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ITEQ IT-180 PCB Board

ITEQ IT-180 PCB materials have emerged as a promising choice in the field of printed circuit board manufacturing. With its high Tg (glass transition temperature) and exceptional thermal reliability, ITEQ IT-180 offers a range of advantages for demanding applications. This article explores the key features and benefits of ITEQ IT-180, along with considerations and potential limitations when incorporating this advanced material into PCB manufacturing.

What Is ITEQ IT-180 PCB Materials?

ITEQ IT-180 is a type of printed circuit board (PCB) material that is specifically designed for high-performance applications. It is an advanced epoxy resin with unique properties that make it suitable for demanding electronic designs.

ITEQ IT-180 has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 175℃, which means it can withstand elevated temperatures without losing its structural integrity. This makes it ideal for applications where thermal reliability is crucial, such as in high-power or high-temperature environments.

The features of ITEQ IT-180 PCB laminate materials include:

1.Advanced High Tg Resin Technology:

ITEQ IT-180 utilizes advanced resin technology, providing a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of 175℃ as measured by DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry). This ensures excellent thermal reliability and stability even at elevated temperatures.

2.Lead-Free Assembly Compatible:

ITEQ IT-180 is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, making it suitable for lead-free assembly processes. It can withstand a maximum reflow temperature of 260℃, ensuring compatibility with modern lead-free soldering techniques.

3.Friendly Processing and CAF Resistance:

ITEQ IT-180 offers a user-friendly PCB processing experience similar to that of high Tg FR4 materials. This means that users can quickly adapt to working with ITEQ IT-180, reducing the learning curve. Additionally, it provides excellent resistance to Conductive Anodic Filamentation (CAF), ensuring long-term reliability in industrial and automotive applications.

4.Available in a Variety of Constructions:

ITEQ IT-180 is available in various constructions, allowing for flexibility in design and application. It can be obtained with different copper weights and glass styles, including standard (HTE), Reverse Treat Foil (RTF), and Very Low Profile (VLP) copper foil. This versatility enables customization to meet specific project requirements.

Therefore, ITEQ IT-180 PCB laminate materials offer advanced high Tg resin technology, compatibility with lead-free assembly processes, friendly processing characteristics, CAF resistance, and a range of construction options. These features make ITEQ IT-180 suitable for demanding applications that require high thermal reliability and long-term performance.

key Advantages of ITEQ IT-180

One of the key advantages of ITEQ IT-180 is its resistance to conductive anodic filamentation (CAF). CAF is a phenomenon that can occur in PCBs, where conductive paths are formed between different layers of the board, leading to electrical failures. ITEQ IT-180’s CAF resistance ensures the reliability and longevity of the PCB, even under challenging operating conditions.

ITEQ IT-180 is also capable of passing lead-free assembly processes, which involve soldering components onto the PCB without the use of lead-based solder. This is important for complying with environmental regulations and ensuring the safety of electronic products.

Furthermore, ITEQ IT-180 is compatible with sequential lamination processes. Sequential lamination involves building up the PCB in multiple layers, allowing for complex circuit designs and improved signal integrity. ITEQ IT-180’s compatibility with this process makes it a versatile choice for various PCB applications.

Overall, ITEQ IT-180 is a high-performance PCB material that offers exceptional thermal reliability, CAF resistance, and compatibility with lead-free assembly and sequential lamination processes. It is an excellent choice for demanding electronic designs that require reliability and high-temperature performance.

Disadvantages and Limitations of ITEQ IT-180 PCB Materials

While ITEQ IT-180 high Tg PCB materials offer many advantages, there are also some disadvantages and limitations to consider:

1. Cost: ITEQ IT-180 PCB materials can be more expensive compared to standard FR-4 materials. The higher cost is due to the advanced properties and performance characteristics of ITEQ IT-180, such as high Tg and thermal reliability.

2. Processing Complexity: Although ITEQ IT-180 has a similar PCB processing process to high Tg FR-4 materials, it may still require some adjustments and optimization in the manufacturing process. This can result in a slightly steeper learning curve for PCB manufacturers who are not familiar with working with high Tg materials.

3. Availability: ITEQ IT-180 may not be as widely available as standard FR-4 materials. PCB manufacturers may need to source the material from specific suppliers or distributors, which can limit the availability and lead times for production.

4. Substrate Thickness: ITEQ IT-180 may have limitations on the minimum and maximum substrate thickness that can be reliably manufactured. This can restrict the design flexibility for certain applications that require extremely thin or thick PCB substrates.

5. CTE Mismatch: ITEQ IT-180 may have a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that differs from other components or materials used in the assembly. This CTE mismatch can potentially lead to reliability issues, such as solder joint failures or mechanical stress on the PCB.

6. Moisture Absorption: Like other high Tg materials, ITEQ IT-180 may have a higher tendency to absorb moisture compared to standard FR-4. Proper handling and storage practices are necessary to prevent moisture-related issues, such as delamination or reduced electrical performance.

It’s important to consider these disadvantages and limitations when selecting ITEQ IT-180 PCB materials for specific applications. Conducting thorough evaluations and consulting with PCB manufacturer-JarnisTech and material suppliers can help determine if ITEQ IT-180 is the most suitable choice for a particular project.

