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Leading 20 Manufacturers of High-Frequency Materials

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High-frequency materials play a crucial role in the design and performance of Radio Frequency PCB. These specialized materials provide superior signal integrity, reduced loss and impedance control, making them indispensable for applications including wireless communication, radar systems, and satellite technology. In this discourse, we will delve into the top 20 manufacturers that are proficient in the production of superior high-frequency substrate for RF PCB design. These manufacturers have established themselves as industry leaders, offer innovative solutions that meet the demanding requirements of modern RF applications.

1.Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation stands as a leading fabricator of high-frequency substances for RF PCB design. They present an array of cutting-edge substances used across diverse applications such as wireless infrastructure, aerospace and defense, automotive among others. Some of their popular high-frequency material product lines include RO4000® series, RO3000® series, and RT/duroid® series. These substances are distinguished for their exceptional electrical performance, reduced loss, and high dependability. Within the industry, Rogers Corporation is highly regarded in the industry for their innovative solutions and commitment to quality.

2.Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division is another renowned manufacturer of high-frequency materials for RF PCB design. They exhibit specialization in manufacturing advanced PCB laminates and prepregs, providing a broad spectrum of high-frequency material options including Teflon®-based laminates like RF-35, RF-35A and RF-60A. They also offer ceramic-filled laminates such as TLC and TLY, which are widely employed across the telecommunications, automotive, aerospace and military sectors. These materials gain prominence thanks to their exemplary electrical performance, high thermal stability and low loss features. Taconic is celebrated for their dedication to maintaining quality, fostering innovation, and prioritizing customer contentment.

3.Isola Group

The Isola Group stands as a global pioneer in the design, development, and fabrication of high-performance materials for use within the PCB sector. With both expertise and seasoned manufacturing experiences, they excel in producing laminates, prepregs, and assorted advanced materials that are deployed across a multitude of applications, spanning telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and industrial electronics.

Isola provide comprehensive options of materials, including FR-4 laminates, high-speed digital materials, RF/microwave materials and high-temperature materials. These materials are widely recognized for their superior electrical attributes, thermal stability and reliability. In addition, With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and customer support, making them a trusted partner for PCB material solutions.

4.Panasonic Corporation

This known international tech firm is highly respected for its prominent position in the electronics sector. They offer a range of products and services that cater to various fields such, as smart transportation, industrial equipmemt, tablets, computer solutions, audio visual equipment and more.

This company excels in producing PCB materials and advanced films. They have adapted quickly to changes in customer demands by enhancing materials for technologies keeping pace with advancements, in PCB and semiconductor technologies. Their expertise lies in developing compound material design evaluating materials and designing cutting edge resins to create of state-of-the-art electronics.

By implementing a robust quality assurance system that integrates manufacturing management methods such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), this company is able to deliver multilayer laminates and materials that consistently meet the requirements of customers. These materials find extensive application in various PCB-based products, ranging from household appliances and mobile devices to network antennas.

5.Park Electrochemical Corp

Park Electrochemical Corporation is an PCB manufacturer dedicated to crafting innovative materials for the electronics field, specializing in designing, evolving, and producing top-tier materials and components directed at the electronics industry. Their product suite encompasses offerings such as materials for high-density interconnects materials supporting thermal management, and high quality composite materials.

Park Electrochemical Corp’s high-density interconnect materials, such as its Nelco brand, are used in the fabrication of multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) for applications in telecommunications, aerospace, and automotive industries. These materials provide excellent electrical performance, low loss characteristics, and high reliability.

Their thermal management materials, marketed under the Thermaclad brand, are used in electronic assemblies to dissipate heat efficiently. These materials offer high thermal conductivity and excellent thermal stability, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of electronic devices.

In addition, Park Electrochemical Corp also provides advanced composite materials, including prepregs and adhesives, which are used in aerospace and other demanding applications. These materials offer high strength, lightweight properties, and excellent resistance to chemicals and environmental conditions.

6.Arlon, LLC

Arlon, LLC is recognized globally as a producer of exceptional materials and specifically designed substrates catered for the electronics sphereTheir expertise lies in the design and fabrications of advanced materials utilized in printed circuit boards, antennae, and other electronic parts.

