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ITEQ IT-168G2 High Speed PCB

In the rapidly evolving world of electronics, high-speed PCB materials play a crucial role in enabling faster and more reliable signal transmission. ITEQ IT-168G2 is a cutting-edge high-speed PCB laminate that offers exceptional performance and reliability for demanding applications. With its advanced halogen-free resin technology, low dielectric constant (Dk), low dissipation factor (Df), and excellent thermal reliability, IT-168G2 empowers engineers to push the boundaries of high-speed electronic designs.

ITEQ IT-168G2 High Speed PCB Laminate

High Speed Halogen Free, Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate & Prepreg

ITEQ IT-168G2 is a high-speed PCB laminate that offers advanced features and exceptional performance for demanding applications. This halogen-free resin system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern electronic devices that operate at high frequencies.

One of the key advantages of IT-168G2 is its low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df). These properties ensure minimal signal loss and excellent signal integrity, making it ideal for high-speed transmission lines and high-frequency applications.

The laminate also exhibits excellent thermal reliability, making it suitable for processes that involve high temperatures, such as 260℃ assembly and HDI (high-density interconnect) processes that require multiple laminations. Even after undergoing multiple press cycles, IT-168G2 maintains its structural integrity and performance.

With a middle glass transition temperature (Tg) of 150℃ as determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), IT-168G2 offers a balanced combination of flexibility and rigidity, enabling it to withstand mechanical stress and provide reliable operation under various conditions.

ITEQ IT-168G2 is a preferred choice for PCB engineers who prioritize high-speed performance, thermal reliability, and overall quality in their designs. Its exceptional properties make it a reliable and efficient solution for advanced electronic devices in various industries.

Key Features of ITEQ IT-168G2

1. Advanced Halogen-Free Resin Technology: IT-168G2 utilizes cutting-edge halogen-free resin technology, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

2. Middle Tg (150℃ by DSC) and Excellent Electrical Properties: This laminate offers a middle glass transition temperature (Tg) of 150℃ as measured by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), providing a balanced combination of flexibility and rigidity. It also exhibits excellent electrical properties, including dielectric constant (Dk) and loss tangent (Df).

3. Ultra Low Dk and Low Df: IT-168G2 boasts an ultra-low dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.3 and a low dissipation factor (Df) of 0.008. These properties remain consistent across a wide frequency range from 1MHz to 10GHz, facilitating easier signal simulation for designers.

4. Excellent Signal Integrity: The low Dk and low Df characteristics of IT-168G2 enhance signal integrity, enabling high electrical performance for devices that require fast signal propagation and minimal signal loss, even at frequencies exceeding 20GHz.

5. Lead-Free Assembly Compatible: IT-168G2 is RoHS compliant and suitable for lead-free assemblies. It can withstand a maximum reflow temperature of 260℃, ensuring compatibility with lead-free soldering processes and offering high thermal reliability.

6. CAF Resistance: The laminate exhibits excellent resistance to Conductive Anodic Filamentation (CAF), even after multiple lead-free assembly cycles. This feature contributes to long-term reliability for both RF and digital applications.

7. Available in a Variety of Constructions: IT-168G2 is available in various constructions, offering flexibility in terms of copper weights and glass styles. Options include RTF (Resin Treated Foil), VLP (Very Low Profile), and HVLP (High Volume Low Profile) copper foils, catering to diverse design requirements.

ITEQ IT-168G2 provides PCB engineers with a high-performance, reliable, and versatile solution for demanding applications, ensuring optimal signal integrity, thermal reliability, and compliance with industry standards.

Applications of ITEQ IT-168G2 PCB Materials

ITEQ IT-168G2 PCB materials find applications in a wide range of industries and devices that require high-speed performance, reliability, and compliance with stringent standards. Some key applications include:

1.High-Speed Servers:

IT-168G2 is well-suited for use in high-speed servers, where fast and reliable signal transmission is crucial for data processing and communication.

2.HDI Smartphones:

With its low Dk and low Df properties, IT-168G2 is ideal for high-density interconnect (HDI) applications in smartphones. It enables efficient signal propagation and minimizes signal loss, contributing to the overall performance of the device.

3.High-Speed Halogen-Free PCBs:

IT-168G2 is specifically designed for high-speed applications, making it an excellent choice for manufacturing high-speed, halogen-free PCBs. It ensures reliable signal transmission and minimizes electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues.

4.Multilayer PCBs:

The exceptional electrical properties and thermal reliability of IT-168G2 make it suitable for multilayer PCB designs. It provides stability, signal integrity, and robustness for complex circuit layouts and high-density interconnections.

5.Line Cards:

Line cards in networking equipment often require high-speed signal processing and transmission. IT-168G2 can meet these requirements, providing reliable performance for line cards in routers, switches, and other networking systems.

6.High-Speed Storage Networks:

IT-168G2 is an excellent choice for high-speed storage networks, such as those found in data centers or storage area networks (SANs). It ensures efficient signal propagation and low signal loss, contributing to reliable data transfer and storage.

