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As a leading electronic manufacturer, the choice of PCB substrate material is critical in ensuring the performance, reliability, and manufacturability of electronic components. ITEQ IT-988G SE has been widely recognized for its high-speed signal transmission capabilities, stability, and reliability. However, in the dynamic landscape of electronic manufacturing, it’s essential to explore alternative PCB substrate materials that offer comparable or enhanced properties. This article aims to provide insights into ITEQ IT-988G SE and explore alternative high-performance PCB substrate materials that can meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic applications.

ITEQ IT-988G SE PCB Substrate Materials

ITEQ IT-988G SE is a type of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) substrate material. It is a high-performance, low-loss material designed for use in high-frequency applications, such as in the telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace industries. IT-988G offers excellent electrical performance, thermal stability, and reliability, making it suitable for advanced electronic devices and systems that require high-speed signal transmission and low signal loss.

Performance Characteristics of IT-988G SE

The ITEQ IT-988G SE PCB substrate has the following performance characteristics:

●56Gbps per channel for NRZ (Non-Return-to-Zero) and PAM 4 (Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4) signaling, indicating its suitability for high-speed data transmission.

●Very stable dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df) across a wide frequency range, ensuring consistent electrical performance.

●Utilizes advanced resin technology, which provides enhanced thermal stability and reliability.

●Excellent insulation and resistance to Conductive Anodic Filamentation (CAF), ensuring the material’s durability and reliability in demanding environmental conditions.

●Low Dk (dielectric constant) of less than 3.24 and ultra-low Df (dissipation factor) of less than 0.0014 at 10 GHz, indicating its suitability for high-frequency applications with minimal signal loss.

Overall, ITEQ IT-988G SE offers high-speed signal transmission capabilities, stable electrical performance, and reliability, making it suitable for advanced electronic applications in fields such as telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace.

Industries and Applications where ITEQ IT-988G SE

ITEQ IT-988G SE PCB substrate material is well-suited for various industries and applications that require high-performance, high-speed, and reliable electronic components. Some of the industries and applications where ITEQ IT-988G SE can be utilized include:

1. Telecommunications:

●High-frequency RF/microwave applications
●Base station equipment
●Network infrastructure components

2. Data Communications:

●High-speed data transmission equipment
●Networking hardware
●Data centers and servers

3. Automotive Electronics:

●Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
●Infotainment systems
●Vehicle-to-vehicle communication modules

4. Aerospace and Defense:

●Radar and communication systems
●Avionics equipment
●Military-grade electronics

5. Industrial Electronics:

●High-speed control systems
●Automation and robotics
●Power electronics

6. Medical Devices:

●Imaging equipment
●Diagnostic devices
●Patient monitoring systems

7. Consumer Electronics:

●High-speed computing devices
●High-definition video and audio equipment
●Gaming consoles and peripherals

ITEQ IT-988G SE’s high-speed signal transmission capabilities, stable electrical performance, and reliability make it suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries where the demand for advanced electronic components is high.

Manufacturing and Desiging Considerations When Choosing IT 988G

When choosing ITEQ IT-988G SE PCB substrate material for manufacturing and designing electronic components, several key considerations should be taken into account. These considerations include:

1. Material Handling and Processing:

Guidelines for proper material handling to prevent contamination and damage

Compatibility with standard PCB manufacturing processes, such as drilling, plating, and solder mask application

2. Thermal Management:

Understanding the material’s thermal conductivity and its impact on heat dissipation

Designing for effective thermal management to ensure the reliability and longevity of the electronic components

3. Dimensional Stability:

Considering the material’s dimensional stability under varying temperature and humidity conditions

Designing for consistent and reliable performance across different environmental conditions

4. Signal Integrity:

Evaluating the material’s impact on signal integrity and high-speed data transmission

Designing for controlled impedance and minimizing signal loss in high-frequency applications

5. Reliability and Durability:

Understanding the material’s resistance to environmental factors, such as moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress

Designing for long-term reliability and durability, especially in harsh operating environments

6. Cost and Availability:

Considering the material’s cost-effectiveness and availability for large-scale manufacturing

Evaluating the balance between material performance and overall manufacturing cost

7. Compliance and Certification:

Ensuring that the material meets industry standards and certifications for specific applications, such as RoHS compliance, UL recognition, and IPC specifications

By carefully considering these manufacturing and design considerations, engineers can effectively leverage the capabilities of ITEQ IT-988G SE PCB substrate material to optimize the performance, reliability, and manufacturability of electronic components.

What PCB Materials can Replace ITEQ IT-988G SE?

ITEQ IT-988G SE is a specific type of PCB material, and finding an exact replacement may be challenging. However, there are several alternative PCB materials available in the market that can offer similar properties and performance. Some of the commonly used alternatives to ITEQ IT-988G SE include:

1. Isola FR408: This is a high-performance, lead-free material with excellent electrical properties and thermal stability. It offers low loss and high reliability, making it suitable for high-speed and high-frequency applications.

2. Rogers RO4000 Series: Rogers Corporation offers a range of high-frequency laminates, such as RO4350B and RO4003C, which provide superior electrical performance and low dielectric loss. These materials are commonly used in RF and microwave applications.

3. Nelco N4000-13EP: This material is designed for high-speed digital applications and offers low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor. It provides good signal integrity and is suitable for high-speed data transmission.

4. Panasonic Megtron 6: Megtron 6 is a high-speed, low-loss material that offers excellent electrical properties, including low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor. It is commonly used in high-speed digital and RF applications.

5. Ventec VT-47: VT-47 is a high-performance, low-loss material that provides excellent electrical properties and thermal stability. It is suitable for high-frequency and high-speed applications.

When selecting an alternative material, it is important to consider the specific requirements of your PCB design, such as frequency, signal integrity, thermal management, and reliability. Consulting with your PCB manufacturer or supplier can help you identify the most suitable alternative material for your application.


The selection of an optimal PCB substrate material is pivotal in achieving high-quality electronic products. While ITEQ IT-988G SE has demonstrated exceptional performance in various applications, exploring alternative PCB substrate materials can provide manufacturers with a broader range of options to meet specific design and performance requirements. By leveraging the properties of advanced PCB substrate materials, electronic manufacturers can continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving demands of diverse industries.

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