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Nelco® N9000-13 RF

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Nelco® N9000-13 RF PCB Board

In the realm of RF hybrid PCB laminates, the Nelco® N9000-13 RF stands out as a high-performance material, combining the benefits of PTFE and hybrid technologies. This advanced laminate offers exceptional electrical and mechanical properties, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. From aerospace and automotive to military and commercial RF systems, the Nelco® N9000-13 delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

In this article, we will explore the key features, performance, drawback and challenges of this RF PTFE performance hybrid laminate, along with its potential applications and Future Trends.

Overview of Nelco® N9000-13 RF PCB Materials

PTFE Performance Blended Laminate

The Nelco® N9000-13 RF PTFE Performance Blended Laminate is a state-of-the-art product designed specifically for high-frequency applications in the field of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This advanced laminate combines the exceptional RF electrical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with the outstanding performance features of Nelco’s proprietary N4000-13 epoxy.

The incorporation of PTFE, known for its low dielectric constant and loss tangent, allows the N9000-13 RF laminate to deliver excellent signal integrity and reduced transmission losses at high frequencies. This makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring precise signal control, such as microwave and radio frequency circuits.

Furthermore, the N9000-13 RF laminate benefits from the competitive performance features of Nelco’s N4000-13 epoxy. This epoxy resin provides enhanced mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and thermal properties, ensuring the laminate’s reliability and durability in demanding operating conditions.

The N9000-13 RF laminate offers a balanced blend of RF performance and mechanical robustness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as telecommunications, aerospace, and defense. With its exceptional electrical properties and reliable performance, this laminate empowers PCB engineers to design and fabricate high-quality circuits that meet the stringent requirements of modern RF systems.

Key Features of Nelco® N9000-13 RF PCB Laminate

The key features of Nelco® N9000-13 RF PCB Laminate are:

1. Blended material: The laminate combines the mechanical performance of a thermoset epoxy with the electrical performance of PTFE, offering a balanced blend of properties.

2. Lead-free assembly compatibility: The laminate is compatible with lead-free assembly processes, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

3. Cost-effective: Ideal for cost-sensitive applications such as LNBs (Low Noise Blocks), in-building antennas, and automotive telematics, where affordability is a key consideration.

4. No expensive ceramic fillers: The laminate does not rely on expensive and abrasive ceramic fillers, contributing to cost savings.

5. UL 94V-0 flammability rating: The laminate meets the UL 94V-0 flammability standard, ensuring high fire resistance.

6. CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament) resistant: The laminate exhibits resistance to CAF, which enhances the long-term reliability of end products.

7. Optimized PTFE processing: The N9000-13 RF laminate utilizes optimized PTFE processing techniques, resulting in consistent and reliable performance.

8. Hybrid multilayer compatibility: The laminate allows for the adhesion of most epoxy prepregs, enabling its use in hybrid multilayer applications.

9. Global availability: The laminate is vacuum laminated and available worldwide, ensuring accessibility for various manufacturing locations.

10.Compliance and certifications: The laminate meets UL 94V-0 specifications for flammability and is RoHS compliant, adhering to environmental regulations and industry standards.

Performance Characteristic for N9000-13 RF

The Nelco® N9000-13 RF PCB laminate offers several performance characteristics that make it suitable for various applications. Here are some key performance characteristics of the N9000-13 laminate:

1.High Frequency Performance:

The N9000-13 RF laminate is designed to provide excellent high-frequency performance, making it suitable for applications that require reliable signal transmission at higher frequencies.

2.Low Loss:

This laminate offers low dielectric loss, which helps in minimizing signal attenuation and maintaining signal integrity, especially in high-speed and high-frequency applications.

3.Thermal Stability:

The N9000-13 laminate exhibits good thermal stability, allowing it to withstand elevated temperatures during manufacturing processes such as soldering and assembly.

4.Flame Retardancy:

It has flame-retardant properties, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and reducing the risk of fire hazards.

5.Chemical Resistance:

The N9000-13 laminate demonstrates good resistance to various chemicals, including solvents and cleaning agents, which enhances its durability and reliability in harsh environments.

6.Lead-Free Assembly Compatibility:

This laminate is compatible with lead-free assembly processes, making it suitable for applications that require compliance with environmental regulations and the use of lead-free solders.

7.Compatibility with Multiple Fabrication Processes:

The N9000-13 laminate can be easily processed using standard PCB fabrication techniques such as drilling, routing, and plating, enabling efficient manufacturing.

8.Electrical Stability:

It offers excellent electrical stability, ensuring consistent performance over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions.

Drawback and Challenges for Chooosing Nelco® N9000-13 RF

While the Nelco® N9000-13 RF hybrid PCB laminate offers many advantages, there are also some drawbacks and challenges to consider when choosing this material. Here are a few:

1. Cost: The cost of the Nelco® N9000-13 RF laminate may be higher compared to other RF PCB laminates on the market. The advanced properties and performance characteristics of the material contribute to its higher cost. It is important to consider the project budget and weigh the benefits against the cost when choosing this laminate.

2. Availability: Depending on the region and specific requirements, the availability of the Nelco® N9000-13 RF laminate may vary. It is essential to ensure a reliable supply chain and availability of the material for ongoing production or projects.

3. Processing Requirements: The Nelco® N9000-13 RF laminate may have specific processing requirements during fabrication. This could include specialized equipment or techniques for drilling, routing, plating, or assembly. It is important to ensure that the chosen manufacturing processes are compatible with the material to achieve the desired results.

