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Ventec VT-4B7

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Ventec VT-4B7 Metal Base PCB Board

Ventec VT-4B7 is a high-quality PCB metal base laminate that offers exceptional thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and design flexibility. With its ceramic-filled composition and reliable manufacturing processes, VT-4B7 is an excellent choice for demanding applications that require efficient heat dissipation and robust PCB performance. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of Ventec VT-4B7, as well as its limitations, enabling designers and manufacturers to make informed decisions when selecting this advanced laminate for their PCB projects.

What is Ventec VT-4B7?

The VT-4B7, manufactured by Ventec International Group, is a high-quality PCB laminate known for its exceptional thermal performance. With a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 100 degrees Celsius and a decomposition temperature (Td) of 380 degrees Celsius, this laminate offers excellent stability and reliability in demanding operating conditions.

Composition and Construction of Ventec VT-4B7

The Ventec VT-4B7 PCB Metal Base Laminate is designed with a specific composition and construction to meet the demanding requirements of various applications. Here is an overview of the composition and construction of the VT-4B7 laminate:

1. Ceramic-Filled Composition:

The VT-4B7 laminate features a ceramic-filled composition, which provides enhanced thermal conductivity and improved mechanical strength.

The ceramic fillers are uniformly distributed within the resin matrix, resulting in a balanced thermal performance and reliable electrical insulation.

2. Metal Base Material:

The laminate utilizes a metal base material, typically aluminum or copper, which serves as the foundation for the PCB.

The metal base provides excellent heat dissipation capabilities, allowing for efficient thermal management in high-power applications.

The metal base also contributes to the overall mechanical strength and rigidity of the laminate.

3. Layer Stackup and Thickness Options:

The VT-4B7 laminate is available in various layer stackup configurations to accommodate different design requirements.

It offers flexibility in terms of the number of copper layers, dielectric layers, and metal base thickness.

The laminate is available in different thickness options, allowing designers to optimize the PCB thickness for their specific application.

The precise details of the composition and construction of the VT-4B7 laminate may vary depending on specific product variations and customization options offered by Ventec International Group.

Feature Information of Ventec VT-4B7

Ventec VT-4B7 offers a range of impressive features that make it an excellent choice for PCB applications. Here are the key features of the VT-4B7:

1.Thermal Conductivity:

The VT-4B7 exhibits a high thermal conductivity of 7.0 W/mK. This property allows for efficient heat dissipation, making it suitable for applications where thermal management is crucial.

2.Ceramic Filled:

The laminate is ceramic filled, which enhances its mechanical strength and dimensional stability. The ceramic filler also contributes to its excellent thermal performance.

3.Halogen Free:

The VT-4B7 is manufactured without the use of halogenated materials. This makes it environmentally friendly and ensures compliance with strict regulations regarding hazardous substances.

4.Flammability Rating:

It has a flammability rating of UL94 V-0, which indicates that it has excellent flame retardancy properties. This rating ensures that the laminate meets stringent safety standards and reduces the risk of fire propagation.

5.Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT):

The VT-4B7 has a maximum operating temperature (MOT) of 130˚C. This temperature threshold indicates the highest temperature at which the laminate can operate reliably without significant performance degradation.

Application of VT-4B7 PCB Materials

The VT-4B7 PCB material from Ventec International Group finds wide application in various industries and electronic devices. Here are some specific applications where VT-4B7 excels:

1. Super Bright Lighting: VT-4B7 is well-suited for applications in super bright lighting systems, such as LED lighting. Its high thermal conductivity helps in dissipating heat generated by the lighting components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

2. Power Conversion: The VT-4B7 material is ideal for power conversion applications, including power inverters, converters, and transformers. Its excellent thermal properties and mechanical strength contribute to efficient power conversion and reliable operation.

3. Controllers: VT-4B7 is commonly used in electronic controller boards, such as those found in industrial automation, robotics, and consumer electronics. Its high thermal performance and dimensional stability ensure the reliable operation of these control systems.

4. Motor Drives: Motor drive circuits, which control the speed and direction of motors, benefit from the use of VT-4B7 PCB material. Its ceramic-filled construction and high thermal conductivity help in dissipating heat generated by the motor drive components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

5. Rectifiers: VT-4B7 is well-suited for rectifier applications, where it is used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Its excellent thermal properties and flame retardancy contribute to the reliable and safe operation of rectifier circuits.

6. Power Supply: VT-4B7 is commonly employed in power supply units, including those used in telecommunications, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics. Its thermal performance, mechanical strength, and flame retardancy make it an ideal choice for power supply applications.

Therefore, the VT-4B7 PCB material is widely used in applications such as super bright lighting, power conversion, controllers, motor drives, rectifiers, and power supply units. Its exceptional thermal properties, mechanical strength, and flame retardancy make it a reliable and high-performance choice for these applications.

Benefits of Using Ventec VT-4B7

Using Ventec VT-4B7 PCB Metal Base Laminate offers several benefits for electronic design and manufacturing. Here are some key advantages of using VT-4B7:

1. High Thermal Conductivity: The ceramic-filled composition of VT-4B7 provides excellent thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient heat dissipation from high-power components. This helps to prevent overheating and ensures reliable operation of electronic devices.