Arlon provides an extensive assortment of offerings that encompass thermoset and thermoplastic laminates, prepregs, and RF/microwave materials. Known for their remarkable electrical efficiency, thermal steadiness, and mechanical robustness, these materials find their use in diverse applications. This includes realms such as telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, as well as industrial electronics.

Their thermoset laminates, branded under the name “Arlon,” are widely used in high-frequency and high-speed digital applications. These laminates offer low loss characteristics, excellent signal integrity, and high reliability.

Arlon’s thermoplastic materials, known as “Arlon Fluoropolymer Films,” provide exceptional electrical insulation and chemical resistance. They are used in flexible PCBs, wire and cable insulation, and other applications requiring high-temperature performance.

Apart from laminates and films, Arlon also presents an array of specialty materials like metal-clad laminates, copper-clad laminates along with adhesive systems materials. Custom-designed to cater to particular customer needs, these materials are employed in challenging applications where the absolute importance is given to dependability and performance.

7.Nelco Products, Inc

Nelco, a distinguished global corporation, is celebrated for its well-rounded array of solutions and products, particularly prominent in the medical shielding and industrial realms. They specialize within the printed circuit boards sphere in fabricating materials that offer superior mechanical and thermal functionalities. With a noteworthy legacy that extends beyond 85 years, Nelco has continually been at the forefront of delivering inventive solutions, thus cementing its status as a global industry trailblazer.

All Nelco materials strictly adhere to RoHS compliance, ensuring environmental friendliness. These materials not only exhibit resistance to Conductive Anodic Filament (CAF) and high thermal reliability but also offer compatibility with lead-free assembly processes. Nelco provides an extensive selection of materials for PCB fabrication, encompassing BT, Cyanate Ester, Polyimide, high-speed epoxy, and high-Tg epoxy.

Designed to cater to the needs of high layer count PCBs and high-speed digital applications, Nelco’s PCB materials find application in various industries such as lead-free assemblies, backplanes, automotive, wireless infrastructure and handsets, as well as networking and communications equipment.

Nelco’s product portfolio includes hydrocarbon prepregs and laminates, featuring HB-360, HF-350 FTC, HF-350F, HF-330F, and HF-300F. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of RF/Microwave materials, glass-reinforced woven PTFE laminates, specialty materials, as well as prepregs/bond plies.

Nelco consistently meets the changing needs of the PCB industry by prioritizing quality and innovation in their range of materials ensuring they provide advanced and dependable solutions, for a variety of applications.

8.Ventec International Group

Ventec offers a wide range of products under various brand names, including their flagship product line, VT-4B high-speed/low-loss laminate and prepreg. These materials are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-speed digital and RF/microwave applications, offering excellent signal integrity, low loss and high reliability.

In addition to laminates and prepregs, Ventec also provides a range of complementary products such as copper foils, thermal management materials, and assembly materials. Their thermal management materials, such as VT-5A2 and VT-5A4, offer high thermal conductivity and excellent dielectric properties, ensuring efficient heat dissipation in electronic assemblies.

Ventec consistently upholds a devotion to pioneering concepts, channeling significant resources into R&D to deliver innovative materials and solutions. With their strategically dispersed manufacturing units and sales divisions across the globe, they capably cater to international clientele while offering region-specific support.


DuPont provides products and solutions, in the electronics sector focusing on electronic materials. They supply materials designed for a range of uses including printed circuit boards, semiconductors and displays.

DuPont’s electronic materials portfolio includes specialty films, laminates and adhesives. Their products are designed to enhance the performance, reliability, and durability of electronic devices. For example, their Kapton polyimide films are widely used in flexible PCB, where they provide excellent electrical insulation and thermal stability.

In addition to films, DuPont also offers advanced laminates and prepregs for PCB manufacturing. Their Pyralux laminates and Riston dry film photoresists are well-known in the industry for their high-quality performance and reliability.

The electronic materials arm of DuPont dedicates significant effort towards fabricating materials that align with breakthrough technologies. This encompasses pliable and printed electronics, wearable gadgetry, and various Internet of Things applications. They collaborate with industry partners and customers to drive innovation and develop solutions that address the evolving needs of the electronics industry.

10.ITEQ Corporation

ITEQ Corporation is a global manufacturer of high-quality PCB materials. The firm’s specialty lies in producing laminates and prepregs tailored for diverse uses, ranging from automotive and telecommunications to consumer electronics and industrial equipment.

