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IC Programming

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IC Chip Programming

Why Choose Us as Your Best Supplier of IC Programming Services ?

JarnisTech offers IC programming services that can eliminate the complicated and time-consuming burden of programming, which results in improving the efficiency of SMT assembly and reducing costs for customers. We offer every standard socket that is commercially available, including new algorithms and custom designed sockets.

We will ensure that all programming is completed correctly using your preferred configuration, setup and checksums provided.

With our IC programming service, we can ensure that your software-driven PCB assemblies perform as expected.

What Are Programmable IC Chips ?

A programmable IC chip is an IC chip for memory that is an integrated circuit composed of millions of transistors and capacitors that store data and aid in processing code. Programmable IC chips can store memory for a short period of time using RAM (random access memory) (RAM) and for a long time through reading-only memory (ROM). The process of programming IC chips is an essential procedure as memory chips are fundamental elements of electronic and computer devices since they cannot be used to store or send information without them.

How Do I Transfer the Program To chip ?

In general, PCBAs require ICs, but some ICs, such as flash, MCUs, etc., need to be programmed. Programming involves loading data and programs into the IC.

When we buy new materials, they are usually blank, so the clearing procedure can be skipped. If it’s not brand new material, then the program that was in the initial IC has to be cleared prior. When the clearing process has been completed, it is important to determine if the program was cleared. If it’s not the program will be burned again. Following the burning process, you must verify that it is burned correctly, and then do encryption or write protection.

I think you already know that the answer is “programming”, otherwise known as “burning”. Programming involves transferring the program into the chip’s memory. There is offline programming and offline programming.

IC Programmable Chips Equipment

Offline Programming

Offline programmers are compatible with the chips from various packages using various adapters. It is possible to use the chip be used in conjunction with the adapter to perform burn programs.

This adapter functions as a precise fixture. The various chips and packages require different adapters.

Today, the software is evolving in smaller and flat BGA and QFN., for example, the popular Emmc chips. However, the cost of those adapters is not cheap.

If you find an error during an initial PCBA test, it is necessary to take the chip out of the adapter and re-program it in accordance with the procedure you have been given, which will take time, energy, and cause cost.

There are a few emergencies that can occur when it comes to PCBA manufacturing. If the resistance to temperature on the board isn’t enough, the board is likely to deform when you remove the chips, which increase the chance of scrapping.

Online Programming

The online programming utilizes the standard communication bus of the chip that includes USB, SWD, JTAG UART, and so on. In general, the interface is fixed, and programming requires fewer pins.

Since the communication rate at the interface is not very high, general cables are suitable for burning with low consumption.

Since online burning is controlled via wire connection, in the event that an error occurs in the production test the damaged PCBA is traced back and then re-burned without removing the chip. This is not just a way to save manufacturing costs but also enhances the effectiveness of programming.

Additionally, the manufacturing line is moving toward automation. As the line gets more automated, manufacturers are adding functional test equipment like the ICT as well as FCT to their production line. The method of production, which includes automated fixtures and burning online, is able to be eliminated in the stage of burning.

When the manual process is used the board is inserted following the direct burning process, and the PCBA is then sent to the test machine to be tested. The entire process of production is completely automated, which is able to greatly improves the efficiency of production.

Thus, in PCBA processing, the benefits that online burners offer are huge. It’s becoming a significant indicator to gauge PCBA producers’ precision of their processes and efficiency in production, as well as costs, quality control scale, capital, and quality control.

IC Programming Machine

What Programmable Language Is Used for IC Chips ?

Although certain programmable languages are more popular than others, at JarnisTech, we are able to take a wide range of file formats. Please contact us if you would like more information about how we can better meet your business needs.

To use IC software, it is necessary to need the appropriate format of files that is compatible with the applications.

These Are the Primary Formats for Files That You Can Utilize With Powerful Software or Programming Services:

● Binary File Format
● Intel Hex File Format
● Motorola S-Records File Format
● Tektronix File Format
● Extended Tektronix File Formats
● POF File Format

Workings of a Programmable Chip

Microcontrollers are among the top components of a programmable IC chip. They are employed in controlled devices, such as:

● Implantable devices
● Power tools
● Toys
● Engine control systems
● and other embedded devices.

Basically, microcontrollers are miniature computers that are used to host programmable chips, which can then be easily incorporated into a variety of electronic devices.

IC Programming Services

We offer IC programming services at JarnisTech. This lets you contract out the development of the integrated circuits (IC) eliminating the time and complexity work of programming while introducing greater efficiency in SMT assembly manufacturing of SMT assemblies as well as cost reductions for customers.

