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In the ever-evolving realm of electronics, where the need for seamless high-speed data transmission, unwavering thermal stability, and unwavering reliability reigns supreme, selecting the right PCB laminate is of paramount importance. Among the plethora of choices available, ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate emerges as an unrivaled champion, offering engineers a dependable and high-performance solution. With its state-of-the-art resin technology, impressively low dielectric constant, and exceptional track record in reliability, the IT-200LK laminate becomes the ultimate go-to choice for a vast spectrum of electronic applications.

What Is ITEQ IT-200LK?

The ITEQ IT-200LK is a type of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) laminate manufactured by ITEQ Corporation. PCB laminates are used as the base material in the construction of printed circuit boards, providing mechanical support and electrical insulation for the circuitry.

Here are some key features of ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate:

1. Advanced High Tg Resin Technology:

The IT-200LK laminate utilizes advanced high Tg (glass transition temperature) resin technology. High Tg resins have improved heat resistance, allowing the laminate to withstand higher temperatures without losing its mechanical and electrical properties.

2. Low Dk (<3.8 @ 10GHz) and low Df (<0.009 @ 10GHz):

The IT-200LK laminate offers a low dielectric constant (Dk) of less than 3.8 at 10GHz. A low Dk value indicates that the laminate has a reduced effect on signal propagation and helps to minimize signal loss in high-frequency applications.

It also has a low dissipation factor (Df) of less than 0.009 at 10GHz, indicating minimal energy loss during signal transmission.

3. Stable Dk & Df Performance:

The IT-200LK laminate maintains stable Dk and Df performance over time and under different environmental conditions. This stability ensures consistent electrical characteristics, allowing for reliable signal transmission and minimizing variations in circuit performance.

4. Excellent Reliability Performance:

The IT-200LK laminate is designed to provide excellent reliability performance. This means that it offers consistent and dependable electrical and mechanical properties throughout its lifespan, ensuring the long-term functionality and durability of the PCB.

These features make the ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate suitable for demanding applications that require high-speed signal transmission, low signal loss, and reliable performance over time.

Properties of ITEQ IT-200LK PCB Materials

The ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate offers several properties that make it suitable for various electronic applications. Here are some of its key properties:

1. Electrical Properties:

Low dielectric constant: The IT-200LK laminate has a low dielectric constant, typically around 3.8. This property helps in minimizing signal loss and maintaining signal integrity in high-speed digital and RF applications.

Low dissipation factor: It has a low dissipation factor, indicating minimal energy loss in the form of heat during signal transmission.

Good electrical insulation: The laminate provides excellent insulation properties, ensuring proper isolation and preventing electrical leakage between conductive elements on the PCB.

2. Thermal Properties:

High-temperature resistance: The IT-200LK laminate is designed to withstand high operating temperatures. It can typically handle temperatures up to 150°C or higher, making it suitable for applications that generate significant heat or require high-power operation.

Thermal stability: It exhibits good thermal stability, meaning it can maintain its mechanical and electrical properties even under temperature variations.

3. Mechanical Properties:

Mechanical strength: The IT-200LK laminate offers good mechanical strength, providing structural support to the PCB and protecting it from external stresses and strains.

Dimensional stability: It maintains its dimensions and shape under various environmental conditions, ensuring the reliability and integrity of the PCB.

4. Processing Compatibility:

Process compatibility: The ITEQ IT-200LK laminate is compatible with standard PCB manufacturing processes, including drilling, etching, plating, and soldering. It can be used for both through-hole and surface mount technology (SMT) components.

Ease of fabrication: The laminate can be easily processed and fabricated into different PCB designs, allowing for efficient production and assembly.

5. Flame Retardancy:

Fire resistance: The IT-200LK laminate is designed to meet flame retardancy standards, reducing the risk of fire propagation in case of a fault or external fire source. This property enhances the safety of electronic devices and systems.

These properties make the ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate suitable for a range of applications, including telecommunications equipment, wireless devices, networking infrastructure, high-frequency circuitry, and other electronics where high-speed performance, thermal stability, and reliability are required.

ITEQ IT-200LK Comparison with Other PCB Laminates

The ITEQ IT-200LK is a high-performance PCB laminate, and it can be compared with other laminates based on its key characteristics. When compared with other laminates such as FR-4, Rogers 4003, and Isola 370HR, the IT-200LK stands out in terms of its electrical performance, thermal properties, and reliability.

In terms of electrical performance, the IT-200LK offers low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor, which results in excellent signal integrity and minimal signal loss. This makes it suitable for high-frequency applications and high-speed digital circuits. In comparison, FR-4 has higher dielectric constant and dissipation factor, while Rogers 4003 and Isola 370HR offer similar performance but at a higher cost.