ITEQ provide a wide range of PCB materials that are designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic devices.. Their array of offerings encompasses high-speed digital substances, low-loss constituents, high-frequency materials, along with high-thermal materials.

The IT-180 series stands as a marquee offering from ITEQ, recognized as a high-speed digital materials celebrated for its superior signal integrity and minimized loss. It finds its application extensively in areas including high-speed data transfer, networking and computing.

In addition to high-speed digital materials, ITEQ offer a selection of low-loss materials adept for applications necessitating high-frequency execution. Their IT-88 series brings to the table minimal dielectric loss, reduced insertion loss, and outstanding thermal management characteristics. This makes it perfectly suited for applications in the RF/microwave domain.

With a firm dedication to research and enhancement, ITEQ consistently pursues novel inventions and enhancements to fulfill the ever-changing requisites of the electronics realm. They collaborate with customers and industry partners to develop customized solutions and provide technical support.

11.Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd

Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd is a company based in Hong Kong that works within the chemical and electronic materials sectors. They are involved in producing and supplying a range of items such, as laminates, copper clad laminates (CCL) and electronic chemicals.

In the electronic materials segment, Kingboard Chemical is a leading manufacturer of laminates and CCL, which are essential components in the production of printed circuit boards. Their laminates are used as the substrate for PCB, providing electrical insulation and mechanical support for the circuitry.

Kingboard Chemical provides an extensive selection of laminates and CCL items, accommodating disparate applications and sectors. Their merchandise is distinguished by superior performance and trustworthiness. The company extends its services to a diverse array of realms – covering telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics and industrial equipment.

The corporation channels investment into research and development with the aim of crafting avant-garde products and solutions catering to the dynamic necessities of the electronics field. The firm emphasizes enhancing the effectiveness and potency of their laminates and CCL to cater to the requirements of high-speed and high-frequency usages.

12.Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd

Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd, situated in China, leads the way in fabricating superior-grade Printed Circuit Board (PCB) materials. The firm displays a knack for producing laminates, copper-clad laminates (CCL), and prepregs, catering to diverse uses within the electronics sector.

Shengyi Technology provide an encompassing collection of PCB materials, specifically devised to fulfill the stringent prerequisites of contemporary electronic gadgets. Their merchandise assortment encompasses high-speed digital materials, materials with low loss, high-frequency substances and materials with superior thermal properties.

The company’s high-speed digital materials, such as the SY-85 series, are known for their excellent signal integrity, low loss, and high reliability. These materials are widely used in applications like high-speed data transmission, networking, and computing.

Shengyi Technology also puts forth an array of minimal-loss materials that deliver outstanding performance in high-frequency usages. Particularly, their SY-88 series is engineered to showcase reduced dielectric loss, minimal insertion loss, and first-rate thermal diffusion characteristics, rendering it appropriate for RF/microwave applications.

In addition to laminates and CCL, Shengyi Technology produces prepregs, which are used as the adhesive layer in multilayer PCBs. Their prepregs offer excellent bonding strength, thermal stability, and compatibility with a wide range of base materials.

13.Taiwan Union Technology Corporation

Frequently termed as TUC, Taiwan Union Technology Corporation is an organization situated in Taiwan, which dedicates its capabilities primarily towards the conception and production of superior electronic materials and chemicals. The firm avails an extensive spectrum of offerings devised to suit the diverse requirements of various sectors encompassing electronics, telecommunications, the automotive industry and aerospace.

TUC’s product portfolio includes electronic materials such as solder masks, high-performance resin systems, specialty coatings, and adhesives. These materials are essential components in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic devices, providing insulation, protection and adhesion.

TUC is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and inventive approaches. The company allot substantial resources towards research and development in pursuit of concocting novel materials and enhancing current ones. They place a significant emphasis on the invention of ecologically sound materials that conform to global norms and directives.

TUC prioritizes quality control , highlighted by their implementation of rigorous quality management systems to guarantee product reliability and consistency. Their overarching objective is to align with customer specifications and extend exceptional technical assistance and customer care.

Aside from electronic materials, TUC also offers a range of specialty chemicals and materials for various applications, encompassing industrial coatings, bonding agents, and sealants. These specialized chemicals find usage across a broad spectrum of sectors, namely automotive, construction, and consumer products.


