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The ITEQ IT-170GLE is a cutting-edge, high-performance epoxy laminate and prepreg specifically designed for use in printed circuit boards (PCBs). This advanced material exhibits exceptional properties, including a high glass transition temperature (Tg), ensuring superior thermal stability and reliability in demanding environments. Moreover, it is formulated to be halogen-free, making it environmentally friendly and compliant with stringent regulations. The low dielectric constant (Dk) of the IT-170GLE contributes to excellent signal integrity and reduced signal loss, making it an ideal choice for high-speed and high-frequency applications.

With its multifunctional capabilities, this laminate and prepreg offer PCB engineers a versatile solution that combines reliable performance, environmental consciousness, and enhanced electrical characteristics.

Overview of ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate

The ITEQ IT-170GLE is a high-Tg (glass transition temperature) PCB laminate manufactured by ITEQ Corporation. This advanced laminate material offers exceptional thermal stability and reliability, making it suitable for use in demanding applications where temperature fluctuations are common.

The IT-170GLE is specifically designed to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising its mechanical and electrical properties. It has a high Tg value, indicating its ability to maintain its structural integrity even at high temperatures. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for applications that require reliable performance under harsh operating conditions.

In addition to its high-Tg property, the IT-170GLE is also halogen-free, meaning it does not contain halogen-based flame retardants. This feature makes it environmentally friendly and compliant with regulations that restrict the use of hazardous substances in electronic products.

Furthermore, the IT-170GLE possesses a low dielectric constant (Dk), which refers to its ability to insulate against electrical signals. A low Dk value is desirable in PCB laminates as it helps minimize signal loss and maintain excellent signal integrity, particularly in high-speed and high-frequency applications.

Overall, the ITEQ IT-170GLE high-Tg PCB laminate offers a combination of high thermal stability, environmental compliance, and superior electrical performance. It is a reliable and versatile choice for PCB engineers seeking a high-quality material to ensure the integrity and performance of their circuit designs.

Features of ITEQ IT-170GLE

The ITEQ IT-170GLE boasts several notable features that make it a preferred choice for PCB applications:

1.Low Dissipation Factor (Df):

The IT-170GLE exhibits a low Df, indicating minimal energy loss during signal transmission. This feature helps maintain signal integrity and reduces the risk of signal distortion or loss.

2.High Glass Transition Temperature (Tg):

The high-Tg property of the IT-170GLE ensures excellent thermal stability, allowing the laminate to withstand elevated temperatures without compromising its mechanical and electrical properties. This feature is particularly crucial in applications where temperature fluctuations are common.

3.High Thermal Reliability:

The IT-170GLE offers exceptional thermal reliability, ensuring that the PCB can withstand and dissipate heat effectively. This feature is essential for applications that generate significant heat or operate in high-temperature environments.

4.High Storage Modules:

The IT-170GLE exhibits high storage modules, indicating its ability to store and release energy efficiently. This characteristic contributes to improved performance and reliability in dynamic applications.

5.Friendly Processing:

The IT-170GLE is designed for ease of processing during PCB manufacturing. It exhibits excellent handling characteristics, allowing for smooth fabrication processes such as drilling, lamination, and solder mask application.

6.CAF Resistance:

The IT-170GLE demonstrates resistance to Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) formation. CAF is a phenomenon that can occur in PCBs, leading to electrical shorts and failures. The CAF resistance of the IT-170GLE ensures the long-term reliability of the PCB in demanding operating conditions.

7.HDI Process Applications:

The IT-170GLE is well-suited for High-Density Interconnect (HDI) process applications. HDI technology enables the creation of complex and compact PCB designs with high circuit density. The IT-170GLE’s properties, such as low Df and high Tg, make it an excellent choice for HDI boards that require superior signal integrity and reliability.

Advantages of Using ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate

Using the ITEQ IT-170GLE high-Tg PCB laminate offers several advantages for PCB designers and manufacturers. Some key advantages include:

Improved Thermal Performance:

ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate provides excellent thermal performance, enabling efficient heat dissipation and maintaining electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, ensuring optimal functionality of electronic devices.

Improved Signal Integrity:

The IT-170GLE has a low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dissipation factor (Df), which contribute to excellent signal integrity. A low Dk minimizes signal loss and distortion, while a low Df reduces energy loss during signal transmission. These characteristics are crucial for high-speed and high-frequency applications where maintaining signal quality is paramount.

Increased Durability:

The high TG (glass transition temperature) of ITEQ IT-170GLE ensures that the PCB laminate can withstand elevated temperatures without degradation, resulting in increased durability and service life.