4. Design Considerations: The unique properties of the Nelco® N9000-13 RF laminate may require careful consideration during the design phase. Factors such as thermal management, signal integrity, and impedance control need to be addressed to optimize the performance of the RF hybrid PCB. Working closely with experienced designers and engineers can help overcome these challenges.

5. Learning Curve: If you are transitioning from using a different RF PCB laminate to the Nelco® N9000-13 RF, there may be a learning curve involved in understanding and adapting to the specific characteristics and processing requirements of this material. Adequate training and support from the laminate manufacturer or supplier can help mitigate this challenge.

It is essential to evaluate these drawbacks and challenges in the context of your specific project requirements and constraints. Conducting thorough research, consulting with experts, and considering alternative materials can assist in making an informed decision about whether the Nelco® N9000-13 RF hybrid PCB laminate is the right choice for your application.

Applications of N9000-13 RF PCB Substrate Materials

The N9000-13 RF PCB substrate materials find wide-ranging applications across various industries, owing to their exceptional performance and reliability. These materials offer numerous advantages in the design and fabrication of high-frequency electronic circuits. Some notable applications include:


The N9000-13 RF PCB substrate materials are highly suitable for the development of antennas, enabling efficient signal transmission and reception in wireless communication systems.


With their excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength, these materials are ideal for automotive applications, such as radar systems, telematics, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems.

3.LNBs (Low Noise Block Converters):

N9000-13 RF PCB substrates are commonly employed in LNBs for satellite communication systems, ensuring low noise amplification and reliable signal reception.

4.Hybrid RF Multilayers:

These materials are well-suited for hybrid RF multilayer circuits, enabling the integration of high-frequency components with other electronic elements, such as digital and analog circuits, in a compact and efficient manner.


The N9000-13 RF PCB substrates are extensively used in avionics applications, including radar systems, navigation equipment, and communication systems, due to their high performance under extreme temperature and environmental conditions.


The materials’ robustness, thermal stability, and signal integrity make them highly suitable for military applications, such as electronic warfare systems, radar arrays, and secure communication devices.

7.Commercial RF Applications:

These materials are widely employed in various commercial RF applications, including wireless base stations, satellite communication equipment, Wi-Fi routers, and IoT devices, to ensure reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity.

8.Lead-Free Assembly Substrates:

The N9000-13 RF PCB substrate materials are compatible with lead-free soldering processes, making them an ideal choice for environmentally friendly manufacturing and assembly practices.

Overall, the N9000-13 RF PCB substrate materials offer outstanding properties that make them indispensable in a broad range of industries, enabling the development of advanced and reliable electronic systems for diverse applications.

Future Trends and Developments in RF hybrid PCB Laminate Technology

In the field of RF hybrid PCB laminate technology, several trends and developments are shaping the future. Here are some key areas of focus:

1. Higher Frequencies: As the demand for wireless communication continues to grow, there is a need for RF hybrid PCBs that can operate at even higher frequencies, such as millimeter-wave and terahertz frequencies. Researchers and engineers are exploring new materials, design techniques, and fabrication processes to enable reliable signal transmission at these frequencies.

2. Miniaturization and Integration: There is a constant drive towards miniaturization and integration of RF components and systems. Future RF hybrid PCBs are expected to be more compact and capable of integrating multiple functions into a single board. This trend is driven by the need for smaller, lighter, and more efficient devices in applications such as mobile communication, Internet of Things (IoT), and wearable technology.

3. Advanced Materials: The development of new materials with improved electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties is an ongoing area of research. Materials such as low-loss dielectrics, high-frequency substrates, and conductive materials with enhanced thermal conductivity are being explored to enable better performance and reliability in RF hybrid PCBs.

4. High-Density Interconnects: As the complexity of RF systems increases, there is a need for high-density interconnects to enable efficient signal routing and reduce signal loss. Advanced interconnect technologies, such as microvias, flip-chip bonding, and embedded passive components, are being developed to achieve higher packing densities and improved signal integrity.

5. Advanced Packaging Techniques: Packaging plays a crucial role in RF hybrid PCB technology. Future developments in packaging techniques, such as 3D packaging, system-in-package (SiP), and wafer-level packaging, are expected to enable higher integration, improved thermal management, and enhanced performance in RF hybrid PCBs.

6. Design Optimization and Simulation: With the increasing complexity of RF systems, design optimization and simulation tools are becoming more important. Advanced simulation techniques, such as electromagnetic simulation and co-simulation with circuit-level models, are being used to optimize the performance of RF hybrid PCBs, reduce design iterations, and accelerate time-to-market.

7. Reliability and Testing: Ensuring the reliability of RF hybrid PCBs is crucial, particularly in applications where they are exposed to harsh environments or subjected to high-power operation. Future developments in reliability testing methods, such as accelerated life testing and thermal cycling, are focused on improving the durability and long-term performance of RF hybrid PCBs.

These trends and developments in RF hybrid PCB laminate technology are driven by the need for higher performance, increased functionality, and improved reliability in wireless communication systems. By pushing the boundaries of materials, design, packaging, and testing, researchers and engineers are working towards realizing the full potential of RF hybrid PCBs laminate in the future.


The Nelco® N9000-13 RF PTFE performance hybrid laminate opens up a world of possibilities for RF hybrid PCB designs. Its exceptional electrical and mechanical properties, coupled with its versatility, make it an excellent choice for demanding applications. Whether it’s designing high-frequency antennas, automotive electronics, or military-grade RF systems, the Nelco® N9000-13 delivers the performance and reliability required for success. By harnessing the power of this advanced laminate, engineers can unlock new levels of performance and push the boundaries of RF technology. Embrace the future of RF hybrid PCBs with the Nelco® N9000-13 and unleash the full potential of your designs.

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