7.Routing and Switching Systems:

IT-168G2 is suitable for use in routing and switching systems, where high-speed data processing, routing, and switching are critical. It provides the necessary electrical performance and reliability for these applications.


IT-168G2 can be used in antenna designs for various applications, including wireless communication systems. Its low Dk and low Df properties help maintain signal integrity and minimize losses, resulting in improved antenna performance.

9.RF and Wireless Communication:

IT-168G2 is well-suited for RF (Radio Frequency) and wireless communication applications. It enables efficient signal transmission, low signal loss, and excellent reliability, meeting the demanding requirements of these systems.

ITEQ IT-168G2 PCB materials offer versatility and exceptional performance across a range of high-speed and wireless communication applications, providing engineers with reliable solutions for their design needs.

Industrial Approval of ITEQ IT-168G2

ITEQ IT-168G2 has received the following industrial approvals:

1. UL Certifying: IT-168G2 is UL certified, indicating that it has undergone rigorous testing and meets the safety and performance standards set by UL (Underwriters Laboratories). This certification ensures that the material is reliable and suitable for use in various electronic applications.

2. IPC-4101C Spec/128: IT-168G2 complies with the IPC-4101C specification, specifically with the 128 standard. IPC-4101C is a widely recognized specification in the PCB industry that outlines the requirements and performance characteristics of laminate materials. Compliance with this standard ensures that IT-168G2 meets the industry’s quality and performance expectations.

3. RoHS Compliant: IT-168G2 is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. This means that it adheres to the regulations that restrict the use of certain hazardous substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and others, in electronic products. RoHS compliance ensures that IT-168G2 is environmentally friendly and safe for use in electronic devices.

These industrial approvals and compliance certifications demonstrate that ITEQ IT-168G2 meets recognized industry standards for safety, performance, and environmental considerations. PCB engineers can have confidence in the quality and reliability of this material for their applications.

Comparison with Other High-Speed PCB Materials

1. FR-4:

Dielectric Constant: ITEQ IT-168G2 offers a lower and more stable dielectric constant compared to standard FR-4 materials, resulting in better signal integrity and impedance control.

Loss Tangent: ITEQ IT-168G2 has a lower loss tangent, which means lower signal attenuation and distortion compared to FR-4, making it more suitable for high-frequency applications.

Thermal Stability: ITEQ IT-168G2 exhibits better thermal stability than FR-4, ensuring reliable performance even under elevated temperatures.

Mechanical Strength: ITEQ IT-168G2 provides superior mechanical strength compared to FR-4, offering improved reliability and durability.

2. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene):

Cost-Effectiveness: ITEQ IT-168G2 offers a more cost-effective solution compared to PTFE materials, making it a favorable choice for projects with budget constraints.

Process Compatibility: ITEQ IT-168G2 can be manufactured using standard PCB fabrication processes, while PTFE materials often require specialized manufacturing techniques.

Dielectric Constant: ITEQ IT-168G2 provides a lower and more stable dielectric constant than PTFE materials, ensuring better signal integrity and impedance control.

Thermal Stability: PTFE materials generally exhibit better thermal stability than ITEQ IT-168G2, but ITEQ IT-168G2 offers a good balance between thermal performance and cost-effectiveness.

3. High-Speed Ceramic Materials:

Cost: ITEQ IT-168G2 is generally more cost-effective compared to high-speed ceramic materials, which can be significantly more expensive.

Design Flexibility: ITEQ IT-168G2 offers more design flexibility compared to ceramic materials, as it can be used in multilayer designs, rigid-flex PCBs, and high-density interconnects.

Dielectric Constant: Ceramic materials often have a lower dielectric constant than ITEQ IT-168G2, which can provide better signal integrity, but at a higher cost.

Manufacturing Process: ITEQ IT-168G2 can be manufactured using standard PCB fabrication processes, while ceramic materials require specialized manufacturing techniques.

4. Other High-Speed Laminates:

Performance Parameters: ITEQ IT-168G2 competes favorably with other high-speed laminates in terms of dielectric constant, loss tangent, thermal stability, and mechanical strength.

Cost-Effectiveness: ITEQ IT-168G2 offers a competitive price point compared to other high-speed laminates, making it an attractive choice for cost-conscious projects.

It’s important to note that the comparison may vary depending on the specific materials being compared and the application requirements. Designers and manufacturers should evaluate the specific needs of their projects to determine the most suitable high-speed PCB material.


In the realm of high-speed PCB design, ITEQ IT-168G2 emerges as a game-changing laminate material. Its exceptional electrical properties, thermal stability, mechanical strength, and cost-effectiveness make it a top contender in the market. With ITEQ IT-168G2, engineers and manufacturers can unleash the full potential of high-speed circuits, ensuring reliable signal transmission, impedance control, and long-term performance.

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of high-speed PCB design, ITEQ IT-168G2 proves to be the material of choice. Its remarkable characteristics empower engineers to create cutting-edge electronic systems that meet the demands of today’s technology-driven world. Embrace ITEQ IT-168G2 and unlock the possibilities of high-speed PCB design like never before.

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