Thermally, the IT-200LK has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), making it suitable for applications that require high reliability and stability over a wide temperature range. FR-4 has a lower Tg and higher CTE, which limits its use in high-temperature environments. Rogers 4003 and Isola 370HR offer similar thermal properties to the IT-200LK, but at a higher cost.

Reliability is another important factor to consider when comparing PCB laminates. The IT-200LK has excellent mechanical and chemical stability, as well as good resistance to moisture and thermal stress. This makes it suitable for demanding applications in automotive, aerospace, and industrial electronics. In comparison, FR-4 has lower reliability due to its lower Tg and CTE, while Rogers 4003 and Isola 370HR offer similar reliability but at a higher cost.

Overall, the ITEQ IT-200LK stands out as a high-performance PCB laminate with excellent electrical performance, thermal properties, and reliability, making it a suitable choice for a wide range of high-tech applications.

What Factor Consider when Choose IT-200LK in PCB Design?

When choosing the ITEQ IT-200LK for PCB design, the following factors should be considered:

1. Material properties: Consider the dielectric constant, thermal conductivity, and coefficient of thermal expansion of the ITEQ IT-200LK material to ensure it meets the requirements of the PCB design.

2. Signal integrity: Evaluate the material’s electrical properties, such as loss tangent and impedance control, to ensure signal integrity and minimize signal distortion.

3. Thermal management: Consider the material’s thermal conductivity and its ability to dissipate heat to ensure proper thermal management within the PCB design.

4. Manufacturing process: Evaluate the compatibility of ITEQ IT-200LK with the chosen manufacturing process, such as its ability to withstand high-temperature processes like reflow soldering.

5. Cost: Consider the cost of the ITEQ IT-200LK material and compare it to other options to ensure it meets the budget requirements for the PCB design.

6. Reliability: Evaluate the reliability and durability of ITEQ IT-200LK to ensure it meets the long-term performance requirements of the PCB design.

7. Environmental considerations: Consider any environmental regulations or requirements that may impact the choice of ITEQ IT-200LK for the PCB design.

Applications of ITEQ IT-200LK

The ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate is suitable for a range of applications that require high-performance and reliable printed circuit boards. Some common applications include:

1.High-speed Digital Applications:

The IT-200LK laminate’s low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df) make it ideal for high-speed digital applications. It helps minimize signal loss and maintain signal integrity in high-frequency circuits, making it suitable for high-speed data communication, computing systems, and data storage devices.

2.RF and Microwave Applications:

The low Dk and Df properties of the IT-200LK laminate, combined with its stable performance, make it well-suited for RF (Radio Frequency) and microwave applications. It can be used in wireless communication systems, radar systems, satellite communication equipment, and other high-frequency circuitry.

3.Telecommunications Equipment:

The IT-200LK laminate’s advanced resin technology, low Dk, and excellent reliability make it a suitable choice for telecommunications infrastructure. It can be utilized in base stations, routers, switches, and other telecommunications equipment where signal integrity, thermal stability, and long-term reliability are crucial.

4.Networking Devices:

The IT-200LK laminate can be employed in networking devices such as routers, switches, and network interface cards. Its high-speed performance and stable electrical properties enable efficient data transmission and reliable network connectivity.

5.Aerospace and Defense Electronics:

The IT-200LK laminate’s high Tg resin technology, excellent reliability, and stable performance make it suitable for aerospace and defense applications. It can be used in avionics systems, military communication equipment, radar systems, and other electronic components that require high-performance and ruggedness.

6.Automotive Electronics:

The IT-200LK laminate’s thermal stability, mechanical strength, and reliability make it applicable to automotive electronics. It can be used in engine control units, infotainment systems, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and other automotive electronic components.

7.Industrial Electronics:

The IT-200LK laminate’s robustness and reliability make it suitable for industrial applications. It can be used in control systems, power electronics, motor drives, and other industrial electronic equipment that operate in demanding environments.


When it comes to selecting a PCB laminate that combines advanced technology, reliable performance, and excellent electrical properties, the ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate emerges as a top choice. With its high Tg resin technology, low dielectric constant, stable performance, and outstanding reliability, it caters to the demanding needs of high-speed digital, RF, and microwave applications. Whether in telecommunications, networking, aerospace, automotive, or industrial electronics, the IT-200LK laminate delivers the performance and durability required for success. Choose ITEQ IT-200LK PCB laminate and elevate your electronic designs to new heights of excellence.

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