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Taconic RF-35

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Taconic RF-35 Laminate Board

Taconic RF-35 has emerged as a widely acclaimed high frequency laminate material, specifically engineered to cater to the demands of performance-driven RF PCB applications. Boasting a dielectric constant of 3.5, remarkable low loss characteristics, and exceptional material uniformity, RF-35 stands as a formidable choice for ensuring top-notch signal integrity in modern high-speed digital and analog circuits.

This comprehensive article delves into the intricacies of RF-35’s material properties, its impressive performance capabilities, vital design considerations, and a broad spectrum of applications. By thoroughly examining these aspects, engineers can acquire a profound understanding of how to effectively specify and work with this incredibly versatile RF material.

What Is Taconic RF-35 Laminates?

Taconic RF-35 laminates refer to a specific type of high-frequency laminate material used in the construction of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for RF (Radio Frequency) applications. These laminates are specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of RF PCBs, offering excellent signal integrity and low loss characteristics.

Material Properties

RF-35 is a high-performance laminate material formulated by reinforcing PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) with ceramic particles. This unique composition offers several key benefits, including:

Dielectric Constant: RF-35 provides a precise dielectric constant (Er) of 3.5 with a tight tolerance of +/- 0.05. This exceptional control over the dielectric constant ensures consistent performance and enables excellent impedance control, surpassing the capabilities of typical FR-4 materials (Er=4.5).

Loss Tangent: With a remarkably low loss tangent of 0.0019, RF-35 exhibits minimal energy loss at high frequencies. This low loss characteristic maximizes the quality factor (Q factor) in resonant circuits and minimizes insertion loss in transmission lines. The material has been extensively tested across a wide frequency range, from DC to Ku band.

Moisture Absorption: RF-35 demonstrates excellent resistance to moisture absorption, with a rate as low as 0.02%. This superior moisture resistance makes it highly resilient against the detrimental effects of humidity and water ingress, enhancing long-term reliability compared to conventional FR-4 materials.

Thermal Performance: RF-35 exhibits a Z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 82 ppm/°C. This close CTE match between the PCB and laminate significantly reduces stresses during temperature cycling, ensuring excellent reliability. Additionally, the material possesses good thermal conductivity of 0.71 W/mK, facilitating efficient heat dissipation.

Lead-Free Assembly: RF-35 offers a high glass transition temperature (Tg) exceeding 280°C, allowing it to withstand lead-free soldering processes with profiles reaching up to 260°C. This compatibility with modern lead-free assembly requirements ensures reliable and robust solder joints.

Overall, RF-35, formulated from PTFE reinforced with ceramic particles, delivers outstanding properties including a precise dielectric constant, low loss tangent, minimal moisture absorption, excellent thermal performance, and compatibility with lead-free assembly processes. These attributes make RF-35 an ideal choice for demanding RF applications where signal integrity, reliability, and performance are paramount.

Taconic RF-35 vs FR4

Taconic RF-35 and FR-4 are two different types of laminate materials commonly used in the construction of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Here are some key differences between Taconic RF-35 and FR-4:

Compared to conventional FR-4 laminates, RF-35 offers several notable advantages. Firstly, it exhibits superior loss characteristics, with a lower loss tangent of 0.0019 as opposed to 0.02 for FR-4. This results in a much flatter loss versus frequency curve and the ability to maintain low loss even at frequencies exceeding 10 GHz.

Additionally, RF-35 demonstrates a tighter dielectric constant tolerance of +/- 0.05, whereas FR-4 typically allows for a tolerance of +/- 0.25. This improved tolerance enables the achievement of consistent impedance across printed circuit boards (PCBs), contributing to enhanced signal integrity.

Moreover, RF-35 exhibits improved moisture resistance, with a moisture absorption rate of 0.02% compared to FR-4’s 0.2%. As a result, RF-35 is significantly less susceptible to the detrimental effects of humidity, ensuring greater reliability and stability in various environmental conditions.

Furthermore, RF-35 offers higher frequency support, extending its usable range to the Ku band, while FR-4 tends to experience a drop-off in performance around 5 GHz. RF-35 excels in high microwave bands, exhibiting notably better Q factors and providing optimal signal integrity at microwave and mmWave frequencies.

Considering these advantages, RF-35 emerges as the clear choice over FR-4 for applications that demand peak signal integrity at microwave and mmWave frequencies. Its superior loss characteristics, tighter dielectric constant tolerance, improved moisture resistance, and higher frequency support make it an ideal material for achieving reliable and high-performance PCB designs.

Overall, Taconic RF-35 is specifically engineered for high-frequency RF applications, offering lower dielectric constant, lower loss tangent, lower moisture absorption, and improved thermal performance compared to FR-4. FR-4, on the other hand, is a widely used and cost-effective laminate material suitable for many general-purpose PCB applications. The choice between RF-35 and FR-4 depends on the specific requirements of the PCB design, including operating frequency, signal integrity, reliability, and cost considerations.