Established in 1884 under the name Gould Electronic Materials, Ticer Technologies has evolved into a premier manufacturer of electrodeposited copper foil. In 1999, the company introduced TCR®, a groundbreaking resistor technology that addresses the demands of aggressive new applications and enhances the performance of advanced printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Ticer Technologies specializes in the production of high-performance, thin film embedded-resistor copper foils designed for RF and digital PCBs. This next-generation technology for embedded resistors is ideally suited to tackle the challenges posed by emerging materials and designs, meeting the increasing performance requirements of current and future electronic packages.

Leveraging the reliability and capabilities of TCR, Ticer Technologies offers cutting-edge solutions that incorporate the latest advancements in laminate systems. These solutions not only comply with RoHS standards but also exhibit compatibility with various resin systems, including high-performance, standard, specialty, and lead-free products. Moreover, TCR enables increased component space, reduced PCB weight, and overall improved product performance. It also provides exceptional thermal stability, ensuring reliable operation under demanding conditions.

Ticer Technologies’ commitment to innovation and the production of high-quality materials has positioned them as a trusted provider in the industry. Their advanced solutions empower customers to address the evolving needs of the PCB market while delivering superior performance and reliability.


ThinFlex, a company based in Taiwan focuses on producing and supplying high frequency materials such as coverlays and flexible copper clad laminates (FCCLs). Their commitment to maintaining quality standards has firmly established ThinFlexs reputation, in the industry.

One notable product from ThinFlex, bearing the same name, has made a significant impact in the PCB market. The company is highly regarded for its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, positioning it among the top players in the IC and FCCL packaging industries.

ThinFlex provide a range of products, including single-sided adhesiveless copper clad laminates and double-sided adhesiveless copper clad laminates. The single-sided types is acclaimed for its outstanding structural endurance, dimensional stability and high tensile strength. Conversely, the double-sided laminate stands out for its remarkable resistance to chemicals and heat, precision etching properties and considerable flexural durability.

Flexible copper clad laminates find application in various manufacturing processes, including medical equipment, cell phones, cameras, LCD panels, aerospace products, fax machines, printers, computers, photocopiers, scanners and industrial equipment.

Coverslays, another product offered by ThinFlex, are utilized during the manufacturing of notebook computers, cameras, printers, household computers, cell phones, scanners, and more. These coverlays play a crucial role in providing protection and enhancing the functionality of electronic devices.

ThinFlex’s unwavering commitment to providing superior products, coupled with its emphasis on technological innovation, has cemented its role as a reputable manufacturer in the industry. By tending to the varied needs across applications and supplying dependable solutions, ThinFlex remains ahead, constantly adapting to the ever-changing requirements of the PCB market.


TATSUTA, a company with a rich history in the electric cable and wire business, is dedicated to conducting research and meeting customer needs through sustainable processes. They supply high-performance electric cables, wires, and functional materials that find applications in bonding wires, printed circuit boards, medical products, sensors, and more.

The company’s value materials play a pivotal role in advanced technologies. TATSUTA manufactures a wide range of optical components and electronic materials, including FFC application films, EMI shielding film, optical fiber couplers, and conductive paste.

Notably, TATSUTA’s CBF300 and AE3030 materials are widely utilized by various companies. These copper pastes serve as effective non-conductive or conductive materials for via hole fill applications. With exceptional thermal conductivity, they are particularly efficient in constructing thermal vias for numerous high-heat applications.

TATSUTA’s dedication to breakthroughs and the creation of top-notch materials has established their status as a reputable supplier in the industry. Their offerings facilitate clients in boosting the efficiency and dependability of their applications, simultaneously playing a significant role in spearheading the progress of state-of-the-art technologies.


Sheldahl is widely recognized as a top tier producer of high frequency materials positioning itself as a frontrunner, in the field. With expertise in thin film deposition on adhesive formulations, flexible materials, patterning, finishing, and laminations, the company excels in producing these components at high volumes using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

With a remarkable experience spanning over 65 years, Sheldahl takes pride in its industry leadership, consistently delivering exceptional quality and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. The brand’s materials encompass a diverse range of specialty products, including flexible laminates, cable tapes, high-performance splicing tapes, advanced coated films, and flexible materials tailored for various global markets.