Programming is possible after mounting SMT, however, this technique is only applicable to prototype PCB assemblies. In high volume PCB assembly, programming ICs before assembly will give you a competitive edge. You will pay less for programming, get a fast turn around time, and experience zero defects.

IC programming will be conducted with PCB fabrication before chips are mounted on the blank PCB board. Our IC programming service is compatible with virtually every technology and program in quantities that range from a small sample run to production scales of large volumes. We are able to provide every standard socket that is commercially available and new algorithms as well as custom-designed sockets. Our IC formats, IC packages and program formats that we provide support for are as follows:

● Device Types : MCU/MPU, EPROM FLASH, EEPROM Nand Flash PLD/CPLD, SD Card, Card, TF Card, Credit Card, eMMC Card, eMMC, MoviNand and OneNand.


● IC Package: Tray, tube tape.


● IC Manufacturer: USA, Japan, Taiwan, and European brands.

We will follow the setting, configurations, and checksum that you provide to ensure the programming process is completed correctly. Our IC programming, Turnkey PCB assembly, and functional testing services ensure that your software-driven PCB assemblies always perform as expected.

How Much Does It Cost To Perform IC Programming Services ?

Depending on how well the integrated circuits perform, you will pay a variety of prices.

You can see the variations in different angles or aspects, like the kind of program used and the amount of integrated circuits.

Naturally, you’ll have to have to pay more if you are required to expand the amount of integrated circuits you program.

Moreover, programs have different values depending on the type of job they will accomplish.

Also, the more advanced the program you’re using, the more expensive the price for the program.

The cost will range from 0.01 to 0.50 US dollars for the programming of integrated circuits.

Programming BGA IC Memory Chip

What Is the Best Time to Do IC Programming ?

In IC programming, computer programs are transferred into integrated computer circuits. Selecting the right moment for programming your ICs will improve the SMT assembly’s efficiency.

After SMT placement assembly, IC programming can be done, but this method is only suitable for prototype PCBs. Actually, it is actually more cost-effective to program ICs before PCB assembly in high volume PCB assembly because you get lower programming prices, a quicker turn around time and no defects.

IC Programming Services: How Do You Do It

By using offline or online programming, you can easily program ICs.

It is crucial to realize that the way you program will affect the kind of software you will use.
Alongside this nature of programming will also determine the sequence of steps you’ll follow throughout the programming process.

These Are the Main Steps You Will Need To Follow in Order to Program Integrated Circuits:

Step One: Preparation of the Tools

The first step is to have all the necessary tools you’ll need for integrated circuit programming.
There are various kinds of software that you could utilize to program integrated circuits.
Here are a few tools you’ll make use of when programming these integrated circuits:

● Wired Electrostatic Rings.
● Pens.
● Computer Systems.
● A programmer or a programming tool such as Game8 or ALL11.

Step Two: Tips for Programming Integrated Circuits

In order to program the integrated circuits in the letters, you must follow all programming techniques. You’ll be more successful in your programming experience if you adhere to all the programming steps to complete.

The first step is to be cautious when the installation of integrated circuits so as to avoid damaging the circuits.

It is also possible to protect your programming sockets by putting every component on the stackup with care.

Begin to place the IC chips in the correct order by checking the short circuit of the tin on the pins first.

In this scenario, you are protecting the programming sockets of the integrated circuits from any damage.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to have qualified and trained personnel involved in this integrated circuit programming system.

Also, you must have a computer available for programming and you must use one program on your computer instead of mixing different software.

When you are done with the programming process, you will need to perform the different tests on the IC as well as report any issues.

It is essential to have supervisors in the room who have greater information on how to manage the programming service in the event of errors.

Step Three: Programming the Integrated Circuits

By following the guidelines, You can move on into the programming phase by using the various programming techniques.

The process begins with connecting the programmer cables first, and after that, connecting the circuit integrated into sockets for writers.

Then, you’ll switch on your computer and the programmer will be activated on the computer and will begin the entire programming process.

It will run the program through the computer programmer and select the integrated circuit’s brand from the various brands.

Once you have done that, you’ll choose your IC part number and then install the program you wish to burn.

At the same time, you will check the software checksum or buffer checksum must correspond to the “Electronic Design Document Notice.”

Click on the programming button and then load the integrated circuit in the IC pockets.

The program will run and if successful, you will get an OK.if it fails, You will see a red error message.

