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Isola IS680

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Isola IS680 PCB Board

Isola IS680 PCB laminate materials are renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability in the electronics industry. With their low-loss characteristics, stable electrical properties, and robust construction, IS680 laminates have become a preferred choice for various high-frequency and high-speed applications. This article explores the key features and advantages of Isola IS680 laminate materials, highlighting their contributions to the seamless functioning of advanced electronic systems.

What Is Isola IS680 PCB Laminate Materials?

Isola IS680 is a type of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) laminate material. It is specifically designed for use in RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave applications. PCB laminates are used as the base material for creating circuit boards that house electronic components.

IS680 is known for its exceptional electrical properties and stability over a broad frequency and temperature range. It exhibits a stable dielectric constant (Dk) between -55°C and +125°C, making it suitable for use in various temperature environments. It maintains its electrical performance even at high frequencies, such as W-band frequencies.

One of the key advantages of IS680 is its low dissipation factor (Df), which refers to the amount of energy lost as heat when signals pass through the material. The low Df of IS680 makes it an attractive and cost-effective alternative to other commonly used microwave laminate materials, such as PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Overall, IS680 is widely utilized in the design and manufacturing of commercial RF/microwave printed circuit boards. Its outstanding electrical properties and stability make it an excellent choice for applications requiring high-frequency signal transmission and reliable performance in varying temperature conditions.

Product Features of IS680 PCB Laminate

1. Industry Recognition:

●UL File Number: E41625: IS680 has undergone testing and certification by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a globally recognized safety certification organization.

●RoHS Compliant: IS680 meets the requirements of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, ensuring it is free from harmful substances.

2. Processing Advantages:

●Reduced Drill Wear: When fabricating PCBs using IS680, the material exhibits reduced wear on drilling tools, resulting in improved tool longevity and cost savings.

●No Plasma Desmear Required: IS680 eliminates the need for plasma desmear, a process used to remove resin smear from the drilled holes, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing production time.

●Consistent Dielectric Spacing: IS680 maintains a consistent dielectric spacing, ensuring uniform electrical performance across the circuit board, which is crucial for reliable signal transmission.

●Dimensional Stability: IS680 offers excellent dimensional stability, meaning it retains its shape and size even under varying environmental conditions. This stability helps prevent warping or distortion during the PCB manufacturing process.

These features make IS680 a favorable choice in the PCB industry, as it provides ease of processing, reliable performance, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Properties of Isola IS680 PCB Material

Thermal properties of Isola IS680 PCB Material:

●Glass Transition Temperature: Isola IS680 has a high glass transition temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, as measured by DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry). This indicates excellent thermal performance and stability.

●Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE): The CTE on the Z axis is 44.7 ppm/ºC before the glass transition temperature (Tg) and increases to 191 ppm/ºC after Tg. The total expansion between 50 and 260 degrees Celsius is 2.9%. The CTE value on the X and Y axes before Tg is 12 ppm/ºC.

●Thermal Conductivity: Isola IS680 PCB Material has a thermal conductivity ranging from 0.38 to 0.53 W/m/K. This property allows for efficient heat dissipation in the PCB.

●Moisture Absorption: Isola IS680 features a low moisture absorption rate of 0.10%, indicating minimal water absorption and improved dimensional stability.

Electrical properties of Isola IS680 PCB Material:

●Dielectric Constant (Dk): At 10 GHz, the Dk of Isola IS680 ranges from 2.80 to 3.45, providing stable and low values. This property ensures reliable and consistent electrical performance.

●Dissipation Factor (Df): The Df of Isola IS680 PCB Material is 0.0025-0.0035 at 10 GHz, indicating a low and stable dissipation factor. This property minimizes signal loss and ensures efficient transmission of high-frequency signals.

●Electric Strength: The electric strength of Isola IS680 is 45 (1133) KV/mm (V/mil), indicating its ability to withstand high voltage levels.

Mechanical properties of Isola IS680 PCB Material:

●Strength: The peel strength of Isola IS680 is 0.70 (4.01) N/mm, indicating its strong adhesion properties.

●Flexural Strength: Isola IS680 has a flexural strength of 37.5 ksi in the lengthwise direction and 28.5 ksi in the cross direction. This property denotes its resistance to bending or deformation under applied loads.

●Tensile Strength: The tensile strength of Isola IS680 is 28.0 ksi in the length direction and 26 ksi in the cross direction. This property represents its ability to withstand pulling forces without breaking.

These properties collectively make Isola IS680 PCB Material a reliable choice for various applications, offering excellent thermal performance, electrical stability, and mechanical strength.