2. Enhanced Mechanical Strength: The combination of metal base material and ceramic fillers in VT-4B7 results in improved mechanical strength and rigidity. This makes it suitable for applications that require robust PCBs capable of withstanding mechanical stress and environmental conditions.

3. Design Flexibility: VT-4B7 is available in various layer stackup configurations and thickness options, providing designers with flexibility to meet their specific design requirements. This allows for customization and optimization of the PCB layout and performance.

4. Excellent Electrical Insulation: The ceramic-filled composition of VT-4B7 ensures reliable electrical insulation between conductive layers, preventing short circuits and ensuring proper signal integrity. This is particularly important in high-frequency and high-speed applications.

5. Flame Retardancy: VT-4B7 possesses a UL94 V-0 flammability rating, indicating its excellent flame retardant properties. This makes it suitable for applications where fire safety is a critical concern.

6. Halogen-Free: VT-4B7 is manufactured using halogen-free materials, which eliminates the use of harmful halogen compounds. This makes it environmentally friendly and compliant with various industry regulations and standards.

7. Wide Range of Applications: VT-4B7 is well-suited for a variety of applications, including super bright lighting, power conversion, controllers, motor drives, rectifiers, and power supply units. Its thermal and mechanical properties make it ideal for high-power and high-temperature applications.

8. Reliable Manufacturing: Ventec International Group is a reputable PCB manufacturer known for its high-quality products and reliable manufacturing processes. Choosing VT-4B7 ensures consistent and reliable performance in your PCB designs.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits of using VT-4B7 may vary depending on the application and design requirements.

What Limitations when Choose Ventec VT-4B7 in PCB Manufacturing?

While Ventec VT-4B7 PCB Metal Base Laminate offers many advantages, there are also some limitations to consider when choosing this material for PCB manufacturing. Here are a few limitations:


VT-4B7 may have a higher cost compared to standard FR-4 laminates or other metal base laminates. The enhanced thermal conductivity and mechanical strength come at a higher price point. Designers should evaluate the cost implications and determine if the benefits of VT-4B7 justify the additional expense for their specific application.

2.Machining Challenges:

Due to the metal base material and ceramic-filled composition, VT-4B7 can be more challenging to machine compared to standard PCB materials. Specialized tooling and machining techniques may be required, which can add complexity and cost to the manufacturing process.

3.Limited Availability:

VT-4B7 may not be as widely available as other standard laminates. It’s important to ensure that the desired thickness, layer stackup, and other specifications are readily available from Ventec or their authorized distributors.

4.Design Considerations:

The thermal conductivity and mechanical strength of VT-4B7 may impact the overall design considerations. For example, the increased thermal conductivity may require careful thermal management design to ensure effective heat dissipation. The mechanical strength may affect the PCB’s flexibility or bendability, which may be a consideration for certain applications.

5.Process Compatibility:

VT-4B7 may require specific manufacturing processes or specialized equipment that may not be readily available in all PCB manufacturing facilities. It’s important to ensure that the chosen manufacturer has experience working with VT-4B7 and can meet the required manufacturing specifications.

6.Thickness Limitations:

While VT-4B7 offers various thickness options, there may be limitations on extremely thin or thick laminates. Designers should verify the available thickness range and ensure it aligns with their specific design requirements.

Storage Condition and Shelf Life for Ventec VT-4B7 Laminates

In order to guarantee the optimal performance and durability of Ventec VT-4B7 laminates, it is crucial to adhere to proper storage practices and be mindful of their shelf life. The following are the recommended storage conditions and shelf life details for VT-4B7 laminates:

1.Storage Conditions:

It is imperative to store VT-4B7 laminates in a controlled environment to shield them from moisture, extreme temperatures, and other potentially detrimental elements. The suggested storage conditions typically encompass:

●Temperature: The laminates should be stored in a temperature-controlled environment ranging between 10°C and 30°C (50°F and 86°F).

●Humidity: It is essential to maintain a relative humidity level below 60% to avert moisture absorption.

●Exposure: Shield the laminates from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and moisture.

2.Shelf Life:

The shelf life of VT-4B7 laminates may vary depending on the specific manufacturer and storage conditions. Generally, the laminates have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months from the date of manufacture when stored in the recommended conditions mentioned above. It is crucial to utilize the laminates within their shelf life to ensure optimum performance.


Ventec VT-4B7 is a premium PCB metal base laminate that delivers outstanding performance and reliability. Its high thermal conductivity, enhanced mechanical strength, and design flexibility make it ideal for high-power and high-temperature applications. While considerations such as cost, machining challenges, and availability should be taken into account, the benefits of VT-4B7 outweigh its limitations for many applications.

By leveraging the expertise of Ventec and their authorized distributors, designers and manufacturers can harness the full potential of VT-4B7 to create innovative and reliable PCB designs. Choose Ventec VT-4B7 for your next project and experience the advantages of this high-quality PCB metal base laminate.

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