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Taconic TLY-5A

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Taconic TLY-5A

PCB laminates play a crucial role in the construction of electronic devices, providing a foundation for the intricate network of circuits and components. Among the many options available in the market, the Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates stand out as a top choice for their exceptional quality and performance.

With their advanced materials and manufacturing processes, these laminates offer a range of benefits that contribute to the efficiency, reliability, and overall functionality of electronic devices. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates that make them an ideal choice for demanding electronic applications.

What Is Taconic TLY-5A Mean?

Taconic TLY-5A is a specific type of high-frequency PCB laminate manufactured by Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division. The “TLY” in the name stands for Taconic’s product line of high-performance laminates, and the “5A” indicates the specific variant within that product line.

Taconic TLY-5A is designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-frequency and high-speed electronic applications. It is known for its excellent electrical properties, thermal stability, and mechanical strength. The laminate is constructed with a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) core and a woven-glass reinforcement material, which can provide enhanced rigidity and dimensional stability.

The inclusion of ceramic fillers in Taconic TLY-5A laminate improves its thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient heat dissipation. This characteristic makes it suitable for applications where effective thermal management is critical, such as high-power designs or those subject to elevated temperatures.

Taconic TLY-5A laminates typically exhibit low loss tangents, low insertion loss, and high dielectric constants (Dk) that are optimized for high-frequency signal transmission and impedance control. These properties contribute to maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal loss in high-frequency electronic circuits.

Overall, Taconic TLY-5A is a specialized PCB laminate designed for high-performance applications in industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, defense, and radar systems. Its unique combination of electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties makes it suitable for demanding high-frequency designs that require reliable performance and signal integrity.

The Structure and Materials of Taconic TLY-5A Laminate

The Taconic TLY-5A laminate is composed of several layers that work together to provide its unique properties. The specific material composition structure of Taconic TLY-5A laminate typically includes the following layers:

Copper Foil: TLY-5A laminate features a copper foil layer on both sides, which serves as the conductive layer for creating circuitry on the laminate.

Prepreg Layer: The prepreg layer is made of epoxy resin impregnated with reinforcement materials such as glass fibers. This layer provides electrical insulation and structural integrity to the laminate.

Core Layer: The core layer is primarily composed of glass fabric impregnated with epoxy resin. It provides the main structural support for the laminate and contributes to its rigidity and durability.

Adhesive Layer: An adhesive layer is used to bond the copper foil to the core layer and the prepreg layers, ensuring a strong and reliable connection.

The combination of these layers in the Taconic TLY-5A laminate creates a robust and stable structure for high-performance electronic applications. The specific properties of the materials used in each layer are carefully selected and engineered to meet the laminate’s desired electrical, thermal, and mechanical characteristics.

It’s important to note that the exact material composition and layer thicknesses may vary depending on the specific grade or variant of the Taconic TLY-5A laminate. It is recommended to refer to the product specifications or datasheet provided by Taconic or consult with their technical support for precise information regarding the material composition structure of the laminate.

Taconic Tly-5A PCB Laminate Performance Parameters

The Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminate offers impressive performance parameters that contribute to its reputation as a high-quality choice for electronic applications. Here are some key performance parameters of Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminate:

Dielectric Constant (Dk): The TLY-5A laminate has a low dielectric constant, typically ranging from 2.17 to 3.2, ensuring efficient signal transmission and minimizing signal loss.

Dissipation Factor (Df): Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminate exhibits low dissipation factor, typically ranging from 0.0017 to 0.0050, indicating minimal energy loss during signal propagation.

Thermal Conductivity: The thermal conductivity of TLY-5A laminate is typically around 0.29 W/mK, enabling effective heat dissipation and ensuring reliable operation of high-power applications.

Tg (Glass Transition Temperature): The Tg of Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminate is typically above 280°C, indicating excellent thermal stability even at high temperatures.

Moisture Absorption: TLY-5A laminate has a low moisture absorption rate, typically below 0.1%, ensuring dimensional stability and minimal changes in electrical properties under humid conditions.

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): The CTE of Taconic TLY-5A laminate is typically around 10-18 ppm/°C, allowing for compatibility with a wide range of circuit components and reducing the risk of thermal stress-related failures.

Copper Peel Strength: TLY-5A laminate offers robust copper adhesion, with peel strengths typically exceeding 1.1 N/mm, ensuring reliable bonding between the laminate and copper layers.

Electrical Resistivity: Taconic TLY-5A laminate exhibits high electrical resistivity, typically in the range of 108 to 1012 ohm-cm, minimizing leakage currents and ensuring proper insulation between conductive elements.

These performance parameters of the Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminate highlight its ability to deliver excellent signal integrity, thermal management, dimensional stability, and electrical insulation. Designers and engineers can rely on these parameters to meet the demanding requirements of high-performance electronic applications.

