages over traditional halogen-containing laminates. Some key benefits of the Panasonic Halogen-free MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate include:

Environmental Friendliness:

Being halogen-free, this laminate helps to reduce the use of harmful substances such as chlorine and bromine in PCB manufacturing. It complies with environmental regulations, such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), making it a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice.

Improved Fire Safety:

Halogen-containing laminates release toxic gases and corrosive smoke when exposed to heat or fire. By using the halogen-free MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate, the risk of toxic emissions during fire incidents is significantly reduced, contributing to enhanced fire safety measures.

Enhanced Reliability:

The halogen-free MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate maintains the same exceptional electrical and mechanical properties as its halogen-containing counterpart. It offers high signal integrity, low insertion loss, thermal stability, and reliability, ensuring optimal performance in high-performance PCB applications.

Compatibility with Lead-Free Assembly:

As the industry moves towards lead-free assembly processes, the halogen-free MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate is compatible with these environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. It can withstand higher reflow temperatures without compromising its structural integrity or electrical performance.

Safe Handling and Disposal:

The absence of halogens in this laminate simplifies handling and disposal procedures. It eliminates the need for specialized waste management processes associated with halogen-containing materials, making it easier to handle and recycle at the end of its lifecycle.

By utilizing the Panasonic Halogen-free MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate, designers and manufacturers can achieve both superior electrical performance and improved environmental sustainability, contributing to safer, more reliable, and greener PCB solutions.

How Low Dielectric Constant Impacts MEGTRON M R-5735 Laminate Performance

The low dielectric constant of the Panasonic MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate has a significant impact on its overall performance in PCB applications. Here are some key ways in which the low dielectric constant affects the performance of this laminate:

Signal Speed and Propagation:

A low dielectric constant allows electrical signals to propagate at a faster speed through the laminate. This results in reduced signal delays and helps maintain signal integrity, especially in high-speed digital and high-frequency applications. Faster signal propagation is crucial for minimizing data errors and maintaining the timing of signals.

Signal Attenuation:

The low dielectric constant helps to minimize signal attenuation, ensuring that electrical signals can travel further distances without significant loss in amplitude or quality. This is particularly important for long traces or transmission lines on the PCB, where signal integrity must be preserved.

Impedance Control:

The dielectric constant affects the characteristic impedance of transmission lines on the PCB. A low dielectric constant enables better control and maintenance of impedance values, ensuring consistent impedance matching along the transmission lines. This is critical for minimizing signal reflections and maximizing power transfer efficiency.

Crosstalk Reduction:

Crosstalk is unwanted electromagnetic coupling between neighboring traces on a PCB. A low dielectric constant helps to reduce the capacitive coupling between traces, which leads to lower crosstalk levels. Minimizing crosstalk enhances the overall signal integrity and reduces the chances of interference between signals.

High-Frequency Performance:

The low dielectric constant of the MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate makes it well-suited for high-frequency applications, such as RF and microwave circuits. It enables efficient transmission of high-frequency signals with minimal energy loss or distortion, ensuring reliable performance in these demanding applications.

Power Distribution Efficiency:

The low dielectric constant contributes to efficient power distribution in the PCB. It helps to reduce power plane losses and impedance variations, enabling more efficient and stable power delivery to various components and subsystems on the board.


The MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate stands as a testament to Panasonic’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of PCB materials. Its outstanding properties, such as low dielectric constant, high thermal stability, and environmental friendliness, make it an ideal choice for high-performance PCB designs.

As technology continues to advance and the demand for more efficient and reliable electronic devices increases, the MEGTRON M R-5735 laminate ensures that engineers and designers can achieve superior performance and functionality in their PCB applications. With its exceptional characteristics and proven track record, it is undeniably a top-tier substrate material that contributes to the advancement of electronic systems.

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