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Megtron 8 PCB Laminate Materials

Megtron 8 PCB laminate is a cutting-edge material that has gained significant attention in the electronics industry. With its exceptional electrical properties and performance characteristics, Megtron 8 is revolutionizing the design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Megtron 8 PCB laminate, a recent addition to Panasonic’s product lineup, offers a multilayer PCB solution that significantly enhances communication networking capabilities, particularly in high-speed applications for switches and routers.

If you are contemplating whether to adopt Megtron 8 PCB material, this article will provide you with insights into its benefits and how it can improve your product offerings.

Overwiew of Megtron8 PCB Laminate Material

Panasonic recently introduced a new material featuring a multilayer PCB that enhances and ensures high-speed communication networking for switches and routers.

As the backbone of internet technology, high-speed communication equipment needs to meet increasingly demanding targets, such as 12 Gbps or 800 GbE with PAM4 modulation. These targets represent twice the speed of the current 400 GbE standards. However, this poses a challenge for printed circuit boards as they need to accommodate higher speeds and frequencies to improve data transmission.

Panasonic has addressed this challenge by combining a resin design with a glass cloth that has ultra-low dielectric dissipation, instead of using fluoropolymer-based materials for the printed circuit board. Additionally, the copper foil used in this material has a low profile, which enhances its dielectric properties and minimizes transmission loss. This is crucial for achieving higher performance and accommodating the anticipated higher layer count in future PCB manufacturing lines.

The Megtron 8 PCB material significantly reduces transmission loss for this type of circuit board, offering up to a 30% improvement compared to the least available Panasonic Megtron 7 R-5785 laminate materials at a frequency of 286 GHz.

The thermoset resin materials used in Megtron 8 exhibit heat reliability and resistance similar to the previous generation of Panasonic laminates, ensuring consistent processability and manufacturability. It can be readily manufactured using standard circuitry processes.

Features of the Panasonic Megtron 8 PCB Material

Panasonic Megtron 8 is a high-performance PCB material known for its excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Some of the key features of Panasonic Megtron 8 PCB material include:

High Frequency Performance: Megtron 8 offers exceptional signal integrity and low insertion loss at high frequencies, making it suitable for high-speed digital and RF/microwave applications.

Low Dielectric Constant and Loss: It has a low dielectric constant (typically around 3.7) and low dielectric loss, which helps minimize signal distortion and maintain signal integrity in high-frequency circuits.

Excellent Thermal Stability: Megtron 8 exhibits excellent thermal stability, allowing it to withstand high-temperature applications without significant degradation in electrical performance.

High Tg (Glass Transition Temperature): The high glass transition temperature of Megtron 8 (typically above 200°C) ensures the material’s dimensional stability and reliability even under elevated temperatures.

Low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion): It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which reduces the risk of mechanical stress and the potential for delamination or solder joint failure.

Good Moisture Resistance: Megtron 8 demonstrates good resistance to moisture absorption, which helps maintain electrical performance and reliability in humid environments.

Compatibility with Lead-Free Assembly: The material is compatible with lead-free assembly processes, meeting the requirements of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance.

Excellent Processability: Megtron 8 is known for its excellent processability, allowing for efficient fabrication of complex PCB designs and fine-line circuitry.

It’s important to note that specific properties and performance characteristics may vary based on the specific grade and thickness of Megtron 8 used. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s datasheet or technical documentation for detailed information on the material’s features and specifications.

What are the Applications of the Megtron 8 PCB Laminate?

Megtron 8 is a high-performance PCB (Printed Circuit Board) laminate material developed by Panasonic. It offers several advantages over traditional laminates, making it suitable for various applications that require high-speed, high-frequency, and high-reliability circuitry. Some of the applications of Megtron 8 PCB laminate include:


Megtron 8 is utilized in the manufacturing of switches, enabling high-speed data transmission with its excellent electrical properties and signal integrity. Its reliable performance contributes to the efficient functioning of switch systems.

Optical Transmission Equipment:

Megtron 8 is well-suited for optical transmission equipment, which requires precise and high-frequency signal transmission. Its superior characteristics enable the reliable and efficient operation of optical network units (ONUs) and other related equipment.


Megtron 8 is employed in the production of routers due to its ability to handle high-speed data transfer and maintain signal integrity. The laminate’s outstanding electrical performance ensures the reliable and stable operation of routers.

Base Stations:

Megtron 8 is a preferred choice for base stations in the telecommunications industry. Its exceptional electrical properties and signal integrity enable high-frequency signal transmission, contributing to the effective functioning of base station systems.