Check that you have marked the integrated circuit that was successfully programmed and then place the malfunctioning IC in a different socket.

The entire programming process is as soon as all integrated circuits are correctly programmed.

Integrated Circuit Chip Test

Programming Room Environment

Since chips are electrostatically sensitive, anti-static measures are necessary.

● The Electrostatic Grounding Wire in the chip room must be linked to the earth but not connected directly to the ground wires of power supplies. The resistance to ground for the grounding device should not exceed 0.5 Ohm.

● Employees working in the chip room are required to wear static wristbands and anti-static clothing while programming chips and table mats that are anti-static are recommended to be placed on the table surface.

● The personnel working in the chip area should employ the tester for static rings in order to test how the static ring looks in good condition and to determine the specifications for wear before officially burning the chip each day. It cannot be officially released until everything is functioning as it should.

● In the OTP room, the static level must not be higher than 100V and the anti-static grade is A.
Humidity is a major factor in static electricity; therefore, it is recommended to have a humidity tester included in the chip room to control. In general, 50%-60% humidity is the best range. If your humidity is low, then you could make use of a humidifier or even contact the ground. Sprinkle water on the ground to keep the humidity within a certain limit.

What Are the Applications Areas of the IC Programming Service ?

There Are a Variety of Applications for Ic Programming, Some of That Are:

Consumer Electronics Is the Field in Which IC Programming Is Commonly Employed

● Personal computer
● TV
● Smartphone

IC Programming Is Widely Used and Is Beneficial To the Business Sector

● Assembly Machine
● Power Supply
● Inverter

IC Programming Is Essential for the Creation of Medical Equipment

● X-ray machine
● Blood Glucose Monitors
● CT Scanners

What Are The Benefits of IC Programming Services ?

● Ability to Improve PCB Performance
● Secure Provisioning
● Durability
● Ability to Change
● High-Efficiency Levels

What Are the Disadvantages of IC Programming Services ?

● Difficult Programming Services.
● Expensive Programming Service.
● Tedious Programming Service.

IC Programming Device


Dry Packing and Programming IC

The components that are not standard may not be suitable for high-efficiency PCB manufacturing. Afterward, you may need to build reels and tapes. It is true that JarnisTech can provide component tape and reeling services. The machines are automated and use technology controlled by the vision to place the device within the tape and check for the pin’s orientation.

In SMT Process, Flexible packaging of the reel and tape allows manually insertions to automated placement. SMT method that results in saving time and money. In addition, dry packing can also be arranged for devices with sensitivity to moisture.

The benefit of outsourcing your IC programming to JarnisTech is reduced costs, increased productivity, and an integrated supply chain. In order to improve our efficiency of turnkey PCB assembly service, we program, tape and reel your ICs, dry them in packaging, assemble and test your PCB assemblies, and we guarantee rapid delivery to help you meet your product launch deadlines.

Advanced PCB Assembly


PCBs We Can Assemble

  • Min size: PCB whose width/length is less than 30mm should be panelized.
  • Max size: single board 500mm*400mm | panel board 310mm*410mm.
  • Layer Count: 1-60 layers (1-20 layers for mass production).
  • Copper Thickness: 1/2oz – 17oz.
  • PCB Types: Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, Rigid Flex PCBs, Rogers PCBs, Ceramic PCBs, etc.
  • Surface Finishes: Lead/Lead-free HASL, ENIG, ImSilver, OSP, Gold plated, Immersion Gold, etc.

Components We Can Assemble

  • SMT sizes: 01005, 0201 or larger.
  • BGA pitch: 0.35mm or greater.
  • BGA Ball count: 2 – 50.
  • Fine pitch: 0.4mm or greater.
  • WLCSP pitch: 0.35mm or greater.
  • Components Height: 0.1mm – 12mm.
  • BGA, micro-BGA, POP, CSP, LGA package, Flip chip, Hard metric connectors, Cable & wire, etc.
  • Min. Components Spacing: 0.20mm for SMT parts, no specific demand for Thru-hole parts.

Custom PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • Quick Turn.
  • IPC III standard compliant.
  • Prototype Quantities to Production Quantities.
  • Single PCB Assembly and PCB Panel Assembly.
  • Single and Double-sided PCB Assembly.
  • Leaded Assembly, Lead-free or RoHS Compliant Assembly and No-clean Process Assembly.
  • SMT Assembly, Thru-hole (DIP) Assembly, and Combo of SMT and Thru-hole Assembly.
  • Consigned PCB Assembly, Partial consigned PCB Assembly and Full turnkey PCB Assembly.

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