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Nelco N4800-20

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Nelco N4800-20 PCB Board

In PCB manufacturing, selecting the right material is crucial to ensure optimal performance and reliability. One material that has gained significant attention is Nelco N4800-20. Engineered with advanced features and exceptional electrical properties, N4800-20 offers a compelling solution for high-speed and high-frequency applications. In this article, we will explore the key attributes of Nelco N4800-20 and discuss its advantages and suitability for demanding PCB designs.

What Is Nelco N4800-20?

The N4800-20 is an advanced epoxy system specifically developed for high-performance multilayer PCBs that demand exceptional thermal and stable electrical performance. This system is engineered to be compatible with lead-free assembly and resistant to CAF, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Properties Feature of Nelco N4800-20

Nelco N4800-20 offers a range of properties and features that make it an excellent choice for PCB design and manufacturing. Here are the key characteristics of this material:

1. Excellent Electrical Properties:

It exhibits low Df (dissipation factor), ensuring high electrical performance.

The material maintains stable electrical properties across various frequencies and environmental conditions.

2. Thermal and Mechanical Properties:

N4800-20 is formulated to withstand multiple lead-free excursions at temperatures up to 260°C.

It exhibits very low Z-axis expansion, ensuring high reliability in demanding applications.

The material performs exceptionally well in fine pitch designs with small material webs between through holes.

It offers excellent peel strength, ensuring robust adhesion between layers.

N4800-20 is specifically designed for high layer count multilayer PCBs.

3. Excellent CAF Performance:

This material provides outstanding resistance to CAF (conductive anodic filament) formation, even after multiple lead-free assembly exposures.

4. High-Tg FR-4 Processing:

N4800-20 can be processed similarly to traditional high Tg FR-4 materials.

It requires a press time of 90 minutes at 193°C and a pressure range of 275-350 psi for effective lamination.

Overall, Nelco N4800-20 offers exceptional electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties, ensuring reliable performance in various PCB applications. Its high Tg processing capability and excellent CAF resistance make it an ideal choice for demanding electronic designs.

Electrical Performance Evaluation For Nelco N48-20

The electrical performance evaluation of Nelco N4800-20 involves assessing various key parameters to ensure its suitability for high-speed applications. Here are some important aspects to consider:

1. Dielectric Constant (Dk): The dielectric constant of Nelco N4800-20 determines the speed at which electrical signals propagate through the material. It is crucial to verify that the Dk value meets the design requirements, as it affects signal integrity and impedance control.

2. Dissipation Factor (Df): The dissipation factor represents the loss of electrical energy as heat within the material. Low Df values are desirable to minimize signal loss and maintain signal integrity, particularly for high-frequency applications.

3. Signal Loss: The insertion loss characteristics of Nelco N4800-20 at different frequencies should be evaluated. This helps determine the material’s ability to transmit signals without significant attenuation, ensuring reliable data transmission.

4. Impedance Control: Nelco N4800-20 should exhibit consistent and predictable impedance characteristics across the PCB. Accurate impedance control is vital for high-speed designs to prevent signal reflections and maintain signal integrity.

5. Electrical Stability: The electrical properties of Nelco N4800-20 should remain stable over a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions. Thermal stability, in particular, is critical to prevent performance degradation or failure due to temperature variations.

6. High-Frequency Performance: Nelco N4800-20 should demonstrate excellent high-frequency performance, including low insertion loss, controlled impedance, and minimal crosstalk. This is crucial for applications such as high-speed data communication and wireless networks.

7. Signal Integrity Analysis: Advanced signal integrity analysis techniques, such as time-domain reflectometry (TDR) and eye diagram analysis, can be employed to evaluate the material’s performance in terms of signal reflections, skew, and jitter.

8. Electrical Testing: Rigorous electrical testing should be conducted on PCBs fabricated with Nelco N4800-20 to validate its electrical performance. This may include tests such as impedance measurement, transmission line characterization, and eye diagram analysis.

By thoroughly evaluating these electrical performance aspects, designers and manufacturers can ensure that Nelco N4800-20 meets the stringent requirements of high-speed applications, providing reliable signal transmission, excellent impedance control, and optimal signal integrity.

Comparison with Other High Quality PCB Materials

When comparing Nelco N4800-20 with other high-quality PCB materials, it’s important to consider various factors that can impact the performance and suitability for specific applications. Here are a few commonly used high-quality PCB materials for comparison:

Isola FR408:

Isola FR408 is a high-performance epoxy laminate and prepreg material known for its excellent electrical properties, low loss tangent, and high glass transition temperature (Tg). It offers good signal integrity, low insertion loss, and stable electrical performance over a wide temperature range. Compared to Nelco N4800-20, FR408 may have different dielectric constant (Dk) and dissipation factor (Df) values, so it’s important to evaluate these parameters based on the specific application requirements.