Taconic RF-35 Laminates Applications

Taconic RF-35 laminates find applications in various industries and technologies that require high-frequency performance and reliable signal integrity. Some notable applications of RF-35 laminates include:

Wireless Communication Systems:

RF-35 laminates are widely utilized in the development of wireless communication systems such as cellular base stations, satellite communications, wireless routers, and antennas. The low loss tangent and excellent frequency support of RF-35 make it suitable for high-speed data transmission and efficient signal propagation.

Radar Systems:

RF-35 laminates are employed in the construction of radar systems used in military, aerospace, and automotive applications. Radar systems operate at high frequencies and require materials with low loss and consistent impedance to ensure accurate detection and target tracking. RF-35’s superior loss characteristics and stable dielectric constant enable the design of high-performance radar systems.

Microwave and mmWave Applications:

RF-35 laminates are particularly well-suited for microwave and millimeter-wave applications, including microwave circuitry, microwave antennas, and high-frequency components. The material’s exceptional loss performance and high-frequency support allow for the transmission of signals with minimal distortion and optimal performance in these frequency ranges.

High-Speed Digital Applications:

With the increasing demand for high-speed digital communication and data transfer, RF-35 laminates find applications in high-speed digital printed circuit boards (PCBs). These laminates enable the design of PCBs with controlled impedance, reduced crosstalk, and improved signal integrity, making them suitable for applications such as high-speed data servers, network switches, and data storage systems.

Automotive Electronics:

RF-35 laminates are utilized in automotive electronic systems that require reliable and high-frequency performance. This includes applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), radar-based collision avoidance systems, and automotive communication networks. RF-35 laminates help maintain signal integrity and ensure accurate and efficient data transmission in these critical automotive applications.

Aerospace and Defense Electronics:

RF-35 laminates are extensively used in the aerospace and defense industries for applications such as satellite communication systems, avionics, radar systems, and electronic warfare equipment. The material’s high-frequency support, low loss tangent, and moisture resistance make it suitable for demanding environments and critical electronic systems.

Importants of Taconic RF-35 Laminates in PCB Fabrication

Taconic RF-35 laminates play a crucial role in PCB (Printed Circuit Board) fabrication, offering several important benefits and advantages. Here are some key reasons why RF-35 laminates are significant in the PCB manufacturing process:

High-Frequency Performance:

RF-35 laminates are specifically designed to excel in high-frequency applications. They provide low loss characteristics and maintain consistent impedance across the PCB, enabling high-speed signal transmission with minimal attenuation and distortion. This is particularly important in applications such as wireless communications, radar systems, and high-speed digital circuits, where maintaining signal integrity at high frequencies is critical.

Signal Integrity and Stability:

RF-35 laminates contribute to maintaining signal integrity throughout the PCB. They offer tighter dielectric constant tolerance, ensuring consistent impedance across different circuit traces and layers. This helps minimize signal reflections, crosstalk, and other impedance-related issues, resulting in improved overall performance and reliability of the PCB.

Moisture Resistance:

Moisture absorption can have detrimental effects on the electrical properties of PCB materials. RF-35 laminates feature excellent moisture resistance, with a significantly lower moisture absorption rate compared to conventional materials like FR-4. This reduces the risk of performance degradation, electrical shorts, and other reliability problems caused by exposure to humidity and moisture.

High-Frequency Support:

RF-35 laminates are designed to support higher frequency ranges, including microwave and mmWave frequencies. Unlike FR-4, which may experience performance drop-offs around 5 GHz, RF-35 laminates maintain their low loss characteristics and impedance control at much higher frequencies. This makes them ideal for applications requiring reliable performance at microwave and mmWave bands.

Consistency and Manufacturing Efficiency:

RF-35 laminates offer tighter tolerances in terms of dielectric constant and loss tangent compared to conventional materials. This allows for more precise control over PCB manufacturing processes, resulting in consistent performance and impedance matching. The improved consistency facilitates efficient production and reduces the need for costly and time-consuming adjustments or rework.

Industry Standards and Compatibility:

Taconic RF-35 laminates are widely recognized and accepted in the industry. They comply with relevant industry standards and are compatible with standard PCB fabrication processes, including drilling, plating, and soldering. This ensures ease of integration into existing manufacturing workflows and allows for seamless adoption of RF-35 laminates in various applications.

Therefore, Taconic RF-35 laminates are crucial in PCB fabrication due to their high-frequency performance, signal integrity capabilities, moisture resistance, high-frequency support, manufacturing consistency, and industry compatibility. Their unique characteristics make them a preferred choice for applications requiring reliable and efficient PCB designs in wireless communications, radar systems, high-speed digital circuits, and other demanding electronic systems.

Considerations Factor when Use Taconic RF-35 PCB Laminates?

When considering the use of Taconic RF-35 PCB laminates, several important factors should be taken into account. These factors help ensure optimal performance, reliability, and compatibility with the intended application. Here are key considerations to keep in mind:

● Frequency Requirements
● Signal Integrity
● Dielectric Constant and Loss Tangent
● Manufacturing Process Compatibility
● Environmental Considerations
● Material Thickness and Layer Stackup
● Compliance and Standards

By carefully considering these factors, designers can ensure that Taconic RF-35 PCB laminates are used effectively in their designs. This helps optimize performance, reliability, and compatibility with the specific application requirements, leading to successful PCB implementation.

