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Nelco MW3000

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Nelco MW3000 PCB Board

In the dynamic realm of electronic manufacturing, selecting the ideal PCB material is paramount to achieving peak performance, particularly in high-frequency applications. Among the leading contenders, Nelco MW3000 PCB materials have emerged as a steadfast and high-performance solution. Boasting exceptional electrical properties, unwavering stability, and seamless compatibility with standard fabrication processes, Nelco MW3000 materials empower PCB designers to meet the exacting demands of contemporary electronic systems.

Nelco MW3000: Introduction

Nelco MW3000 is a highly regarded printed circuit board (PCB) material renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. As a member of the esteemed Meteorwave product family, it stands out as a high-frequency laminate material that offers unparalleled capabilities.

The Meteorwave product line is widely recognized for delivering outstanding electrical performance and unmatched reliability, making it the preferred choice for cutting-edge applications such as next-generation core routers, high-speed switches, supercomputers, and other mission-critical systems that demand minimal signal attenuation, high-speed data transfer rates, and unwavering dependability. Among the Meteorwave products, the Nelco MW3000 stands out as the pinnacle of excellence.

Nelco MW3000 PCB materials are highly esteemed for their remarkable electrical properties, including low dielectric loss and exceptional thermal conductivity. These characteristics make them exceptionally well-suited for deployment in high-frequency and high-power applications. Additionally, their stability and durability further enhance their desirability, positioning them as a top choice for demanding electronic applications that require uncompromising performance.

Key Features of Nelco MW3000

Excellent Electrical Properties:

Nelco MW3000 exhibits a low dielectric constant (Dk), contributing to efficient signal transmission.

It demonstrates exceptional electrical performance with very low loss and ultra-low loss dissipation factor (Df).

The material maintains stable electrical properties across a wide frequency range, even under various environmental conditions.

Lead-Free Compatibility:

Nelco MW3000 is specifically designed to withstand multiple lead-free assembly reflow cycles at temperatures up to 260°C, ensuring reliable performance during the manufacturing process.

Highly CAF Resistant:

The material exhibits high resistance to Conductive Anodic Filamentation (CAF) even after undergoing high-temperature reflow processes, ensuring long-term reliability.

Thermal and Mechanical Properties:

Nelco MW3000 features a remarkably low Z-axis expansion, contributing to its high reliability in demanding applications.

It offers good peel strength, ensuring secure bonding between layers.

The material demonstrates excellent performance in the Interconnect Stress Test (IST), further validating its durability.

Nelco MW3000 meets the ougassing specification set by NASA, ensuring its suitability for space and aerospace applications.

High-Tg FR-4 Processing:

Processing Nelco MW3000 is similar to other high-Tg (glass transition temperature) materials, simplifying manufacturing procedures.

The material requires a specific press cycle, involving a 30-minute press at 177°C followed by a 60-minute press at 216°C under a pressure of 390 psi.

Available in a Variety of Constructions:

Nelco MW3000 is available in a wide range of constructions, allowing for flexibility in meeting specific design requirements. This includes different copper weights and glass styles, such as ultra-low profile copper, standard copper, and RTFOIL®.

The material is also available as 2 mil core products, meeting the specifications of a capacitive laminate.

Nelco MW3000 holds a UL 94V-0 rating and a 130°C Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) for the entire Meteorwave family of materials.

It complies with the IPC-4101/102 specification, ensuring its adherence to industry standards.

All Nelco PCB materials, including MW3000, are RoHS compliant, aligning with environmental regulations.

Considerations for Using Nelco MW3000 in Design and Manufacturing

High-Frequency Performance: Nelco MW3000 is specifically designed for high-frequency applications. It offers excellent signal integrity, low insertion loss, and low dielectric constant, making it suitable for high-speed data transmission and RF circuits. Ensure that your design requirements align with the high-frequency capabilities of Nelco MW3000.

Signal Integrity: Evaluate the material’s impact on signal integrity, especially in high-speed and high-frequency designs. Signal loss, crosstalk, and impedance control should be carefully considered during the design phase.

Design Considerations: Pay attention to design guidelines provided by Nelco for using MW3000 materials. These guidelines may include recommendations for trace widths, spacing, via placement, and impedance control. Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure signal integrity and minimize signal loss.

Fabrication Compatibility: Verify that the chosen Nelco MW3000 material is compatible with your chosen fabrication processes, such as etching, plating, and soldering. Check the material’s processing guidelines and consult with your PCB manufacturer to ensure seamless integration into the manufacturing process.