Sheldahl’s manufacturing capabilities extend to substrates ranging from as thin as 1.5 micrometers to as thick as 350 micrometers. The firm fabricates circuits and resources utilized in a diverse spectrum of sectors such as medical, health care solutions, defense and aerospace, automotive, heating elements, human-machine interfaces, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

By catering to diverse sectors, Sheldahl demonstrates its versatility and ability to meet the unique requirements of each industry. Upholding an unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric approaches. Sheldahl consistently stands as a dependable ally for companies in search of superior circuits and materials for their cutting-edge applications.


Ohmega Technologies, a reputable manufacturer with a history spanning over four decades, specializes in the production of OhmegaPly, a versatile material widely utilized in the construction of electronic devices. The company has built a strong reputation for reliability and remains dedicated to continuous product enhancement and innovation.

Many companies rely on OhmegaPly as a resistor layer, which is created using the standard PCB print and etch process. This unique technology enables designers to free up space on the PCB’s surface by embedding or incorporating resistor components directly into the material.

Moreover, OhmegaPly serves as a “blank slate,” providing PCB designers with a powerful tool for addressing electronic challenges that necessitate passive resistive films or resistors. The material finds applications in various PCB applications, including military and aerospace sectors, encompassing missiles, space probes, satellites, aerial vehicles, and fighter aircraft. Additionally, it is employed in consumer products such as microphones and cell phones.

Ohmega Technologies’ commitment to product excellence and innovation has solidified its position as a trusted provider of cutting-edge materials for electronic device manufacturing. Their OhmegaPly material empowers designers to overcome space constraints and explore novel solutions, ensuring optimal performance and functionality in a wide range of applications.


Evonik, a prominent global company specializing in special chemicals, has earned recognition as one of the largest enterprises in its field. Among its diverse product portfolio, ROHACELL stands out as a widely used material in the fabrication of PCB. This structural foam offers excellent transmission properties and remarkably low dielectric constants.

ROHACELL finds extensive application in various industries, including aerospace, aviation, electronics, antennas, railcars, radomes, military, shipbuilding, automotive, leisure and sport, healthcare and medical technology, wind energy, and more. It serves a range of purposes, such as in mammography plates, CT machines, X-ray equipment, and miniature antennas.

One of the key advantages of ROHACELL is its extremely fine cell structure, which ensures minimal resin uptake and seamless compatibility. This fine-cell material can be processed using vacuum, prepreg, or layup infusion techniques, typically at a pressure of approximately 0.3 MPa and temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius.

In certain applications, companies utilize ROHACELL as a substitute for air spacers found between elements and radomes in antenna applications. By incorporating ROHACELL into the antenna PCB, these companies achieve enhanced performance and functionality.

Evonik’s commitment to delivering high-quality special chemicals, exemplified by the versatile ROHACELL product, has established the company as a trusted partner across industries. With its exceptional properties and compatibility with various processing techniques, ROHACELL enables manufacturers to realize innovative designs and achieve optimal performance in their PCB applications.


Hanwha services an extensive array of sectors such as finance, solar energy, mechatronics, aerospace, construction, lifestyle/leisure and finance. One of their notable products is the unreinforced polyimide flexible laminate, featuring copper cladding on both sides. This flexible laminate plays an integral role in creat flexible circuits, thereby facilitating electronis enginner in realizing flexible and adjustable designs.

Hanwha materials present multiple processing benefits in comparison to their rivals, thereby making them a viable preference for diverse applications. Furthermore, these materials are recognized for their cost-efficiency, providing companies with a competitive edge in terms of both performance and affordability.

With its commitment to innovation and quality, Hanwha has positioned itself as a trusted partner for industries seeking reliable and efficient materials. they Provide an extensive spectrum of products and utilizing their specialist knowledge across multiple sectors, Hanwha consistently provides solutions that cater to the dynamic necessities of their clients.


Within the realm of RF PCB design, appropriate selection of high-frequency materials is the linchpin to render optimal performance and uphold signal integrity. The top 20 manufacturers highlighted in this article have proven their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality materials for RF PCB design. Their inventive strategies stimulate engineers and designers to broaden the scope of wireless communication, radar systems and satellite technology. Given the escalating requirements for high-frequency applications, there’s no doubt these manufacturers are set to be major influencers in molding the path ahead for RF PCB design.

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