Key Features and Advantages of Taconic TLY-5A PCB Laminates

High Thermal Stability:

Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates are engineered to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising the integrity of the circuitry. This high thermal stability ensures reliable performance even in demanding applications where heat dissipation is critical.

Excellent Signal Integrity:

These laminates exhibit low loss characteristics, enabling efficient signal transmission and minimizing signal degradation. This feature is crucial in high-frequency applications such as telecommunications and wireless communication systems.

Superior Electrical Properties:

Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates offer excellent dielectric constant and low dissipation factor, ensuring accurate signal propagation and reducing signal loss. This results in improved signal integrity and reduced noise interference.

Outstanding Dimensional Stability:

The TLY-5A laminates provide exceptional dimensional stability, meaning they maintain their shape and size even under varying environmental conditions. This stability helps ensure precise alignment during assembly and contributes to overall reliability.

Enhanced Flexibility:

Taconic TLY-5A laminates exhibit excellent flexibility, allowing for tighter bending and forming without causing cracks or delamination. This feature is especially beneficial for applications that require flexible or rigid-flex PCB designs.

RoHS Compliance:

TLY-5A PCB laminates are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulations. They are free from harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and other hazardous materials, making them safer for both users and the environment.

Durable Construction:

Taconic TLY-5A laminates are built to last, with exceptional resistance to chemical exposure, moisture, and other environmental factors. This durability ensures the longevity and reliability of electronic devices, even in challenging operating conditions.

Ease of Processing:

These laminates are well-suited for various fabrication processes, including drilling, plating, and surface mounting. Their ease of processing enables efficient and cost-effective production of PCBs while maintaining high-quality standards.

Overall, Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates offer a comprehensive range of key features and advantages that make them an ideal choice for advanced electronic applications. Their thermal stability, signal integrity, electrical properties, dimensional stability, flexibility, compliance with environmental regulations, durability, and ease of processing contribute to improved performance, reliability, and longevity of electronic devices.

Taconic Tly-5A Vs Taconic Tly-5

Taconic Tly-5 and Taconic Tly-5A are two different variants of PCB laminates offered by Taconic. While they share some similarities, there are notable differences between the two. Here’s a comparison:

Electrical Performance:

Both Tly-5 and Tly-5A laminates offer excellent electrical properties for high-frequency applications. They have low loss tangents and high dielectric constants, enabling efficient signal transmission. However, the specific electrical performance values may vary slightly between the two laminates.


The construction of Tly-5 and Tly-5A laminates also differs. Tly-5 laminates typically have a woven glass fabric reinforcement with a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) core, while Tly-5A laminates feature a ceramic-filled, woven-glass reinforcement with a PTFE core. The addition of ceramic fillers in Tly-5A laminates enhances their electrical properties and provides improved thermal conductivity.

Thermal Management:

Tly-5A laminates generally offer better thermal management capabilities compared to Tly-5 laminates. The ceramic fillers in Tly-5A laminates enhance their thermal conductivity, allowing for more efficient heat dissipation. This can be beneficial in high-power applications or situations where effective thermal management is crucial.

Mechanical Strength:

In terms of mechanical strength, Tly-5A laminates tend to be slightly stronger than Tly-5 laminates. The ceramic fillers in Tly-5A laminates contribute to increased rigidity and dimensional stability, making them suitable for applications that require higher mechanical strength.


Availability may vary between Tly-5 and Tly-5A laminates. Depending on the region and specific requirements, one variant may be more readily available than the other. It is essential to check with Taconic or authorized distributors to determine the availability of each laminate variant.

When selecting between Tly-5 and Tly-5A laminates, consider the specific requirements of your high-frequency electronics project. If thermal management or mechanical strength is a critical consideration, Tly-5A laminates may be a preferred choice. However, if the project primarily focuses on excellent electrical performance and cost-effectiveness, Tly-5 laminates can be a suitable option.

It is recommended to review the datasheets and technical specifications of both laminates, consult with technical experts, and potentially conduct prototyping and testing to determine the most appropriate choice for your specific application.

The Difference Between Taconic Tly 5A and Other PCB Laminates

Taconic Tly-5A is a specific variant of PCB laminate offered by Taconic, and its characteristics may differ from other PCB laminates available in the market. While the specific differences can vary depending on the laminate being compared, here are some general aspects to consider:

Electrical Performance: Taconic Tly-5A laminates are designed specifically for high-frequency and high-speed applications. They typically offer low loss tangent, low insertion loss, and excellent signal integrity. The electrical performance of Tly-5A laminates may be optimized for high-frequency signal transmission and impedance control.