What Factor Consider When Choosing ITEQ IT-180 in PCB Manufacturing?

When choosing ITEQ IT-180 in PCB manufacturing, several factors should be considered:

Application Requirements:

Evaluate the specific requirements of your PCB application. Consider factors such as operating temperature, thermal reliability, electrical performance, mechanical strength, and signal integrity. ITEQ IT-180 is known for its high Tg and thermal reliability, making it suitable for applications that require excellent heat resistance.


Assess the budget and cost considerations for your project. ITEQ IT-180 is generally more expensive than standard FR-4 materials due to its advanced properties. Consider whether the enhanced performance justifies the higher cost and aligns with your project’s budget.

Manufacturing Capability:

Evaluate the manufacturing capabilities of your PCB manufacturer. Ensure that they have experience working with high Tg materials and can handle the processing complexities associated with ITEQ IT-180. This includes factors such as lamination, drilling, plating, and soldering.

Design Flexibility:

Assess the design requirements and constraints of your PCB. Consider factors such as substrate thickness limitations and compatibility with other components in the assembly. ITEQ IT-180 may have specific restrictions on substrate thickness and CTE mismatch, which could impact the design options.

Reliability and Testing:

Consider the reliability and testing requirements for your PCB. Evaluate the performance of ITEQ IT-180 through testing, such as thermal cycling, solderability, and other relevant reliability tests. Assess the material’s track record and reliability data to ensure it meets your application’s long-term performance needs.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing ITEQ IT-180 in PCB manufacturing that aligns with your project’s requirements and constraints.

Applications of ITEQ IT-180 High TG PCB Materials

ITEQ IT-180 high Tg PCB materials find applications in various industries and electronic devices, including:

1. Multilayer and High Layer PCB: ITEQ IT-180 is suitable for multilayer PCBs and high layer count designs. Its high Tg and thermal reliability make it an excellent choice for complex circuit boards that require stability and durability.

2. Automobile: ITEQ IT-180 is used in automotive electronics, where high temperature resistance and reliability are crucial. It can withstand the demanding thermal conditions found in automotive environments, ensuring the long-term performance of electronic components.

3. Backplanes: ITEQ IT-180 is commonly used in backplane applications, which are critical for high-speed data transmission and interconnectivity in electronic systems. Its high Tg and excellent signal integrity characteristics make it suitable for high-speed and high-frequency applications.

4. Servers and Networking: ITEQ IT-180 is utilized in servers and networking equipment, where high-performance PCB materials are required. It offers reliable thermal performance and can handle the heat generated by high-power components in these systems.

5. Telecommunications: ITEQ IT-180 is used in telecommunications equipment, including base stations, routers, and switches. Its high Tg and thermal reliability ensure stable operation and performance in demanding telecom environments.

6. Data Storage: ITEQ IT-180 is employed in data storage devices, such as hard disk drives and solid-state drives. It provides the necessary thermal stability and reliability for the sensitive electronics involved in data storage and retrieval.

7. Heavy Copper Applications: ITEQ IT-180 is suitable for heavy copper applications, where thick copper layers are used to handle high current and improve thermal management. Its high Tg and CAF resistance make it well-suited for heavy copper designs.

Overall, ITEQ IT-180 high Tg PCB materials are used in a wide range of applications, including multilayer and high layer PCBs, automotive electronics, backplanes, servers and networking equipment, telecommunications devices, data storage devices, and heavy copper applications.

Industrial Approval for ITEQ IT-180

ITEQ IT-180 has obtained several industrial approvals and certifications, including:

1. UL 94 V-0: UL 94 is a standard for flammability testing of plastic materials used in various applications. The V-0 classification is the highest level of flame retardancy, indicating that ITEQ IT-180 meets the stringent requirements for fire resistance.

2. IPC-4101C Spec / 24/ 124/ 129: IPC-4101C is a specification for base materials used in printed circuit boards. ITEQ IT-180 complies with the IPC-4101C specification and its associated specifications, including Spec 24 (Glass transition temperature), Spec 124 (Thermal stress testing), and Spec 129 (Conductive anodic filament resistance).

3. RoHS Compliant: ITEQ IT-180 is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. RoHS restricts the use of certain hazardous substances, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and others, in electronic products. Being RoHS compliant ensures that ITEQ IT-180 meets the environmental and safety requirements for electronics manufacturing.

These industrial approvals and certifications demonstrate that ITEQ IT-180 meets the necessary standards for flammability, base material specifications, and compliance with environmental regulations. This further enhances its suitability for a wide range of applications in the electronics industry.

In Conclusion

ITEQ IT-180 PCB materials provide a compelling solution for applications that demand high Tg and thermal reliability. With its excellent performance characteristics, including compliance with industry standards and regulations, ITEQ IT-180 offers enhanced durability and functionality. However, it is important to carefully consider factors such as cost, processing complexity, availability, design limitations, CTE mismatch, and moisture absorption when selecting ITEQ IT-180 for a specific project. By collaborating closely with PCB manufacturers and material suppliers, the full potential of ITEQ IT-180 can be harnessed to achieve reliable and high-performance PCBs.

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