How To Choose A Rich Experience Taconic RF-35 PCB Provider?

Choosing a reliable and experienced Taconic RF-35 PCB provider is crucial to ensure the quality and success of your PCB project. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a provider with rich experience in handling Taconic RF-35 laminates:

Expertise in RF and High-Frequency PCBs: Look for a provider that specializes in RF and high-frequency PCBs. They should have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements associated with these designs. Ask about their experience in working with Taconic RF-35 laminates specifically and inquire about their track record in successfully delivering high-frequency projects.

Industry Experience: A provider with extensive industry experience brings valuable knowledge and insights to your project. Look for a company that has worked with diverse clients across different sectors, including telecommunications, aerospace, defense, automotive, and more. Their experience in various industries indicates their ability to handle different application-specific requirements.

Track Record and References: Assess the provider’s track record by reviewing their portfolio and customer references. Request examples of past projects involving Taconic RF-35 laminates to evaluate the quality of their work and the complexity of designs they have successfully delivered. Contact their references to gain insights into their performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Design and Engineering Support: A reliable provider should offer comprehensive design and engineering support throughout the PCB development process. They should have skilled engineers who can assist with design optimization, stackup configurations, impedance matching, and addressing any technical challenges specific to RF and high-frequency designs. Inquire about their design capabilities and the level of support they provide during the design phase.

Manufacturing Capabilities: Evaluate the provider’s manufacturing capabilities and facilities. Ensure they have state-of-the-art equipment, cleanrooms, and quality control processes in place. Consider factors such as their production capacity, turnaround time, and ability to handle both prototype and volume production requirements. They should also be familiar with the specific handling and processing requirements of Taconic RF-35 laminates.

Quality Assurance and Certifications: Look for a provider that prioritizes quality assurance and holds relevant certifications such as ISO 9001. Inquire about their quality control processes, testing procedures, and adherence to industry standards. A reputable provider will have rigorous quality checks in place to ensure the reliability and performance of the finished PCBs.

Customer Support and Communication: Effective communication and responsive customer support are crucial for a successful partnership. Assess the provider’s responsiveness to inquiries, their willingness to address your specific project requirements, and their ability to provide timely updates on the progress of your PCB order. A provider that values clear and transparent communication is more likely to meet your expectations.

By considering these factors, you can choose a Taconic RF-35 PCB provider with rich experience and expertise, ensuring a smooth and successful PCB development process.

Why Choose Us?

JarnisTech – A Premier Taconic RF-35 PCB Manufacturer

JarnisTech, a reputable PCB manufacturer and supplier based in China, has garnered significant recognition in the industry. Alongside our comprehensive range of electronic components, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional products and services to customers across the United States, the European Union, and various international markets.

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Extensive Taconic PCB Range: In addition to RF-35, we also provide other Taconic PCB variants such as TLY 5, TLY 5A, and CER-10.

JarnisTech’s Taconic RF-35 PCBs are available in various solder mask colors, including white, purple, green, and black, among others. These boards exhibit outstanding performance and stability.

The design of each application utilizing Taconic printed circuit boards is perfectly suited to the intended purpose. We offer assistance in designing for a wide range of applications, including mobile communications, power amplifiers, and passive components.

Our Taconic RF-35 PCBs can be manufactured in different shapes, such as rectangular, square, and circular, to accommodate diverse project requirements.

JarnisTech is committed to delivering excellent multilayer boards in the shortest possible time frame. We can manufacture Taconic RF-35 PCBs in the thickness of your choice.

As a professional supplier, JarnisTech specializes in providing high-end Taconic PCBs tailored to your specific needs. We offer a wide range of options, including Flexible PCBs, Long PCBs, High-voltage PCBs, and Arlon PCBs.

We take pride in offering the highest quality Taconic RF-35 PCBs at competitive prices. Prior to delivery, all our products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure optimal functionality. When you choose JarnisTech, you can expect zero defects.

For Taconic RF-35 PCBs, we are dedicated to accommodating your individual requirements. Don’t hesitate—reach out to JarnisTech today and inquire about our offerings!


Taconic RF-35 is a high-performance laminate that offers precise dielectric constant of 3.5 and a low loss polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) composition. It has demonstrated its reliability and effectiveness in a wide range of applications, including emerging RF, microwave, and multi-gigabit digital designs. When utilized in carefully engineered configurations, RF-35 laminates consistently deliver outstanding performance across different fabrication lots, ensuring predictable and dependable behavior.

One of the key advantages of RF-35 is its exceptional high-frequency response. With its optimized dielectric constant and low loss characteristics, RF-35 enables designers to achieve remarkable results in terms of loss reduction and bandwidth enhancement. It empowers designers to pursue the finest improvements in signal attenuation and frequency range, making it an indispensable material for those seeking optimal performance in their designs.

Moreover, RF-35 laminates exhibit excellent manufacturing consistency. This means that PCBs fabricated using RF-35 consistently exhibit the desired properties and behaviors, regardless of the fabrication lot. This attribute provides peace of mind to designers, ensuring that the performance expectations set during the design phase are consistently met during production.

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