Extended Service Life:

With its high thermal stability and low water absorption, ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate contributes to the extended service life of electronic components, reducing the risk of premature failure.

ITEQ IT-170GLE Vs other High TG PCB Materials

The ITEQ IT-170GLE is a high TG (glass transition temperature) PCB material that offers good thermal stability and reliability. However, it’s important to note that there are several other high TG materials available in the market, and the choice of material depends on specific application requirements. Here’s a comparison of ITEQ IT-170GLE with a few other commonly used high TG PCB materials:

1. Isola FR408: Isola FR408 is a high-performance laminate with a TG of 180°C. It offers excellent electrical properties, low loss, and good thermal stability. FR408 is widely used in high-speed digital and RF applications.

2. Rogers RO4000 Series: The Rogers RO4000 series includes high-frequency laminates with TG ranging from 125°C to 280°C. These materials are designed for high-frequency applications, offering low loss and excellent signal integrity.

3. Panasonic Megtron 6: Megtron 6 is a high-speed, high-frequency laminate with a TG of 180°C. It provides excellent electrical properties, low transmission loss, and good thermal stability. Megtron 6 is often used in high-speed communication and automotive applications.

4. Shengyi S1000-2M: S1000-2M is a high TG material with a TG of 180°C. It offers good thermal stability, low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion), and excellent electrical properties. S1000-2M is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications.

When comparing these materials, it’s essential to consider factors such as TG, electrical properties, thermal stability, cost, availability, and specific application requirements. Each material has its strengths and limitations, so it’s crucial to select the one that best fits the intended use case. Consulting with PCB manufacturers or material suppliers can provide more detailed information and assistance in selecting the most suitable material for a specific application.

Manufacturing Process of PCBs Using ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG Laminate

The manufacturing process of PCBs using ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG laminate involves several steps, including the following:

1. Design: The PCB design is created using computer-aided design (CAD) software, specifying the layout of components, traces, and vias on the board.

2. Substrate Preparation: The ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG laminate is prepared by cutting it into the required size for the PCB. The laminate may also undergo surface treatment processes to ensure proper adhesion of copper layers.

3. Copper Cladding: Copper foil is bonded to the surfaces of the ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG laminate using heat and pressure, forming the conductive layers of the PCB.

4. Photoengraving: A layer of photoresist is applied to the copper-clad laminate, and the PCB design is transferred onto the photoresist using a photographic process. The unwanted copper is then etched away, leaving behind the desired copper traces and pads.

5. Drilling: Holes for component leads and vias are drilled into the PCB using precision drilling equipment.

6. Plating: The drilled holes are plated with a thin layer of copper to ensure electrical connectivity between layers and provide mechanical support for component leads.

7. Solder Mask Application: A solder mask is applied to the PCB to protect the copper traces, provide insulation, and define the areas for soldering components.

8. Surface Finish: The PCB may undergo surface finishing processes such as hot air leveling (HASL), immersion gold, or other treatments to improve solderability and protect the exposed copper surfaces.

9. Testing and Inspection: The assembled PCBs undergo rigorous testing and inspection processes to ensure functionality, electrical continuity, and quality control.

By following these steps, PCBs using ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG laminate can be manufactured to meet specific design requirements and performance standards.

Applications of ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate

1.Aerospace and Defense:

ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate is well-suited for applications in aerospace and defense industries due to its high thermal stability and superior mechanical strength, making it ideal for use in harsh environments and demanding operational conditions.


The high thermal stability and excellent electrical performance of ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate make it a suitable choice for automotive applications, where reliability and durability are essential for electronic components used in vehicles.

3.Industrial Electronics:

ITEQ IT-170GLE High TG PCB Laminate is widely used in industrial electronic applications, including power supplies, control systems, and automation equipment, where high operating temperatures and reliability are critical factors.


High TG PCB laminate is commonly used in telecommunications equipment, such as base stations, routers, and communication systems, where it offers excellent thermal performance and reliability for high-frequency applications and data transmission.

In Conclusion

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the demand for high-performance PCBs is on the rise. ITEQ IT-170GLE high-Tg PCB laminate emerges as a powerful solution, enabling designers and manufacturers to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern electronics. With its exceptional thermal stability, improved signal integrity, and environmental compliance, IT-170GLE sets a new standard for PCB materials.

By harnessing its capabilities, electronics manufacturers can create products that excel in reliability, functionality, and sustainability. The future of PCBs lies in the hands of innovative materials like ITEQ IT-170GLE, revolutionizing the way we design and manufacture electronic devices.

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