AI Servers:

Megtron 8 is well-suited for AI servers that require high-speed processing and reliable signal transmission. Its excellent electrical characteristics facilitate efficient data transfer, contributing to the optimal performance of AI systems.


Megtron 8 finds application in servers where high-speed data transfer and signal integrity are crucial. The laminate’s reliable performance ensures the efficient operation of servers, supporting various computing and data processing tasks.

Probe Cards:

Megtron 8 is utilized in the manufacturing of probe cards, which are essential in semiconductor testing. Its superior electrical properties and signal integrity aid in accurate and reliable testing of semiconductor devices.

Semiconductor Test Equipment:

Megtron 8 is an ideal choice for semiconductor test equipment due to its exceptional electrical characteristics and signal integrity. It enables precise testing and evaluation of semiconductor devices, contributing to the overall quality assurance process.

Overall, Megtron 8 PCB laminate is favored in applications that demand high-frequency, high-speed, and high-reliability circuitry, where its exceptional electrical properties, thermal stability, and mechanical strength contribute to optimal performance and durability.

What are the Benefits of Megtron 8 PCB Laminates?

The Megtron 8 PCB laminates offer numerous advantages, making them well-suited for a wide range of applications. The key benefits of utilizing Megtron 8 PCB laminates are:

Exceptional Durability:

Megtron 8 PCB laminates exhibit remarkable strength and resilience, ensuring their longevity and ability to sustain functionality over extended periods of time. Their robust construction enables them to withstand demanding operating conditions.

High Efficiency:

Working with Megtron 8 PCB laminates results in accurate and efficient performance. These laminates maintain high standards of performance, particularly in high-frequency applications, ensuring reliable and precise operation.

Excellent Electric and Thermal Conductivity:

Megtron 8 PCB laminates excel as effective insulators, facilitating optimal electrical current flow. They contribute to minimizing leakage in both electric and thermal applications, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability.

Reliable Through Hole Performance:

Megtron 8 laminates exhibit exceptional resilience and reliability in through-hole applications. This makes them highly suitable for various electronic systems. The laminates’ reliability ensures consistent performance and durability in demanding environments.

How to Improve Products Quality By Use Megtron 8 laminates

Enhanced Communication Networking:

Megtron 8 PCB laminate is specifically designed to optimize communication networking, especially in high-speed environments. By incorporating this material into your PCB design, you can ensure improved data transmission and seamless connectivity for switches and routers.

High-Speed Performance:

Megtron 8 PCB laminate is engineered to meet the demands of high-speed applications. It offers excellent signal integrity, minimizing signal losses and distortions. This translates into enhanced performance and reliability, allowing your products to operate at their full potential.

Superior Electrical Properties:

The electrical properties of Megtron 8 PCB laminate contribute to its effectiveness in high-speed communication systems. It exhibits low dielectric loss, enabling efficient signal propagation without significant attenuation. This results in improved signal quality and reduced data errors.

Reliable Multilayer Design:

Megtron 8 PCB laminate supports multilayer PCB designs, providing flexibility and scalability for complex circuit layouts. Its robust construction ensures reliable interlayer connectivity and impedance control, allowing for optimized signal routing and integrity across the PCB.

High-Durability Construction:

Megtron 8 PCB laminate boasts exceptional durability, enabling it to withstand harsh operating conditions and mechanical stress. This longevity ensures your products maintain their functionality over extended periods, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Industry-Recognized Quality:

Developed by Panasonic, a reputable manufacturer with a strong presence in the electronics industry, Megtron 8 PCB laminate adheres to stringent quality standards. By utilizing this trusted material, you can enhance the overall reliability and performance of your products.

In conclusion, adopting Megtron 8 PCB laminate brings several benefits to your designs, including enhanced communication networking, high-speed performance, superior electrical properties, reliable multilayer functionality, and a durable construction. By leveraging these advantages, you can elevate the capabilities of your products and meet the demands of modern high-speed communication systems.


Megtron 8 PCB laminate represents a significant advancement in the field of electronic materials and PCB technology. Its exceptional electrical properties, high-speed performance, and durability make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from switches and routers to AI servers and semiconductor test equipment. As the demand for faster and more reliable communication networks continues to grow, the use of Megtron 8 PCB laminate will play a crucial role in meeting these requirements.

With its ability to enhance signal integrity, reduce transmission loss, and support high-frequency applications, Megtron 8 is poised to shape the future of electronic devices and facilitate the development of innovative technologies across industries. As manufacturers and designers embrace the potential of Megtron 8 PCB laminate, we can expect to see even more impressive advancements in the field of electronics, enabling faster, more efficient, and reliable communication systems.

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