Rogers RO4000 Series:

Rogers RO4000 series is a family of high-frequency laminates designed for RF and microwave applications. These materials have low loss, high thermal conductivity, and excellent dimensional stability. They offer good electrical performance at high frequencies, making them suitable for applications such as wireless communication and radar systems. The choice between Nelco N4800-20 and Rogers RO4000 series would depend on the specific frequency range, Dk, Df, and thermal requirements of the application.

Panasonic Megtron 6:

Panasonic Megtron 6 is a high-speed, low-loss material known for its excellent electrical performance and high reliability. It offers low Dk and Df values, good thermal stability, and high glass transition temperature. Megtron 6 is often used in high-speed digital and high-frequency applications, such as telecommunications and computing. Comparing Nelco N4800-20 with Megtron 6 would involve evaluating factors like signal loss, impedance control, and thermal performance specific to the application.


ITEQ IT-180A is a high-performance, low-loss material suitable for high-frequency applications. It offers low Dk and Df values, good thermal stability, and high Tg. IT-180A is commonly used in high-speed digital designs, RF/microwave applications, and automotive electronics. Comparing Nelco N4800-20 with IT-180A would involve considering parameters such as signal loss, impedance control, thermal stability, and specific application requirements.

When comparing these materials, it’s essential to evaluate their electrical properties, thermal characteristics, cost, availability, and compatibility with the fabrication processes and design requirements of the specific application. Conducting thorough testing and considering the expertise and recommendations of PCB manufacturers can help in making an informed decision based on the unique needs of the project.

Application of Nelco N4800-20 PCB Materials

Nelco N4800-20 PCB material finds extensive application in the manufacturing of high-speed storage networks, internet switches, routing systems, wireless communication infrastructure, and backplanes.

High-Speed Storage Networks:

The exceptional electrical properties of N4800-20 make it an ideal choice for high-speed storage networks, ensuring reliable data transmission and signal integrity.

Internet Switches / Routing Systems:

N4800-20 is well-suited for internet switches and routing systems, where it enables efficient and reliable data routing, supporting seamless network connectivity.

Wireless Communication Infrastructure:

The material’s excellent electrical performance and stability make it highly suitable for wireless communication infrastructure, including base stations and antennas, ensuring reliable transmission and reception of wireless signals.


N4800-20 is commonly used in backplane applications, providing robust interconnectivity between various electronic components and modules. Its low Z-axis expansion and excellent peel strength contribute to the reliability and longevity of backplane designs.

Therefore, Nelco N4800-20 is a preferred choice for manufacturing PCBs in high-speed storage networks, internet switches, routing systems, wireless communication infrastructure, and backplanes. Its outstanding electrical properties, reliability, and stability ensure optimal performance in these critical applications.

Design and Manufacturing Challenges When Choose Nelco N4800-20

When choosing Nelco N4800-20 for PCB design and manufacturing, there are several challenges that need to be considered:

1. Material Cost: Nelco N4800-20 is a high-performance PCB material, and its cost may be higher compared to standard materials. It is important to factor in the material cost into the overall budget of the project.

2. Availability: Availability of Nelco N4800-20 may vary depending on the region and the specific requirements of the project. It is essential to ensure that the material is readily available from reliable suppliers to avoid delays in production.

3. Fabrication Compatibility: The fabrication process for Nelco N4800-20 may require specialized equipment or processes due to its unique properties. It is crucial to work with a PCB manufacturer who has experience and expertise in handling this material to ensure proper fabrication and assembly.

4. Thermal Management: Nelco N4800-20 has excellent thermal stability, but it is important to carefully consider the thermal management aspects during the design phase. Adequate heat dissipation techniques, such as copper planes and vias, should be incorporated to prevent overheating and ensure the reliability of the PCB.

5. Signal Integrity: High-speed applications, such as those found in storage networks and communication infrastructure, require careful consideration of signal integrity. Design techniques like controlled impedance routing, proper layer stackup, and minimizing signal reflections should be implemented to maintain signal integrity and minimize signal loss.

6. Design for Manufacturability (DFM): The unique properties of Nelco N4800-20 may require specific design considerations to ensure manufacturability. Collaborating closely with the PCB manufacturer during the design phase can help identify any potential DFM issues and optimize the design for successful fabrication.

7. Testing and Validation: Due to the critical nature of the applications where Nelco N4800-20 is used, thorough testing and validation are essential. Rigorous testing methods, such as electrical testing, thermal cycling, and reliability testing, should be employed to ensure the performance and reliability of the final product.

By addressing these challenges and working closely with experienced PCB manufacturers and designers, the benefits of using Nelco N4800-20 can be maximized while mitigating any potential risks or difficulties associated with its selection and implementation.


With its impressive electrical performance, stability, and reliability, Nelco N4800-20 emerges as a standout choice for cutting-edge PCB designs. Its low loss tangent, controlled impedance, and excellent signal integrity make it ideal for high-speed data communication, wireless networks, and other advanced applications. As PCB manufacturers strive to meet the evolving demands of the industry, Nelco N4800-20 serves as a reliable and high-performance material that empowers the realization of innovative and reliable electronic products. Embrace the potential of Nelco N4800-20 and unlock new possibilities in your PCB designs.

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