Compatibility: Verify the compatibility of Nelco MW3000 materials with your manufacturing processes, such as lamination, drilling, plating, and soldering. Ensure that it is compatible with the equipment and techniques used in your PCB fabrication process.

Reliability and Durability: Evaluate the long-term reliability and durability of the PCBs made with Nelco MW3000 materials. Consider factors like mechanical strength, resistance to moisture, chemical resistance, and thermal stability to ensure that the PCB can withstand the intended operating conditions.

By considering these factors and leveraging the exceptional properties of Nelco MW3000 PCB materials, you can maximize the performance and reliability of your high-frequency electronic systems.

Application of Nelco MW3000 PCB Materials

Nelco MW3000 PCB materials find extensive application in various high-performance electronic systems and industries. Some notable applications include:

1. 25 – 100 GHz Infrastructure: Nelco MW3000 is well-suited for high-frequency infrastructure applications, providing reliable signal transmission and low attenuation at frequencies ranging from 25 to 100 GHz.

2. Cloud Storage: The exceptional electrical properties and stability of Nelco MW3000 make it an ideal choice for cloud storage systems, ensuring high-speed data transfer and reliable performance.

3. Core Routers: Core routers, which form the backbone of modern communication networks, benefit from the low signal loss and high data transfer rates offered by Nelco MW3000. These materials enable efficient and reliable routing of network traffic.

4. High-Speed Switches: Nelco MW3000 is particularly suitable for high-speed switch applications, where low signal attenuation and reliable performance are critical for seamless data transmission.

5. Servers: Servers, especially those handling high data volumes and demanding processing tasks, require PCB materials with excellent electrical properties and thermal stability. Nelco MW3000 provides the necessary reliability and performance for server applications.

6. Supercomputers: Supercomputers, known for their massive computational power, rely on high-performance PCB materials like Nelco MW3000 to ensure fast and accurate data processing, low signal loss, and reliable operation.

7. RF/Microwave Applications: The outstanding electrical properties of Nelco MW3000 make it well-suited for RF/microwave applications, where precise signal integrity and low loss are crucial for efficient wireless communication and radar systems.

8.5G: Nelco MW3000 is an excellent choice for the rapidly expanding 5G technology, which demands high-speed data transfer, low latency, and reliable connectivity. These materials enable the development of high-performance 5G infrastructure and devices.

Comparison with Other High frequency PCB Materials

When comparing Nelco MW3000 PCB materials with other high-frequency PCB materials, several factors come into play. Here are some aspects to consider:

Electrical Performance:

Nelco MW3000 offers excellent electrical properties, including low dielectric constant (Dk) and low loss dissipation factor (Df). It provides efficient signal transmission and minimal signal loss at high frequencies. Comparing these properties with other materials can help determine which one best suits the specific application requirements.


Nelco MW3000 is designed to maintain stable electrical properties across a wide frequency range and under various environmental conditions. This stability is crucial for consistent performance in high-frequency applications. Assessing the stability of other materials is important for ensuring reliable operation in specific environments.

Thermal Properties:

High-frequency PCB materials must handle heat dissipation effectively to prevent signal degradation and maintain performance. Comparing the thermal properties, such as Z-axis expansion and thermal conductivity, of Nelco MW3000 with other materials can help determine their suitability for applications with varying thermal demands.

Mechanical Properties:

Mechanical strength, peel strength, and resistance to mechanical stress are essential for the reliability and durability of high-frequency PCBs. Comparing the mechanical properties of Nelco MW3000 with other materials can help evaluate their ability to withstand assembly processes, environmental conditions, and mechanical stress.

Manufacturing Process:

Consider the processing requirements and compatibility of the PCB material with standard fabrication processes. If the material requires specialized processing or has limitations that may affect manufacturing efficiency, it’s important to assess these factors in comparison to other materials.


The cost of the PCB material is an important consideration for any project. Comparing the cost of Nelco MW3000 with other high-frequency materials can help determine the most cost-effective solution without compromising performance and reliability.

Application-specific Requirements:

Each application may have unique requirements, such as specific frequency ranges, power handling capabilities, signal integrity requirements, and environmental considerations. It’s crucial to evaluate how well Nelco MW3000 or other materials meet these specific requirements.

In Conclusion

Nelco MW3000 PCB materials are a game-changer for circuit board manufacturers seeking to excel in high-frequency applications. With their excellent electrical performance, stability, and mechanical properties, they enable the development of reliable and efficient electronic systems. By leveraging the advantages of Nelco MW3000 materials, manufacturers can deliver cutting-edge solutions for industries such as telecommunications, cloud computing, and 5G technology. Stay ahead of the competition and elevate your circuit board manufacturing with Nelco MW3000 PCB materials.

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