Dielectric Constant (Dk): Tly-5A laminates often have a higher dielectric constant compared to standard FR-4 laminates. This higher Dk enables better signal propagation and impedance matching at high frequencies. It is crucial to consider the specific Dk value of Tly-5A laminates and compare it with the requirements of your application.

Thermal Management: Some Tly-5A laminates may have enhanced thermal management properties compared to standard laminates. The inclusion of ceramic fillers or other additives can improve the thermal conductivity, allowing for better heat dissipation. This characteristic can be advantageous in applications where thermal management is critical or in high-power designs.

Mechanical Strength and Durability: The mechanical strength and durability of Tly-5A laminates may vary depending on the specific formulation and reinforcement used. Some laminates are designed to provide excellent dimensional stability, resistance to warping, and mechanical robustness. These properties are important in applications with stringent reliability requirements or where the boards may be subjected to mechanical stress.

Manufacturing Compatibility: When comparing Tly-5A laminates with other PCB laminates, it is essential to consider their compatibility with standard manufacturing processes. Some laminates may require specific handling, processing techniques, or adjustments in manufacturing parameters. It is recommended to consult with the laminate manufacturer or your PCB fabricator to ensure compatibility and appropriate manufacturing practices.

Cost: The cost of Tly-5A laminates may vary depending on the specific formulation, manufacturing processes, and availability. Generally, high-performance laminates designed for specialized applications tend to be more expensive than standard laminates like FR-4. It is important to consider the cost implications of using Tly-5A laminates in your project.

It is crucial to review the datasheets, technical specifications, and application guidelines provided by Taconic or the laminate manufacturer to understand the specific characteristics and performance of Tly-5A laminates. Additionally, consult with experienced PCB designers, fabricators, or industry experts to gain insights into the suitability of Tly-5A laminates for your project and to compare them with other available laminates in terms of performance, cost, and manufacturing considerations.

Factors to Consider When Using Taconic TLY-5A Laminates for High Frequency PCBs

When using Taconic TLY-5A laminates for high-frequency PCBs, there are several important factors to consider:

Frequency Requirements: Determine the specific frequency range of your high-frequency application. Taconic TLY-5A laminates are designed for high-frequency performance, but it’s essential to ensure that the laminate’s electrical properties, such as the dielectric constant (Dk) and loss tangent, align with your desired frequency range.

Impedance Control: TLY-5A laminates are often chosen for their ability to maintain controlled impedance. Ensure that the Dk and thickness of the laminate are suitable for achieving the desired impedance values for your high-frequency signals.

Signal Integrity: Taconic TLY-5A laminates offer low loss tangents and low insertion loss, contributing to excellent signal integrity. Consider the specific signal integrity requirements of your application and ensure that the laminate’s electrical properties support optimal signal transmission with minimal loss.

Thermal Management: Evaluate the thermal requirements of your high-frequency PCB design. TLY-5A laminates with enhanced thermal conductivity can help dissipate heat generated by high-power components or in thermally demanding environments. Consider the thermal resistance and thermal conductivity properties of the specific TLY-5A laminate variant you are using.

Manufacturing Compatibility: Ensure that your PCB fabricator has experience working with Taconic TLY-5A laminates and can handle the specific requirements associated with their processing. TLY-5A laminates may have different handling, drilling, and processing considerations compared to standard PCB laminates like FR-4.

Design Considerations: Optimize your PCB layout and design for high-frequency performance. Pay attention to trace widths, spacing, and impedance matching techniques to minimize signal loss and maintain signal integrity. Consult with experienced PCB designers or engineers for best practices specific to TLY-5A laminates.

Material Thickness: The thickness of the TLY-5A laminate can affect the characteristic impedance and performance of the high-frequency circuit. Ensure that the chosen thickness aligns with your impedance requirements and the capabilities of your PCB fabrication process.

Environmental Considerations: Consider the operating environment of your high-frequency PCB. TLY-5A laminates are known for their stability and resistance to temperature variations, moisture, and chemicals. Evaluate if the laminate’s properties align with the environmental conditions your PCB will be exposed to.

It is recommended to consult with Taconic or their authorized representatives for detailed technical information, design guidelines, and specific recommendations when using TLY-5A laminates for high-frequency PCB applications. Additionally, collaborate closely with experienced PCB designers and fabricators to optimize your design and ensure successful implementation.

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Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates offer a host of advantages that make them an excellent choice for electronic applications requiring high performance and reliability. Through their advanced materials, manufacturing processes, and exceptional characteristics, these laminates enable the construction of robust and efficient electronic devices. Whether it’s aerospace, telecommunications, or automotive industries, Taconic TLY-5A PCB laminates provide the necessary foundation to enable the seamless functioning of complex circuits.

With their commitment to innovation and quality, Taconic continues to be at the forefront of offering cutting-edge solutions, empowering engineers and designers to push the boundaries of technological possibilities.

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