Benefits of the Isola IS680 PCB Material

The Isola IS680 PCB material offers several significant benefits, making it a preferred choice for various applications. These benefits include:

1. Low Dissipation Factor: The Isola IS680 PCB material possesses a low dissipation factor (Df), which indicates minimal energy loss as signals pass through the material. This characteristic ensures efficient signal transmission and reduces signal distortion, making it suitable for high-frequency applications.

2. Extremely Low-Loss PCB Material: With its low dissipation factor, the Isola IS680 is considered an extremely low-loss PCB material. It minimizes signal attenuation and maintains signal integrity, making it ideal for applications that require high-performance and low-loss transmission, such as RF/microwave circuits.

3. Low Water Absorption Rate: The Isola IS680 PCB material has a low water absorption rate, indicating its resistance to moisture absorption. This property helps maintain the dimensional stability and electrical performance of the PCB, even in humid environments, and reduces the risk of damage due to moisture-related issues.

4. Stable Dielectric Constant: The Isola IS680 PCB material exhibits a stable dielectric constant (Dk) over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures. This stability ensures consistent electrical properties and reliable performance, making it suitable for applications where precise and predictable electrical characteristics are essential.

5. Wide Range of Applications: The Isola IS680 PCB material finds application in various industries and sectors, including telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and RF/microwave technologies. Its exceptional electrical properties, stability, and low-loss characteristics make it a versatile choice for different circuit designs and applications.

These benefits position the Isola IS680 PCB material as a reliable and high-performance option for demanding applications that require low-loss transmission, stable electrical properties, and resistance to moisture-related issues. Its suitability for a wide range of applications further contributes to its popularity in the PCB industry.

Isola IS680 PCB Material: Applications

The Isola IS680 PCB material finds applications in various industries and sectors where high-performance and reliable electrical properties are crucial. Some common applications of Isola IS680 include:

RF/Microwave Circuits:

IS680 is widely used in RF/microwave circuits, such as antennas, transceivers, amplifiers, and radar systems. Its low dissipation factor and excellent high-frequency performance enable efficient signal transmission and low-loss characteristics in these applications.

High-Speed Digital Systems:

IS680 is used in high-speed digital systems, such as data centers, servers, and high-speed computing equipment. Its low-loss properties and stable electrical performance enable the efficient transmission of high-speed digital signals and help maintain signal integrity.

Test and Measurement Equipment:

The material’s consistent performance, low dielectric loss, and high-frequency capabilities make it suitable for test and measurement equipment, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and signal generators.

Medical Devices:

IS680 is used in medical devices for its reliability, high-frequency performance, and ability to withstand harsh environments, making it suitable for applications such as medical imaging systems, patient monitoring equipment, and diagnostic devices.

Industrial Electronics:

IS680 is employed in various industrial electronic applications, including power electronics, control systems, and industrial automation equipment. Its thermal performance, mechanical strength, and reliable electrical properties make it suitable for demanding industrial environments.

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices:

IS680 is suitable for IoT devices that require high-frequency performance, low dielectric loss, and reliable signal integrity, such as smart sensors, wireless communication modules, and IoT gateways.

Products Availability of IS680 PCB Materials

1. Standard Material Offering: The IS680 PCB material is available in laminate form.

2. Thickness Options: IS680 is offered in three standard thickness options: 20 mil (0.51 mm), 30 mil (0.76 mm), and 60 mil (1.5 mm). These options provide flexibility in selecting the appropriate thickness based on the specific requirements of the application.

3. Sheet or Panel Form: The IS680 PCB material is available in both full-size sheet and panel form. This allows customers to choose the most suitable format based on their manufacturing and assembly processes.

4. Copper Foil Type: IS680 utilizes High-Temperature Elongation (HTE) Grade 3 copper foil. This copper foil type is specifically designed to withstand high processing temperatures and provide excellent adhesion to the laminate material.

5. Copper Weight: IS680 offers a range of copper weight options to meet different design and performance requirements. Copper weight is measured in ounces per square foot (oz/sq ft) or micrometers (µm). IS680 provides copper weight options ranging from ½ oz (18 µm) to 2 oz (70 µm), allowing customers to choose the appropriate copper thickness for their specific application.

These product availability options for IS680 PCB materials ensure that customers can select the desired thickness, copper foil type, and copper weight to meet their specific design and manufacturing needs.

In Conclusion

Isola IS680 PCB laminate materials epitomize excellence in the realm of reliable electronics. With their low-loss characteristics, stable electrical properties, and robust construction, IS680 laminates offer unmatched performance for a wide range of applications. Whether in telecommunications, RF/microwave circuits, aerospace, automotive electronics, or high-speed digital systems, Isola IS680 laminates deliver the durability and electrical integrity required for seamless operation. By harnessing the power of Isola IS680, engineers and designers can confidently create high-performance electronic systems that meet the demands of today’s technology-driven world.

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